El Coyote Prop. 8 Press Conference Goes Horribly Wrong

Micah, over at Shut Up I Know! has a developing report on the impromptu press conference El Coyote held this afternoon after it was revealed via the L.A. Times’ vexing Prop 8. contributions database that their manager, Marjorie Chrisoffersen donated $100 to the Yes on 8 Campaign. The El Coyote, for those not in the know, is an L.A. late-night institution famous as a hangout for gays, rockers, and once upon a time, Sharon Tate, which is one of the reasons the donation has not gone over well.

The press conference did not go well.

“While the floor manager continued talking, it became more obvious that what this community conference was about, was distancing Marjorie from El Coyote itself.

Marjorie walked out with (her two daughters?) on arm and spoke from a prepared statement. This prepared statement was IDENTICAL to the email she send out and that is posted in the comments of the previous posting…which REALLY didn’t make people happy.

At all.

She asked for forgiveness for being SO emotional and said that “El Coyote is as diverse as it’s clientele. Customers are considered part of the family and I responded to the call of the Mormon Church to donate [towards the ban on same sex marriage]….“It saddens me that my faith keeps you away from The Coyote. I can not and WILL NOT change my lifelong commitment to the Mormon Church. I can not and will not change my commitment to you.”

Then she decided to take questions. The first one was, “Will you donate to No on 8”? She started to cry and the owner of Coyote made it clear the restaurant will be donating to Lamda Legal and the Gay & Lesbian Center. The questioner wanted to know about Marjorie, though. She replied, “No, I will not” at which point Micah says “the place went insane.”

Say what you will (and I know you will), but there are no winners here.

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  • Vivian Day

    Boo hoo. Nobody forced her to donate for a bigoted law. Who I feel sorry for are the gay people who are now unable to get married.

  • S Fraser

    Honestly, I’d much rather boycott and attack large businesses than going after the little people. It’s unfortunate the way this has all played out, but I don’t think a mob attacking Marjorie will really help.

    Any word on big businesses who donated to Prop 8? I imagine In-n-Out probably did… it’s those sort of businesses we really should be targeting.

  • Nick

    El Coyote has weather boycotts before. I believe flavor has boycotted that restaurant going on decades, and yet the place is still successful.

  • Rick Huffer

    I feel bad for Marjorie. I think she embodies the hundreds of thousands of Califonians who generally believe in equality but fell prey to the scare tactics and lies of a despicable campaign and to the urgings of thier religious leaders. I would hope that every Californian who for whatever reason fell prey to the lies has a chance to cry over what they have done to destroy civil rights here in California.

  • Brian

    No sympathy whatsoever. She wouldn’t have lost her membership in the Cult of Joseph Smith of Latter Day Sheep by remaining neutral. She brought it on herself.

  • Bruno

    People who work with and for the gay community being held accountable for their anti-gay religious beliefs? You don’t say. She should step down, like the Sacramento theater guy.

  • alex the sea turtle

    I would boycott that place except the food is so horribly bad that I can’t go there so I guess I have been boycotting it all along.

  • David

    All this over a $100 donation?!

  • michael

    I know that a lot of people think that pointing out who gave what to who is wrong, but it could work as well. I am originally from the south. There are a lot of people there who chose to become less bigoted in the way they presented themselves because they did not want to be stereo typed as a dumb, ignorant, white trash southerner with a Fridgedaire on their front porch. Now this does not mean that deep inside they still were not riddled with bigotry, but their ego’s wanted to be part of the “cooler” set. Maybe not the best reasons to go to the other side but hey, whatever it takes. I think a lot of people are going to find themselves having to chose how they want to be perceived in the world. Do I want to be perceived as some uncool loser thats no fun to be around and part of the ugly set? Or do I want to be part of the beautiful crowd who everyone wants to fuck? I know this is somewhat stupid but we are talking about humans and their egos here. Just like the music director from Sacramento has probably found out, cool people don’t wanna hang out with spoil sports.

  • Jon B

    This is a hard one. I think the writer of Avenue Q said it best, the activist side of me says “punish” but I feel inherently wrong pointing to individuals. Especially individuals who we could probably sway in their unfortunate support of these laws. I don’t know, I guess every battle has blood, and we’d be unlikely to affect much change with huge companies. Especially since the other side would come in and either support the company or protest them if they gave in to us.

  • Paul Raposo

    I responded to the call of the Mormon Church to donate…

    It’s becoming more and more clear that the LDS is indeed a cult and its followers are mindless drones doing what they are ordered to do.

  • Tim

    “All this over a $100 donation?!”

    No, all of this over dehumanizing human beings! All of this over making a sizable chunk of the citizenry into official second class citizens.

  • Woof

    Should we know what the El Coyote is?????

  • Distingué Traces

    This is a Mexican restaurant? In the photo it looks like a little tiny Mexican restaurant.

  • Bruno

    @Jon B:

    Do you get the feeling we could sway Marjorie? I don’t. But at this point, I think what we’re doing is standing up for ourselves, not thinking about who we’re going to have to kowtow to to gain their vote. It’s already too late for that…maybe in 2 years we’ll start kissing ass again.

  • Wolf

    @Distingué Traces:

    There are MANY El Coyotes throughout the country.

    I feel bad for Majorie as a person but not for what she did. “She headed the call” Fucking lemming.

    Then theres also this news in as of late

    Roland Spongberg, the president of WKS Restaurant Group which runs many of the El Pollo Loco restaurants in Southern Califonria, reportedly gave $6,000 to the YES ON 8 campaign in August

  • Ray

    i don’t agree with her beliefs, but i believe in her right to have her own. she didn’t make the donation on behalf of the restuarant, she made it as a private citizen and i would defend her rights to do that.

  • walt zipprian

    I would also defend her right to make the donation as she saw fit.

    But the cosequences are there. Gay people have had their rights taken away in one of the very few places we had them.

    We have every right to respond in kind.

  • Paul

    @Brian: Amen.

    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits.” Matthew 7:15-16.

    By your deeds, Marjorie Chrisoffersen, we shall know you.


  • Bob

    My parents from Iowa are visiting this weekend, and I had to tell them that we would not be able to visit their FAVORITE restaurant in all of California. My mom asked why — did it go out of business? No, I had to tell her, the de-facto owner of the place donated to and voted for prop 8. Her response: “Fuck them, then. We’ll never eat there again.” And then she asked me if we were attending the protest on Saturday a.m. Thank God they get it. Too bad others don’t.

  • Don

    Listen, the place is gross – Sharon Tate had her last meal there and I’m still not certain it wasnt the food that killed her… not Manson Family.

    She donates to take away our rights it is then the gay communities right to take our business elsewhere. She’ll survive without us, she’ll just suffer – as we’ve been doing for decades.

  • sparkle obama

    >>i don’t agree with her beliefs, but i believe in her right to have her own. she didn’t make the donation on behalf of the restuarant, she made it as a private citizen and i would defend her rights to do that.<<

    thank you!
    stop scapegoating!
    fools need to act like GROWNUPS instead of TEENAGERS!

    sit down and take a breath.
    fools are too prideful & vengeful!
    this is not dynasty
    we are not the carringtons
    and this is not all about us(!)
    take the case back to the supreme court next year and continue POSITIVE campaigning.
    use imagery of gays in power, older gay couples, adopted kids and mixed & non- “white” gay families!

    reach out to Black & older communities with honesty and empathy and humility and compassion.
    if you all don’t quit BLAMING, there will be no new FRIENDSHIPS made.

  • michael

    She sounds like a good woman who has been brainwashed. However we can sit here and say we ought not point people out that gave money to pass prop. 8 but we may be doing some of them the biggest favor of their lives. Yes, some will become more bitter and entrenched because they feel “shamed” and “victimized” by us, but then they would feel that way anyway. But for some, this could be the beginning of a soul searching that could change their lives. The problem with these religions are that in order to be a true member one usually denies their true self in order to follow the dictates that the religions require. After a while they have not a clue of who they really are and what they really believe. While none of us have any power over how a person choses to live their lives and what choices they chose to make I believe that eventually some will see this as an important
    milestone in their spiritual development. Life has a way of presenting us with people and events that are designed to awaken us and its up to us to look into those things. Maybe this will be one for Marjorie.

  • C Girl

    I am an avid NO ON 8 supporter and I completely disagree with Marjorie’s personal stance on the issue. What I would like everyone to remember is that the people who will really be suffering froma boycott are the waitresses, waiters, bartenders, busboys, and cooks, many of whom are gay and lesbian. They are the ones who will feel the boycott affect their wallets.
    I think Marjorie should relieve herself of her El Coyote duties and no longer be associated with the establishment and let the hard-working El Coyote employees get back to business as ussual.

  • Jon92027

    I just ate my last meal at El Pollo Loco, just dont tell me that Chipotle donated to Yes on 8, then I will really be conflicted

  • Johnny Underscore

    This is exactly what happens when one isn’t permitted to question or dissent even a tiny bit from his or her religion. Sadly, it would be easier for this poor woman to quit her job than to quit the notoriously oppressive Morman Church.

  • rob

    I’ll go back to El Coyote when they stop trying to pass marinara sauce off as salsa.


  • Cornerframe

    El Coyote is a restaurant in LA. They have “gay nights” that are pretty popular with the gays. They play it up, then donate to the other side.

    They got found out, and now they are trying to make nice.

    and yes, the Mormons are, by most, considered a “cult” and not a religion

  • The Milkman

    “if you all don’t quit BLAMING, there will be no new FRIENDSHIPS made”

    After many years of crushing discrimination at the hands of these people, I don’t want to be friends. I want recognition of my equal humanity. I also doubt that these folks would want to be “friends” with someone they think is an abomination.

    They don’t have to like me. All they have to do is respect the American promise of equal protection under the law. Give me my rights… now… and then we can go on ignoring each other.

    It’s about time GLBT people stood up and got pissed off enough to take to the streets and demand our rights. I’m delighted by the Homo Awakening that’s happening right before our eyes, and hope that we keep right on fighting.

  • Tracy Hall Jr

    When you resort to mob action, boycotts, and threats, you admit that you have already lost in the court of public opinion.

    You are also confirming the fears of those who supported Proposition 8: You demonstrate that you do, in fact, want more than just to redefine the word “marriage.” You really do intend to suppress their freedom of speech and their freedom of religion.

    Fact: “No on 8” raised $2.3 million more than “Yes on 8.”
    Fact: “No on 8” raised $1.3 million more out of state than did “Yes on 8.”
    Fact: 69% of the support for “No on 8” came from California residents.
    Fact: 70% of the support for Proposition 8 came from California residents.

    So Mormons, who comprise only 2% of the population of California, are to be punished by boycotts, threats, and intimidation for their incredible magical power over the other 50% of Californians who voted with them?

    You show complete lack of human decency by bullying Marjorie Christofferson, who has demonstrated over many years that she respects you as individuals, just because she disagrees with your radical attempt to redefine marriage.

    Mormons are a smaller minority than you. Bully for you!

    Bullies are you!

    Tracy Hall Jr

  • Larry

    El Coyote is a privately owned LA restaurant NOT a chain. It seats 375 and serves an average 1000 meals per day. Marjorie is an OWNER as per the Ca. Gov. business listings. The money “from her own pocket” IS the money generated from the restaurant, a lot of which comes from the pockets of a huge gay clientele that she pretends to care about as she goes from table to table making sure everyone is “OK”. Well were not OK, so stop trying to make her the victim. She has taken her stance and now has to stand up and defend it and it’s unimportant how much she gave. One can’t be for AND against something at the same time.

  • panasonicyouth


    Seriously, I hate to see the other employees punished for what Marjorie did. The real quandary is that by attending the establishment, you’re still ultimately giving Marjorie money that she is probably going to use against us again.

    Sigh. I wish this was more cut and dry.

  • Larry

    Hey Tracy,
    FACT: 80 % of all money raised for yes on 8 was from the Mormon church and it’s members.
    FACT: Yes on 8 used disgustingly dirty tactics and blatantly LIED in their ad campaigns.
    FACT: The Mormon church pays no taxes and hold a religious institution status that is supposed to stay out of legislation to keep such status.

    …and by the way do you think you’d just sit back and relax after being discriminated against? Do you think Stonewall and any of the race riots in our history had no impact on the country and it’s court systems to contribute to the advances made for the minorities involved??

    SUSPICION: Tracy seems a little naive.

  • ask ena

    I can’t wait to watch it on the news, along with a million other Angelenos, who see we are going to get shit done in this town.

  • tallskin

    Tracy Hall Jr, you are a fucking loon!

    How in your twisted little mind the victims of Prop 8 have become the aggressors and the aggressors have become the victims is beyond me, but i guess your absurd sky pixie religion can take your infantile mind to places that us mere mortals can only dream of.

  • mark

    if you valued your LGBT patrons you wouldn’t have given to ATTACK our families, and for the FIRST time diminish our Rights and have us become the ONE group excluded from equal protection clause.
    F*CK U
    Like there aren’t 25 other restaurants, just on your corner for us to eat at.

  • Camilo

    Let El Coyote be.

    She is just a manager, not one of the owners. A manager contributed $100. Get real people. So if someone who worked for Universal Studios donated $100 are you going to boycott them?

    Pick your fights wisely people. This certainly is not worthy of a boycott as she was not the owner but merely an employee.

    Had the OWNER contributed even $20, I would have said BOYCOTT IT!!!

    The owner can’t control what donations its employees make.

  • Olive Yurdich

    Hey, Tracy Hall Jr., Can you give us some statistics on how much money the Church of LDS spent on (false) ads?

  • Olive Yurdich

    Nevermind, Tracy Hall Jr., Larry gave the info.

  • Wolf

    Actually margie owns an INTEREST in the Restaurant so she’s a bit more than a “Manager”

  • Larry

    …and furthermore TRACY,
    The definition for “Bully for you”
    Excellent; splendid: did a bully job of persuading the members.
    Used to express approval: Bully for you!

    Who do you really think is the bully here and who is pushing radical views? Sorry but business owners that discriminate against their very own clientele should suffer the consequences. If she can prosper without said clientele, then Bully for her!

  • Lucky Pierre

    Yes, David, all this for a $100 donation. There were thousands of such donations, and every one was intended to discriminate against gays and lesbians in California. As for Marjorie, sorry but nobody held a gun to her head. She has a mind and she chose to discriminate. If she truly believed in equality she would have donated to the No on H8 campaign like Steve Young’s wife (also a devout Mormon).

  • Carl

    This will be the end to the Coyote. She should have come out with a large donation to a Gay organization. She didn’t. That is the only thing that could have saved her. I’m surprised it has stayed in business that long- the food isn’t that good.

    After being supported by the gay community for so long…. what a horrible slap in the face.

  • Wolf

    By the way this all “the church asked me to” stuff doesn;t do it for me. If the Church asked her to SIN would she do it? If the Church asked her to KILL people because they were differnt would she do it? If the Church asked her to drink poison Kool Aid would she do it?

  • Lucky Pierre

    Oh, and Tracy Hall, where the hell did you get your “facts”? Probably from the same liars who wrote the deceptive TV ads that the mormons sponsored. Dumb ass.

  • Camilo

    Even if she owns “an interest” in El Coyote, if it is not a CONTROLLING interest, how far does that $100 go for warranting a boycott by a manager with an interest in the company. Is she a 50% owner? I mean, good Lord, their food is horrible and you have to be drunk on their margaritas to have a good time there, but aside from that, I mean, I really don’t think the decision to boycott has enough substance behind it unless she is an owner with controlling interest.

    One of the other owners should make a donation to Equality CA or Repeal 8 or something to really make up for it, but I just really see people being IRRATIONAL here.

    I am much more for the boycott of local El Pollo Locos owned by Roland Spongberg and his WKS Restaurant Group. He made a $6000 donation and is the owner of those SoCal eateries that are a part of WKS Restaurant Group.

  • Bob

    So, Camilo, at what point does funding bigotry and discrimination become serious enough to take notice? $500? $1,000? For me, it’s one freakin’ cent.

  • michael

    @Tracy Hall Jr: There is only room for one “victim’ isn’t there dear and nobody is going to take
    that away from you now are they. Maybe the day will come that we can return the favor and strip you of one or more of your rights.
    What you did was evil, no matter how you did it. Germany stood behind Hitler, so are you saying that what happened to the jews was okay? You probably do. Your no victim, you are a perpetrator
    stop trying to appease your shame by placing yourself in the victim role.

  • psy

    @Paul Raposo: When a cult grows to a certain size, it becomes un-PC to call it a cult. That being said, it is debatable as to whether or not it fits Margaret Singer’s criteria for defining a cult. It definately is a cult-like organization.

    (ex cult member here)

  • Dale

    @Paul Raposo:

    Thank you – this is exactly what the church did – FORCE its members to donate. It’s unfortunate that a few people are going to suffer the wrath solely from brainwashing and force. The LDS are just as evil as the Falwells and Robertsons of the world. It’s THEM we have to destroy, not brainwashed individuals who donated small amounts under force.

    Please, can’t we get organized here and form a force that could put a huge dent in the church instead of targeting individuals?

  • psy

    @Ray: Absolutely. But other independant citizens also have every right to boycott.

  • Scudder

    This woman deserves NO sympathy! She STOLE your rights.

    (let’s not forget, positive Change came on the heels of many small donations…hate follows a similar path)

    Also, 10% of her income is fueling the Moron cult!

  • Joe

    This is sickening. A $100 donation and you guys are boycotting. What a bunch of selfish people you are. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You lost the election. Grow up and deal with it. Learn to live with people that disagree with you.

    You’ll get your chance. We all know that. But what you guys are doing… it’s , it’s bullshit, man. It’s hate.

    And if you guys are seriouusly thinking about getting violent, don’t. That is really ill-advised.

  • Othniel

    Meanwhile, the Revolution is being Twittered, tonight, Live From New York.

    @panasonicyouth, as the torch passes to your generation, I marvel that the most honest comment in this thread is “Sigh. I wish this was more cut and dry.”

    We are talking about the most personal connections people can make, family, whether the slap against children in Arkansas, or the horrific stripping of rights in California, or the blocking of them in AZ and FL.

    We really are quite entitled to take this personally, and would fail our people and our country if we did not.

    Sadly, pan, (Can I Call you Pan?) as you guys and others (I forget how many letters it now takes) take up the torch, remember truer words have have been spoken that those I put in quotes above.

    Best I recall from 1776, and it has been while, I think the Adams charachter said something akin to “It’s a Revolution, god damn it, we have to offend somebody sometime.” Sometimes the best gift you can give someone like this manager is acknowlege you believe she is grown up enough to think and to care for herself, and let the wind blow where it will. Then let her – our system ultimately sorts out as much of it as it can.

    Meanwhile, I am getting the hang of this torch turning over thing. Today I emailed a queerty post to someone at work and he sent back “NSFW”. I am trying to figure out why New South Fucking Wales is relevant, but I am sure my son will teach me soon.

    (meaning keep your sense of humor and you’ll do fine, really.)

  • Joe

    You might also want to think about the people you bullied into opposing prop 8. They can be boycotted too.

  • psy


    Here’s the problem: The indivuals _are_ the church. the LDS church _requires_ it’s members to donate 10% of their income to remain in good standing. They’re really the only way to effectively and directly affect the church. If the church suffers a serious loss of income, they might reconsider their stance on gay marriage (as they did with blacks in the priesthood after the IRS threatened their tax exempt status). It’s sad, but it’s almost necessary if you want to get results.

  • Trenton

    Please, can’t we get organized here and form a force that could put a huge dent in the church instead of targeting individuals?

    Just as this increased evidence of persecution has fostered much more action on our part, so too shall they push back all the harder if we try to put a dent in them overtly. Dialog is our best option for now…but not with them, for there is clearly no reaching them by direct address. Their hearts are hard. We need to reach out to those not already in their grasp and prevent them from being infected by such a poisonous ideology.

    Failing that: Forced sterilization! ^o^

  • michael

    Do not underestimate the power of being obnoxious. Does anyone think that every state that voted to ratify the civil rights amendment did it because there was a huge wave of benevolence in the hearts of the people? If you do then allow me to escort you to towns like Memphis where blacks still live on one side and whites on the other. A lot of people caved because they saw that the movement was not going to stop, the protests were not going to stop, the defiance was not going to stop and just got plain ole tired of it all. So again, whatever is being done, keep doing it. If you feel like being a Malcolm X, go for it, a Martin Luther? More power to you, If you wanna put on your Banana Republic best and go the HRC route, then do it. I say do what you will and take no prisoners cause we are finally becoming a force to be reckoned with, at least in California. This has been the most important event that has helped to raise the self esteem of gay people since Stonewall.

    “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Dr. M. L. King jr.

  • Scudder

    You MUST cut off the funding of hate! Every contribution and tithing that fuels the Moron cult is an attack on your rights. They have been emboldened by their success in CA….next, they’ll move on to MA, CT and beyond.

    There is NO amount too small to ignore!

  • Alpha Male

    This does not make the gay community look good. You can’t hold the Mormons responsible solely for this. The measure was put before the California voters for them to decide – and they did.

    I urge the gay community to seek other ways of fighting for what they believe is their right. For the record, I’m not gay nor religious.

  • Joe

    @Scudder: Scudder, you crazy, man.

  • Steve M

    If she’s only a manager, I’d say it’s time to fire the Beeach!

  • Nicki

    The glory of this country is you get to believe what you want and that’s the end of it. I voted against Prop 8 and yet stand up for Marjorie’s right to be in favor of it.

    The very same bedrock principles which make Prop 8 an abomination give Marjorie the right to support it. Democracy. Go figure.


    If she’s an owner, boycott the place indefinitely, if she’s a manager/worker boycott the place until she is permanently fired!

    Gays have a lot of places to spend money, why would we want to spend it on a place that uses it to promote hate and discrimination.

    Organized religion is unfortunately being abused by leaders that have no faith in God and feel they need to themselves discriminate against other ways of life. It is unfortunate.

  • Dan

    Personally, I’m a little tired of trying to “look good” for people who don’t want to give me equal rights. The fact is, this is my country as well – and it’s been shown that no one is going to give us these rights unless we stand up and take them. Unless we want to wait another 20-30 years for the older generation of bigots to die off – we have to take this to the streets and the courts. There’s a whole new generation of evangelicals coming up that will feel the same way about us – no matter how nice “we look”.
    And I think the Mormon church is a great place to start. We do it non-violently – but firmly let them know that we will hold a grudge and we call bigotry and hate what it is. They started this. All we want is what is ours by right in this country. And no, I’m not holding them solely responsible – all the evangelical churches and people are there as well – but the Mormon church took this on in a big way and they should get their share of the “reward.”
    I have had it up to here — and waiting for them to vote me into acceptance will get me nowhere.

  • michael

    @Joe: I guess thats what the Jews were saying to themselves as they were being escorted to the death camps, “we lost lets just get over it”. This is the most insulting, ignorant post to date.! If we can learn anything from hideous piece of history is that by sitting around, doing little, hoping that things would get better, got the jews killed
    killed. That is why today in Israel they have a “take no bullshit” attitude. Did the Germans just change out of reason and reaching out to them? No, they had to be brought to their knees now didn’t they? When you have your rights stripped away then I will be glad to listen to your B.S, but until then, go away. We have as much right to fight to preserve ourselves as does anyone. And to those who think this HRC style crap of “reaching out” is the way to go please tell me how thats working out for us so far? Discrimination was codified into the states of 4 constitutions, thats not progress and shows that people see us as nothing more than weak pawns that can be moved around at their will. I do not care what anyone thinks of me, I do not give a shit if I am ever accepted by a Mormon, Catholic or any other nut case, after all I don’t accept them and probably never will unless I lose my mind. All I care about is that they not interfere with my pursuit of life, love and happiness and I won’t interfere with theirs. This is probably the most insulting post I have read so far.

  • Camilo

    @Bob: She is not an owner. You are missing the point. It’s not about how much the contribution was. If the Sole Owner or person with controlling interest in El Coyote contributed ONE PENNY to Yes on 8, I say, no, I scream, BOYCOTT! But she is an EMPLOYEE. She is not the Owner. She is a “Floor manager” as I saw one news account refer to as. So what if the waiters contributed 1000 to No on 8. Does one employees contribution outweigh other employees contributions in the withchunt for a boytcott.

    It is IRRATIONAL because she is not an owner. If you owned a plumbing company, and one of your plummers donated to Yes on 8, does that mean everyone should boycott your plumbing company because of what your one employee did?

    Please people, use your brains and not your emotions and pick your battles wisely.

    I’ve got to see I DO kind of agree with KDOGG though, maybe we should threaten a boycott if she is not fired. That is a decent compromise. But the point is, you can’t hold the Restaurant accountable for what ONE empployee who is NOT the owner did.

    It’s common sense.

  • Scudder

    @Joe: Yup, crazy sick of people trying to force their church into my bedroom!

  • Scudder

    @Nicki: She can favor anything she wants…we can boycott anything we want….ain’t Amerika great?

  • Scudder

    @Camilo: She IS the daughter of the owner.

  • sparkle obama

    oh my gosh,
    fools are such SUCKERS to fall for the politics of DIVISION
    i am so disappointed in the gays!
    it’s time to GET TOGETHER
    and act POSITIVE.
    RESPECT THE RIGHTS of those who disagree with you.
    it’s UN-AMERICAN to attack educators, business owners and entire ethnic groups for exerting their right to vote for and visibly promote a cause.
    GROW UP!
    GROW UP!
    WAKE UP!!

  • Phoenix (Who Is Not Giving Money To Bigots)

    Let me lay this out for you:

    1.) Mormons are 2% of the population of California.

    2.) The Church of LDS sent out a memo to it’s entire congregation to donate to “YES On H8”.

    3.) Members of The Church of LDS tithe 10% of their income to the Church that sent out the memo to support “YES On H8”.

    4.) Individual Mor(m)ons and The Church of LDS donated 40% to 70% to “YES On H8”.

    5.) Giving money to members of The Church of LDS is the same as giving money to “YES On H8”.

    6.) Not giving money to members of The Church of LDS means they won’t be passing it on to “YES On H8” type lobbying or The Church of JS LDS.

    Can you understand why GLBT want to boycott Marjorie Chrisoffersen and El Coyote now? Is that simple enough?

  • sparkle obama

    >>Can you understand why GLBT want to boycott Marjorie Chrisoffersen and El Coyote now? Is that simple enough?<<

    no, it’s dishonorable.
    she is an individual!
    i heard another manager on the staff donated to no on 8, so why don’t you give the restaurant a fucking glaad award??
    you need to quit right now.

  • Larry

    Nicki- Of course Marjorie has her right to support prop 8 that doesn’t mean she should be supported by the community she discriminating against.
    It’s also great that you supported 8, thanks. Not eating at this establishment is a also choice people can now make as well.

    Odd, the expression “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” could not ring more true in this instance.

  • Larry

    what is a church other than a group of individuals?

  • Bob

    Joe, dear, yes we lost this particular election. But we get to decide how and when to spend our dollars, not you. If you don’t like it, then you go to the restaurant every night to make up the difference in lost income. But STFU about what is right and fair to do — you had your voice, now we have ours. And Camila — she’s the de-facto owner of the restaurant. When her aunt dies, she inherits the entire place. Do some research, dear.

  • sparkle obama

    @Larry: sparkle,
    what is a church other than a group of individuals?

    you are promoting bigotry and hatred darling.
    quit acting out!

    take the case back to the supreme court!

  • Scudder

    @sparkle obama: So, you seriously think it’s okay to support this woman (the daughter of the owner of the restaurant BTW) with your $$, knowing a fraction of that is a de facto contribution to the organization that funded prop 8? Really?

  • Bob

    Nicki writes: The glory of this country is you get to believe what you want and that’s the end of it.
    No, dear, that’s not the end of it. The people who are now being discriminated against can react however they see fit, and we see fit to strike back at those who persecute us. If you honestly believed that all would be quiet on either side after this vote, then you are horrifyingly naive.

  • Bob

    Sparkle, you are nuts. We’re supporting bigotry and hate? Ummm, and exactly what was prop 8 supporting? Seriously, dude, are you mental?

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Rick Huffer: It is funny how the right talks about personal responsiblity, but when it comes to themselves there is always an exception.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Alpha Male: Yes because us looking good has worked in the past?

  • sparkle obama

    we see fit to strike back at those who persecute us.

    oh, listen to you.
    wash out your damn mouth & let the grownups talk
    you are going to make me lose my religion!
    don’t make me take off my earrings!

  • Bob

    Sparkle, you truly are mental. And you’re welcome to take your earrings off and bring it on any time, bigot.

  • sparkle obama


    why you calling me a “bigot”?

  • Bob

    Because you support those who discriminate against me and my community. That’s bigotry, dear.

  • sparkle obama

    i’m going swimming now
    and i want you kids to simmer down & stay out of trouble
    do you hear me??

  • Larry

    my observation about churches being made up of individuals was in regards to yours and others comments about not dealing with this person as an “individual”. What are any of us other than individuals? I believe she can do whatever she chooses but in doing so she will suffer and/or benefit the consequences of her choices, like we ALL do.

  • Distingué Traces

    “Sparkle” — of course the woman has the legal right to support and advocate any kind of bigoted lunacy she wants. She can give her money to the Moonies or the Scientologists or the KKK, and no one’s going to stop her.

    No one’s going to want to do business with her, either.

  • mdh60610

    We need to start an Prop in California and other states for a DO NOT KNOCK list. Similar to the Do Not Call list I have for my phone, I could register to stop the evangelicals from knocking on my door. The Mormons would have to spend Millions to keep track of where they could tract without being sued or arrested.

    Hit em where they knock.

  • Rocket62

    OK, I don’t get this line that by me declining to support a business that ultimately paid for ads TAKING AWAY a fundamental RIGHT, I’m somehow suppressing someone else’s free speech rights. First of all, the first amendment only applies to governments (federal, state, and local). Marjorie Christofferson is free to believe what she wants and I don’t care if I ever changes that belief. BUT, she and her ilk should not be able to take away a FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT. That’s not democracy – that’s despotism. So, if tomorrow, I and my friends decided to vote away the rights of Mormons to marry, we should be able to do so by a simple majority vote? That sounds like what the Taliban were doing – and what is happening in Iran right now.

    So, let Marjorie believe that I’m going to Hell or any other screwy thing…don’t take away my FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT to create a family unit!!

    Oh, and by the way, here’s the definition of “bigot”: “A person who regards his own faith and views in matters of religion as unquestionably right, and any belief or opinion opposed to or differing from them as unreasonable or wicked. In an extended sense, a person who is intolerant of opinions which conflict with his own, as in politics or morals; one obstinately and blindly devoted to his own church, party, belief, or opinion.”

    So, I’m OK with people believing that marriage is only between a man and a woman – I object to that belief being imposed on me and my family!!

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Rocket62: Most people now incorrect think that “free speech” means they can say what they want without criticism or you taking your dollar some place else. This is mostly due to ignorance over what free speech is suppose to be. Namely, messy in that yeah, y ou say what you want, but so do I. It’s the so do I part they do not often get.

    It’s a similar issue as those who will say I am not a bigot because a) I am religious or b) I am only telling you that you can not deny the bigot his money. Distinctions without any substantive meaning outside of rationalization.

  • Diogenes

    As I understand it, she’s an owner of El Coyote.

    As a Mormon, she is mandated to donate 10% of her income to the “church” as tithing.

    For the last 40 years(or longer), El Coyote has been heavily patronized by gays. They made the place. Therefore money from our pockets has been flowing to the Mormons that seek to work against us.

    I will never go there again.

  • Val Rui

    I’ve eaten at El Coyote several times over the years and it has been disastrous. I once found broken glass in my food so I stayed away for about 2 years. Then tried it again…a GRASSHOPPER jumped out of my tostada onto the table dragging that pink dressing before I killed it. Another 3 years went by. Third time was the charm. A dead fly in my albondigas soup. Haven’t been there since. It’s been almost 15 years. I know at one point they were closed for health violations. Someone should torch the place.

  • Disgusted American

    Get some ballz Gay people….back in the early 1960’s in Selma Alabama I think it was…after the whole Rose Parks Incident…the Black Community STUCK together and BOYCOTTED THE BUS COMPANY….THEY STUCK TOGETHER AS A GROUP!!! For a whole year – they walked,and Car pooled for those who had cars…and after a year – THEY WON! LGBT community – STICK TOGETHER ON THIS!

  • michael

    @Distingué Traces: This is where the hypocrisy lies, if she had of given her money to the KKK
    or a Neo-nazi group we would not be having to justify a boycott, whether she is an individual or not. Nobody would be sitting heresaying, Oh we pussies need to reach out in love to these people, orwe need to make friends with these folks. But it show where the real problem is, this is about it being socially acceptable to treat gays as second class citizens, hate them and do whatever you want to. If we do not fight for this and the rest of our rights this is going to spread like cancer. Nobody even thinks we have a right to be outraged, we are being treated like we are animals and need to go back to our cages.

  • michael

    @Disgusted American: Thank you for showing us that strong action does work.

  • froggyola

    She knew what she was doing and got CAUGHT. Shame on you Marjorie. People who cherish diversity don’t donate money to anti-gay religious zealots.

  • Dre

    Honestly, are you really going to boycott every business that employs someone who contributed to this campaign? As a straight African-American man, I understand the civil rights aspect of this issue, and I voted with you guys on this one. Still, I can’t help but to be deeply disappointed by the shrill, haphazard response by some in your community. The funny thing is, I have strong doubts about whether a majority of your community is even actually interested in being married, and this is starting to take on the feel of a protest in search of a cause. Whatever the case, one thing is clear: Blacklisting people is not going to get you where you need to go. And if the courts eventually decide to side with the voters, these nonsensical tactics run the risk of turning even more people against your cause. In fact, were it not a fundamental matter of equal rights, I would, if able, go back in time and rescind my “no” vote after reading about the poor way in which this woman and her place of employment are being treated.

  • Peggy Archer

    What I want to know is why does the LDS still have a tax exempt status after this?

    They’ve clearly crossed the line into PAC country, so they should be treated as such.

    And as for El Coyote, I haven’t been there for years because I find the ‘food’ to be disgusting, so a boycott from me is meaningless.

  • dan w.

    @Peggy Archer:

    Explain how LDS “clearly crossed the line.” There is nothing they did that would compromise their tax-exempt status under 501c3.

  • dan w.


    All I had to do was talk to a few co-workers who have been stranded on the Bay Bridge thanks to these childish protests to know that the backlash is underway. These are people who didn’t give a shit either way about gays, but still voted “no” on 8. Now they’re pissed that some of these gays are giving the finger to a fair vote, and they’re REALLY pissed at 3-hour commutes. Think they’re going to support some gay “cause” next time one rolls around?

  • Distingué Traces

    Since Proposition 8 passed, I’m not certain talking about a “backlash” is meaningful, as that would imply the resurgence of a sentiment that had been in abeyance.

    Nov. 4: Californians voted to discriminate against gays.

    Nov. 11: Californians dislike the protests against that discrimination.

    That’s not a “backlash” — it’s just more of the same shit.

  • PigmentallyChallenged

    El Coyote is a great place of Diversity! Where else can Humans,Cockroaches, feral cats and Rats all in live in harmony?

  • froggyola

    Dan W. and Dre: We are not intiminated by your threats or your wishy washy support. We are taking ANY opposition down. Get out of the way or be trampled on. We are mad as hell and are justified in our demonstrations and boycotts. Fuck you if you don’t want to understand. If you have to leave early for work so be it. You are living in a world that needs fixing. And shame on any black that doesn’t “get it”. Pathetic.

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Dre: @<a Your comment is retarded. The civil rights movement (I am both black and gay) responded to these things regularly. Seriously, you trolls are going to have to come up with better arguments.

  • froggyola

    @Larry: Right on Larry and Tracy Hall Jr. seems a little incorrect with her stats as well. Poorly constructed post, Tracy. Please don’t waste our time with inaccurrate numbers. We’re very busy.We have a revolution to win.

  • Dre

    Froggy: No one threatened anyone, and you’re not going to be “taking any opposition” down. OK? As screwed up and backward as the apparently prevailing rationale goes, you are part of a relatively tiny minority group whose sexual orientation is considered immoral by a vast majority of Americans — whose worldviews are clearly stuck somewhere in 1911. It’s unfair mob rule, and you’re on the wrong end of this stick. For now. Things will change. That being said, I am already married with children, so your ridiculous insistence on conducting a witchhunt will have no effect on my life. Congratulations on setting back your own agenda and alienating people like me — who was such a friend to your cause, that I spent hours in debate with people from my community on your behalf. Good luck with your boycott and have a nice life. As for me and mine, we’ll soon be tucking into a scratch margarita and two chicken taco combination plates. No rice.

  • John in CA

    Maybe Nancy Pelosi is right. Maybe her constituents in California are simply too stupid to understand what “equality” means.

    Real estate in California is worth next to nothing nowadays. The state’s public infastructure is literally falling apart. And “Joe the Californian” is going to get a 44 billion dollar tax hike by the time Schwarzenegger’s through with his “emergency revenue” legislative session. But at least the gays can’t get married, right?

    Believe me, protestors extending your commute by a few minutes are the least of your problems.

  • michael

    @Dre: Did you not read the post about how blacks in the 60’s boycotted the bus company that discriminated against them? It is still amazing to me how gay people are not afforded the same avenues that worked for other groups, again it just shows the depth of bigotry in this country.

  • Bob

    Dre and Dan, with friends like you, who needs enemies?

  • michael

    @dan w.: Well there will have to be a lot of pissed off people in San Francisco cause thats where the strongest vote of no for 8 came from How shallow you must be to
    compare an inconvenience to human rights. I have a gut feeling why you would though.

  • Anonny Mouse


    Hilarious. I busted out laughing when I read this. El Coyote food IS flavorless. It hadn’t really occurred to me until now.

  • Bruno

    The Yes on 8 folks and some of these people who I suspect are masquerading as “friends to the cause” want us to silently accept the majority mob rule. We won’t, and don’t fall for their tricks. We will scream bloody hell before quietly waiting for the religious world to deign to hand us our rights.

  • froggyola


    “injustice against one is injustice against all.”

    -Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Remember him Dre? Enjoy your food, loser.

  • mds

    This is fantastic. I have tried to find the good in what has happened here and I think I have. This has awakened a lot of gay people. I think gay people are realizing who they are and that they are equal and their lives our important, worthwhile and worthy of happiness. This may not have happened on such a large scale if the vote had gone the other way. They say God works in mysterious ways, so to all you Godless, Christian zealots out there you can pat yourselves on the back, because you are doing God’s work, it just isn’t what you thought it was going to be. I have never been so proud of myself and my people as I am right now. What we are doing is a beautiful thing
    and if there is a God, then I just know it is on our side. I see my brothers and sisters marching, risking their well being, speaking out, being arrested and it fills my heart with love for all of them.
    My straight friends are wanting to know where they can send money to help us out, straight friends who are not from California but from thousands of miles away. We are not alone in this, there is a lot of love and support out there for us and we will overcome. Blessings to all who are fighting the good fight,
    it will not be in vain, because what is good, what is lovely, what is right is on our side. I have always said that once we as gay folk started loving ourselves and each other that nothing would stop us, and nothing will.

  • greybat

    @Bob: Take them to the “Gardens of Taixco” in West Hollywood. It’s a hoot and the food is rather good! Love the recited menu…it’s very felliniesque!

  • froggyola


    Right on! I attended the NYC ralley tonight as did thousands of others. This has given us the boost that we needed to rise higher than we ever have. It has given us the fuel we needed to make it across the finish line. Keep opposing us, bigots and zealots! We will win this. We will get equal rights. We will triumph over bigotry and hypocritical religious tyranny. Thank you, for your great post.

  • whistler

    “Please, can’t we get organized here and form a force that could put a huge dent in the church instead of targeting individuals?”

    Individuals like Margie give 10% of their income to the church. Boycotting Mormon owned businesses is surefire way to put a dent in LDS. It’s also another reason why this is bigger than a $100 donation. Ten percent of Margie stake in El Coyote will be sent to an organization that’s engaging in spiritual warfare* with the gay community.

    *borrowed phrase from Sarah Palin’s creepy witch hunting preacher

  • michael

    Remember everyone, we can build and strengthen each other or we can tear each other down with our words. We may make a few mistakes a long the way but what is important is that we encourage, bless, and put our faith behind all who are pushing forward, especially those on the front lines. This is our time. Our time to do what is right for us and a by product will be that in the future other groups who may have been oppressed might be spared. This is for the good of all humanity, not just we gays. We are not fighting for just gay rights, we are fighting for human rights.

  • Amy Alkon

    It’s kind of amazing that this woman can have as much contact with gay people as she must at El Coyote and still not see gays and lesbians as people deserving of equal rights.

    I know, I know, the evidence-free belief in The Imaginary Friend and all the ludicrous teachings that ensue have a powerful pull for people who’d rather believe than reason.

  • Brian Miller

    The thing that I find most striking about this situation (and the Sacramento musical theater one) is how many hatemongers are in positions that depend on gay people or work closely with gay people.

    A lot of the “movement’s” old, shallow, soft-spoken leadership appears to have conveyed the idea that we’re as hard-hitting as whipped cream, and that choosing to embrace hatred of gay people is “just another choice” in a menu of equally-legitimate options.

    We need to change that. We need to make sure that bigotry HURTS and hurts BADLY. Businesses with prominent anti-gay employees need to lose millions of dollars. Companies with anti-gay directors or anti-gay major shareholders need to feel pain.

    Individuals responsible for anti-gay laws (or publicly supporting them) need to see their business from the LGBT community and its allies vanish completely.

    And on a personal level, individuals who contribute to anti-gay laws need to receive the iciest of icy-cold treatment in everyday life from us in work and recreation alike.

  • Brian Miller

    This certainly is not worthy of a boycott as she was not the owner but merely an employee.

    Who cares?

    A portion of every dollar you spend at that place goes into her pocket, and a portion of that is handed over to anti-gay causes.

    If they ever want my business there, they will terminate her employment. Otherwise, there are plenty of other great places to eat that don’t funnel money directly or indirectly to bigots.

    Bigotry has consequences. Whether you’re a big powerful well-funded bigot or a small-time stupid bigot (like this woman) doesn’t really matter. I will be watching my consumption habits to ensure that not a penny of my money goes into your pocket directly or indirectly to fuel your hatred and your self-indulgent “victimhood” schtick over how mean those horrible homos are for not wanting to fund your hate.

    That means that as long as you’re working there, and donating money to anti-gay causes, your employer will not receive a DIME of my cash. Ever.

    If you and they want that to change, you either change your ways, or quit, or get terminated.

  • Brian Miller

    All I had to do was talk to a few co-workers who have been stranded on the Bay Bridge thanks to these childish protests to know that the backlash is underway. These are people who didn’t give a shit either way about gays, but still voted “no” on 8. Now they’re pissed that some of these gays are giving the finger to a fair vote, and they’re REALLY pissed at 3-hour commutes. Think they’re going to support some gay “cause” next time one rolls around?

    Gosh, could have said the same thing about the commute in Selma AL (when the bridge was closed) or the impact of the bus boycott on commuting in Birmingham AL.

    Yes, let’s be good Uncle Toms and accept third class citizenship. We wouldn’t want to disrupt someone’s commute!


  • Janet

    I’m confused with your message. I support many of my gay men friends and voted with them. However, there seems to be a lot of hypocrisy with this issue. Many of you keep talking about what the church stands for yet you are behaving unchristain just because people have their own opinion. You’re trying to chain people’s minds on an issue because you don’t agree with them. Read your bible Matthew Chapter 5 and all the readings how it says we are not the ones who should judge or punish. That’s up to the Lord yet you are acting like judge and jury. I think its shameful and now a lot of people supported you are angry at the way you are behaving

  • RomanHans

    I’ve been an El Coyote fan for probably twenty years, not for the food but for the mescaline in their margaritas. (Kidding. Kind of.) El Coyote is as gay-friendly as a restaurant can be, and judging by the cruising I get when I go there, 90% of all the male employees are gay.

    I’m not positive who Marjorie is, but last I remember the manager was a very old, very sweet white woman. It’s unfortunate her religion conflicts with her beliefs, but personally I’m not going to hold an apologetic, well-meaning senior citizen to the fire because her church supports something she does not.

  • jbran

    I’m kind of stunned at the number of people recommending contrition and passivity for gays and lesbians in regards to the Prop 8 situation. That’s what got us in this situation in the first place. People SHOULD be angry. We are never going to make the Mormons love and respect gays– we have to demand the same rights. It shouldn’t be up for a vote and we have to fight for it. As far as picking on Marjorie for her personal beliefs– I feel bad for her that she is a focal point for people’s rage. But, she should certainly have to answer for what her money did. I don’t care if the church told her to do it– she donated to a political campaign and those donations are made public for a reason.

  • Tim Kelleher

    @Janet: Hmmmm… I’m not a christian… why the hell should I act like one? And what is acting christian, ignoring science, judging your neighbor and becoming obese?

    What I am is angry, incredibly angry. This is not about changing people’s minds. People are entitled to think any way they wish. This is about getting your religion/opinions out of the constitution. There is no way my marriage or beliefs will impact your daily life. Yet these narrow religious beliefs, which run AGAINST everything that “Jesus” taught, impact my financial security, my health care, my legal protections and my civil rights.
    And it bears repeating, over and over, that a very NARROW majority approved this prop. If civil rights for minorities can be stripped by narrow majorities, most of the south would STILL own slaves.

    This was not a landslide by any means and we will not sit by any longer and let some crazy fairy tale religious agenda dictate second class citizenship for our community.

  • Michael F

    @sparkle obama: This isn’t scapegoating. This is holding people responsible for their actions.

  • DC Dude

    I think there is a time to be angry. And that time is now. Maybe some gays out there are not angry enough. Marjorie may be misguided, confused, sorry, etc. Some of you talk about “winning friends”. I think this is where we find out WHO ARE FRIENDS REALLY ARE. Marjorie was not our friend. Marjorie don’t get no more gay dough.

  • Bob

    Janet, shove your Bible up your ass. People don’t like the way we’re reacting? Tough fucking shit, dear.

  • Bob

    RomanHans, I completely miss the logic in your post. You write: I’m not going to hold an apologetic, well-meaning senior citizen to the fire because her church supports something she does not. She doesn’t support it? They why the hell did she give HER MONEY to it? Why does she refuse even now, as an alleged supporter of our community, to give any of HER MONEY to oppose it? Darling, she does support it, and did so with her vote and her money. So fuck her. And fuck everyone else who profits from the gay community and uses that money to discriminate against us.

  • Tim Kelleher

    @Bob: Amen

  • gaydad05

    There are much better reasons to boycott El Coyote. The food is awful tasting and lousy for you, the parking stinks, the decor is oh-so-ghastly. And now their floor manager is trying to cloak her bigotry with virtue. Ah, religious tyranny. The nonsense of “faith”. The lemmings marching along behind it.

  • Jaroslaw

    Janet – I’m sure you are a sincere and good person, but you are still stupid. The Lord may judge etc. but we still need policemen, laws, courts and prisons until He comes again.

    What this movement is about is that the LAW says people are to be treated equally. The Constitution says people can appeal to the government for a redress of grievances. There is nothing “unbiblical” about that.

    I pity you, so stupid and you don’t even know you are.

  • gayinsf

    along with our right to vote are the consequences of that vote…

  • John Bailey

    I’m sure Marjorie is a good person who probably harbors no ill will towards the gay community, however I have little sympathy for someone who supports imposing their personal beliefs on others. She had a choice, just as I have a choice not to go to the restaurant and to encourage others not to as well.

  • Joe

    @mark: Ha!! You’re funny.

  • Joe

    With all this talk of bullying and intimidation and boycotts and threats it occurs to me that you people are becoming dangerous. I don’t know what you think is gonna happen but the minute most reasonable people think they’re in danger the gloves come off and any tolerance that once went your way will evaporate. This tantrum of yours will end and not by your choice.

  • michael


    “You people”+bigot. If this were a racial minority fighting for their rights we would not get these sort of slams from people. Again,
    its about more here than just keeping us from marrying, its about making it okay, politically correct, acceptable to select a group to hate. This is why we have to do this because its not going to stop here. They can continue on with this type of thing and make more laws against us. It might seem extreme to some but lets not forget that Germany started in on the Jews by stripping away their rights and the rest is history. There are a lot of people out there that have a lot of hatred and anger in them and channel it through religion and ultimately people they select to receive it. This is the real reason behind all of this. They need somebody to hate and do not think its merely about theology for those who sit in the drivers seat of this hate.

  • Tim Kelleher

    @Joe: Tantrum? Not our choice? Apart from the condescension and thinly veiled homophobia… I would argue that reasonable people (the gay community) KNOW they are in danger (prop 8 plus FL and AK) and the gloves have already come off… tolerance for your bigoted religious views has evaporated and your efforts to get your fucked up religious agenda legislated will end..not by your choice.

    Also, bad form to threaten violence against a minority, Why don’t YOU boycott all gay owned and operated business. We would be so sorry to see you go.

  • michael


    “I like your Christ, I do not like your christians, your christians are so unlike your Christ”


  • Joe

    @Tim Kelleher: Hey, cool it. I didn’t threaten violence. You read into my implication that the authorities would come down on you if you guys started rioting.

    I really think you guys are overreacting. This is a game that goes back and forth, with a steady drift in your favor – you will ultimately win. It’s a fuckin’ joke to compare yourselves to the jews in nazi germany. It’s a game now, not a war. If you turn it into a war people are going to start trying to figure out how to reclassify homosexuality as a mental disorder. Just take a look at what some of you are writing. Your coming off as imbalanced – insane. Nobody wants that, right? So just cool it. Let us have our win. You’ll win the next round. You know it’s true.

  • Krawlz

    I read all the posts – and couldn’t help noticing that many of those friend-of-the-gays posters describe out arguments as ‘shrill’ and our arguments as tantrums.

    Words say so much, don’t they?

  • Tim Kelleher

    @Joe: Thanks for the clarification. But this is not a game. Its not a game if I get hit by a bus and my partner has no rights to our home, or is not let into a hospital to make medical decisions for me, or is unable to collect social security, or dies of cancer because I cannot get him coverage under my health insurance.

    How again is this a GAME?

  • Joe

    @Tim Kelleher: Maybe I used the wrong word, but in the sense that nobody is getting hurt, it is not a war. I’ve seen people hulk-out in a game of UNO, but everybody still abides by the rules. It seems like you guys are starting to say that the rules don’t apply to you.

    I know, “as a second class citizen I’m not…” STOP.

    The rules apply to everybody. You have to learn to live with disappointments and setbacks, just like we do when it’s your turn. Life is NOT FAIR. That should be the first thing they teach kids in school.

    And it has to be like that because neither one of us is going to change our opinion and neither one of us is going away. And we’ve both got the freedom of speech. So either we kill each other or find a way to live with each other. I don’t hate you. So find a way not to hate me and you get the dice.

  • Damon

    @sparkle obama: Perhaps it’s time Marjorie learned it can be dangerous to do, BLINDLY, what that nutty church “instructs” her to do. She is not a child. She has smiled in the faces of gay patrons, slyly stabbing them in the back.

  • Julie Bindelrella

    From personal experience the Mormon Church brainwash people from BIRTH into fully believing all their bullsht so I do feel sorry for Marjorie as I honestly believe this “mental loop” between loving god and loving their friends and families has trapped her and many others in a very sad and dark place. The mormons preach a lot of love and if they followed that instead of their twisted central leadership they could be a force for more good and spread more love but they need to get the creeps out of Utah first.

  • Rachel

    How retarded are some of you guys? Some idiot on these comments actually compared this El Coyote madness to the Montgomery bus boycott? That is at least as offensive as what the ridiculously bigoted voters of California decided last week. That article in the LA Times last week was correct–there is a lot of latent — and, apparently outright — racism among homosexuals. The events of this week settle it: Gay marriage has officially jumped the shark.

  • Dre

    Just returned from my anti-witchhunt meal at the Coyote. Glad to report that business was as brisk as ever.

  • mark

    Would ya like an order of hate to go with your burger?

  • mark


    “I don’t know what you think is gonna happen but the minute most reasonable people think they’re in danger the gloves come off and any tolerance that once went your way will evaporate. This tantrum of yours will end and not by your choice.”

    Were the gloves ON when 5 SOB sailors who kicked Alan Schindler to death until his body was UNRECKONIZABLE?

    Were the gloves ON when two cowardly f*cktard soldiers bashed Barry Winchell while he was alseep on his bunk?

    Were the G*D DAMN gloves ON when Matthew Shepard was pistol whipped and left hanging on a fence to die of exposure in Laramie?

    Here’s the deal sh*t wit, I’m late stages of AIDS and armed…you REALLY REALLY don’t want to threaten me, cuz I have NOTHING to lose by going postal.

  • Aaron

    Whatever happened to seperation of church and state? Isn’t this country not supposed to make laws regarding the establishment of religion? This whole thing to me seems bogus. The question itself was never constitutional as it implies that the legislative bodies of this country have the right to make laws in the name of religion.

    I support homosexuals one hundred percent, but what’s wrong with this nation that we can’t see past our religion?

  • RCJ

    Fortunately, I still have the right to choose who I give my money to. My choice is to boycott those businesses.

    Maybe the LDS church should’ve given some afterthought about how to deal with the reaction of such hate. The gay dollar is powerful! Here’s a thought, maybe they should give some of the money they took from their members and give it to Marjorie and the businesses who will now lose our business. The LDS asked for money from you, now ask for some back! It will be interesting to see how much the LDS supports its own members when there is no direct benefit to the LDS agenda.

  • Jay

    @Joe: Tantrum? You want to call a fight for equality a tantrum? Seriously? Your ignorant. You have no idea what this country is about if you call people fighting for equality a tantrum. Christian groups boycotted many companies for extending domestic partner benefits to employees. That is their choice as we have every right to boycott any buisness that does not have our political interests at heart. Every group in the USA has companies that they do not boycott. Look at PETA, GREENPEACE, ASPCA, or any environmental group. Donations are public policy for a reason. I understand that her beliefs superceded her love for the gay community. I am sorry that she has been put in that situation, however; that said, she now has to deal with consequences from the choices she made. I am tired of people just saying “you lost get over it”. No, we haven’t “lost”. We have not lost because we have not stopped fighting and we will not stop fighting. I do not agree with targeting everyone that donated to Yes, but I will advocate targeting buisnesses owned by people who supported Yes on 8. Sorry, I will not spend money in a buisness where my own money will be spent to limit my rights. I am not about to kick myself in the butt. Marjorie should have realized her financial life was built by the GLBT community and she should not put that in jeopardy.

  • kim

    I like ElCoypote I’llbe there for dinner…Some nerve YES on 8 you don;t scare me the you taunts..

  • Charles

    It to bad that the people voted and now were going thru this …HOW DARE YOU force you lifestyle on people ……Love El Coyote..because gay is not everyones flavor you do this kinda of Shit…That why YES on 8….Bullies

  • Los Angeles

    I will support all business that VOTED YES ON 8ight…we have rigths also….you just can’t stand to lose…but YOU WILL…..

  • Tim Kelleher

    @Los Angeles: how.. in the world is this about your rights?

  • RCJ


    Force our lifestyle on people? Like the LDS forcing its “religious” lifestyle on everyone else? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

    How dare YOU force your lifestyle on us! Feel free to continue going to El Coyote. You won’t have to worry about eating next to us bullies.

  • Allen

    I say F*ck the B*itch nd here establshment.If she really gave two Sh*ts about the LGBTQ community shewould of had the BALLS to stand up to her church adn say I can think for myself, and decide for myself where I want to give money.
    now tha the economy is in the toliet due to her bible thumping presidet she is afraid that a boycott is going to do her business even more harm.
    I say BOYCOTT and BOYCOTT HARD EVERY Place and PErson who supported Yes on 8.
    ALso if the LDS really wanted to Save marriage and the other churches as well they should be fighting to Ban DIVORCE and Adultery… oh yeah LDS hmmm multiple wives etc notgoing to happen.

  • Allen

    HOW DARE YOU force your lifestyle and Church down our Throats.
    You cant pick adn choose your battles and then run and cry foul when a group of people has the Balls to say enough is enough.
    I pay my share of taxes an equal share I should have EQUAL rights also.

  • Downtown Resident

    I will NEVER eat at this restaurant again unless they fire this woman. I support her right to fund legislation that takes away my human rights away, but now I’ve told over 500 gay Downtowners to REMOVE their support from El Coyote. We agree NEVER to go to this establishment again until she is fired. I continue to tell everyone I meet that this restaurant did this. In addition, I manage several email lists that maintain over 50,000 subscribers in Los Angeles and around the world. I emailed this this information to these groups as well. It is my hope that we can shut down this business until they fire her or until she doesn’t have anymore people to manage. My ultimate hope is that she goes back to her church and ask them for a job.

  • Downtown Resident

    If you eat there, just know they are going to be buying cheaper meat since they are having money troubles.

  • Doug

    Woohoo!!! I love the mormon church, they are just lip service they stand behind what they believe. Too bad people don’t see that as a virtue these days.

  • Doug

    @Downtown Resident: and the mormon church will do just that. They have the best welfare program in the world! Mormons Rock!

  • Downtown Resident

    I don’t believe in polygamy. As you say, they aren’t just giving lip service, they stand behind what they believe. This is why I’m so confused. They are staying the want to preserve traditional marriage. The traditions of the Mormon church is polygamy. If you read their scriptures, they believe in Baptizing for the dead too. Plus, they believe that when you die, you’ll go marry hundreds of wives on your own planet out there in the Universe. Sounds really traditional. It’s all lies. They are lying to the children, to California citizens, and the Mormons know it. If you Google the Mormon church, you’ll see that there is not a mass exodus of their congregations. They know their church is lying and they are leaving. Maybe the woman at El Coyote can go get a job in management there. I heard they have some openings.

    Stop the lies. Expose the truth. The truth sets God’s children’s free.

  • Doug

    @mdh60610: Haha, do not Knock list… funny! Unfortunately mormons or other religions are not soliciting any money. They just wish to “share messages of God”. Which is and never will be illegal.

  • Doug

    @Downtown Resident: It does sound pretty crazy and that’s why your not mormon. However, when the mormon church was faced by gorvernment to stop polygamy, they did so and still face persecution for doing what they believe. Although the american society did not accept multiple committed partners it’s funny that other societies did “Indian, African…Middle Eaestern” and they were judged and looked at as barbarians by Americans. It’s obvious that where we live in society this type of thing is not accepted so fine, mormons didn’t practice polygamy, case closed. Did they protest? Did they boycott? Did they shout slurs and initiate intimidation schemes against people not of their faith? Nope, just pracice quiet dignity and continue in the faith that they believed in.

    ANYWAY, Lies come about when you twist the truth and that is just what your comment was doing..so stop the hypocrism and if you are going to address beliefs of the mormon church do so fully and not half assed to add confusion to what people arleady don’t know about the church.

  • Downtown Resident

    I am a gay Christian. It is now illegal for me to love my partner. The Mormons are run by the Devil. Obviously, they are about destroying love, marrying minors (watch the news), making people give money to hate causes (this is why this woman is about to lose her job), and they also support lying to people (refer to the commercials that ran on television via H8te on 8).

    I pray that you listen to God and find a way to separate you from this cult. I’ve watch many YouTube videos on the Mormon religion. Tell everyone here about how you high priest must kill themselves if they share what happens in the inner sanctuary.

    Love them if you want. German youth loved Hitler. Google Hitler Youth and you’ll see how they treat Hitler. Same way you talk about your belief to a religion that only 30 years ago, claimed black people were children of Satan.

    Really, you should read more.

  • Doug

    BTW, I work hard Southern California Edison. I am a Senior Manager there..and I donated $1500 dollars to the yes on 8 campaign. I am also aware of many others in my company that have donated if not the same more… so are you gonna boycott SCE too? :-)

  • Downtown Resident

    Please don’t lie to people. Read this article about how the Mormons were molesting children this year. Please explain to me about how gays are going to harm the children when it’s on CNN that Mormons are hiding out molesting little girls.

    Read Below….I’m not making this stuff up guys. Unlike the Mormons who did against gays. How many more churches are secretly running communities and making small children have sex with elders in the church. Again, i’m not making it up…look what was discovered a few months ago. Sounds like they did this Yes on 8 to save their reputation.

    219 children, women taken from sect’s ranch
    ELDORADO, Texas (CNN) — More than 200 women and children have been removed from a Texas ranch that’s home to members of a polygamist sect, but authorities have not identified the girl who called them with allegations of abuse.

    Texas authorties used the bus in the background to transport children from an FLDS compound Friday.
    1 of 3

    The 16-year-old girl, who called authorities last week with allegations of physical and sexual abuse at the compound, may be in the group and using a different name, Marleigh Meisner, a spokeswoman for Texas Child Protective Services, said at a news conference Sunday.

    “I am confident that this girl does indeed exist,” Meisner said. “I am confident that the allegations that she brought forth are accurate.”

    Since Thursday, authorities have removed 159 children and 60 adults from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) compound in Eldorado, Texas. Watch buses take girls from compound »

    Eighteen of the girls have been taken into state custody. Authorities believe all “had been abused or were at immediate risk of future abuse,” a state spokesman said.

    The others are now housed at a shelter in San Angelo — about 45 miles north of Eldorado — where they are being questioned about abuse, Meisner said.

    “It’s certainly emotional for the children, but they are with caretakers — people that they’re accustomed to being with — at the time,” Meisner said. Many of the adults at the shelter are parents or relatives of the children, she said. Watch Eldorado residents react to the removals »

    Don’t Miss
    iReport.com: Aerial photos of YFZ ranch
    Warren Jeffs, the 52-year-old leader and “prophet” of the 10,000-member FLDS, was convicted in Utah last year on two counts of being an accomplice to rape, charges related to a marriage he performed in 2001. He still faces trial in Arizona on eight charges of sexual conduct with a minor, incest and conspiracy.

    Critics of the sect say it forces girls as young as 13 into arranged marriages. Watch why police want every child removed »

    Meisner said the adults cooperated with child protection officials as authorities continued their search for more children.

    An arrest warrant was served last week for Dale Evans Barlow, 50, who authorities believe fathered a child with a 16-year-old girl he had married. As of Saturday night, Barlow had not been found, and child welfare workers could not confirm whether the girl or her child had been found.

  • Downtown Resident


    What is your first and last name?

  • Doug

    @Downtown Resident: unfortunately you choose to ignore what doesn’t work for you and read everything one sided.. I am a gay mormon. I am understand very clearly with what your struggles are and can see from you hate toward the mormon church how emotions dictate your words and actions. I on the other hand can look at things very objectively and by way of fact finding make determinations.

    Love your partner all you want love is not illegal. I love mine and I’m not in jail.

    Mormon’s don’t marry minors.. that would be illegal.. hehe… you probably don’t know the difference between FLDS and LDS, should probably “google” it since internet is your main source of reference…although the internet is the most infultrated, contaminated, and compromised source of facts.

    The church didn’t make anybody give any money. They urged to give what can be given.

    Videos on YOUTUBE??? OMG, ROTFLMAO. I’ve been inside the temples and I participated in cerimonies and am open to discussion about any of that… It’s funny that you mention that video.. I saw it and I couldn’t stop laughing… please refer back to the 3rd paragraph of this comment.

    Sorry can’t comment on the German youth thing..
    And Black people children of satan.. yeah that is another twisted belief that you fail to explain in fullness so I won’t even go there.

    I will pray for you too, thanks for your prayers..

  • Doug

    Sorry I will not be a direct target of your intimidation or false tactics to retaliate against what my right to vote may have stirred up within you, so I will not be providing my last name.

  • Doug

    @Downtown Resident: Like i said… FLDS is not Mormon.. you should look up the word “sect” in the dictionary.. oh I forgot.. google it… The prophet of the Mormon church is Thomas S. Monson… I don’t know this Warren Jeffs guy… some side buster who takes what part of mormon beliefs are convenient to him and initiates his own church… THIS IS NOT MORMON PEOPLE!!!! See what I mean about twisting truths and not finding the whole truth? Is that your nature just to look enough to find what you were looking for the that’s it? Why don’t you try being mormon for 27 years… you might learn something.

  • Downtown Resident

    Dude….I have nothing to say in support of what you do with Mormons. More power to you. I’ll pray for you too. I’ll pray for your escape.

    I feel sorry for you. I realize they have been nice to you and your family. That’s good. But they also just stripped you of your civil rights.

    Keep your faith, just move onto disagreeing with your church. grow some balls.

  • Downtown Resident

    Dude, Every Mormon out there, though they preach family values, they do exhibit the type of family values that I want kids to learn about. Polygamy, suicides if people learn the secrets, and polygamy weddings after-death, you lost me at hello.

  • Doug

    @Downtown Resident: Don’t feel sorry for me. I am fine, like I said I love my partner, we’ve been together for 4 years… and are not in jail, gay love is not illegal. I still have all my civil rights, I don’t feel like a second class citizen… I already have made a life long committment to my partner and we share in the benefits of our civil union.

  • Doug

    @Downtown Resident: Polygamy, suicides if people learn secrets, and polygamy weddings after-death.. you lost me at hello…

    Polygamy is not practiced in the Mormon church (PERIOD). The church does not condone polygamy and if there is someone in the church that is found practicing such they are kicked out of membership of the church…

    There is no such thing as the suicide if people learn secrets LOL.. It’s funny how much people would try to twist the truth, and at the same time it’s sad that other more gullible people.. i’m sorry but I am calling you gullible… really believe that. Like i said i’ve been in these temples.. I’ve participated in the ceremonies.. and I am open to discussion if you want to meet at circus or el coyote restaurant to talk about it.. :-) Hello… help me help you.

  • Downtown Resident

    Good luck to you bro. At least you’ve got one good thing going on for ya.

  • Jaroslaw

    Doug – YOU are a senior manager at Edison and have the stupidity to say you have all your civil rights? You obviously don’t know about the 1000 federal benefits, tax advantages etc. that you DON’T get with a state Civil Union or the fact that DOMA invalidates State Same Sex marriages.

    I hope you do a better job as a manager than you do keeping yourself informed about Gay issues and the law.

  • Downtown Resident

    This Doug guy is probably an employee of El Coyote attempting to break the boycott. Smart move though. They are attempting to work from within. Saying that he is a gay mormon, good try. Try again.

  • Doug

    @Downtown Resident: What you feel will justify your stance. I know where i stand and I have no reason to lie to you or myself. :-)

  • Doug

    @Jaroslaw: This is a state issue not Federal. If you want federal tax breaks try appealing to the federal courts. If DOMA is your issue then try going for the big dog instead of fishing for gold fish in California.

  • Doug

    BTW, you can throw anything you want at me but at the end of the day I am happy. I actually gave protesters credit on their first night of protest for also taking a stance on their position with prop 8. However, in the nights to come it was proven through certain acts and vandalism that you would take the low path rather than the high in the fight for ‘civil rights’. Intimidation is unacceptable, vandalism is unacceptable, imposing blame is unacceptable. You don’t get anywhere with those things except to annoy the very people that you are trying to change. “A man forced against his will is of the same opinion still”.

  • froggyola

    @Doug: Why are you so damaged, Doug?

  • Doug

    @froggyola: Sounds like your the damaged one Froggy. I don’t understand how you can foster so much pent up hate that you have to lash out at everyone else who has a different opinion than your own.

  • Doug

    @froggyola: In addition, you should try to channel your anger towards other more affective methods rather than lash out at whoever and whatever you might find is a threat to your ‘civil rights’. Singling out my religion or the poor little mormon lady that donated a mere 100 dollars is not acceptable nor affective. You might get somewhere sending letters, making calls, or picketing the government officials who are deciding the validity of prop 8 right now.

    Is it me or is the gay community slow at politics? Quick to jump in the bed but slow to react when they find out that their ‘rights’ have just been voted away. Bad campaigning + bad follow up = disaster.

  • Downtown Resident

    You guys, Doug works for the restaurant, it’s obvious. No gay person would say the things he/she is saying. Give is a rest el Dougyte. We aren’t eating at your restaurant until the h8ter has gone.

    This may be about love, but it’s certainly not about stupidity.

  • Downtown Resident

    She not only donated the money, but then she also admitted that she would do it all over again. We don’t hate her, we simply choose not to eat at her restaurant. If she funds hate with her paycheck, she might also be putting poison in the food.

  • Downtown Resident

    Insane people give money to take away people’s human rights and dignity. These types of people who justify removing the dignity of other humans kill others and vote for removing their basic human right to pursue happiness. If her religion teaches her to h8te and she blames this organization making her do it, we have no choice but to make a CHOICE not to support her. Give it up dude. I’m a gay mormon too and I’m ashamed of my church. I have decided to leave this church as I have found this is just one more lie I can’t swallow. I remember when they were teaching me about polygamy and the afterlife. I think of those little girls that one of our church abused and it makes me sad. I can’t stand behind members of our cult and have decided to move on. I hope other follow my lead. I’m an ashamed Mormon. Though gay, I have repented of my support of my church and am now pursuing my own personal relationship with my Creator.

  • Doug

    Downtown, I could really give two rats asses if you didn’t eat at the restaurant or not. I enjoy SCE rater payer money have it come from a gay couple fighting against prop 8 or a straight couple fighting to protect prop 8. Boycott Utah… ha! As you have it, the majority of funds coming into the mormon church is from tithes, strictly for the work or the lord… or in laymans terms “missionary” work and “welfare services”. More than 2/3 members of the church live outside of the US so your little boycott of Utah will not affect the church with it’s true purpose and goals in helping people search for salvation…

    Stupid is as stupid does…and stupid is boycotting little businesses not really making a difference or crying on the doorstep of the mormon temple falsley accusing of hate when they took a stance on a moral issue as is “their” 1st ammendment right to do so.

  • Doug

    @Downtown Resident: Ha, downtown your better off not trying to impersonate a mormon. You suck at it. Besides, no bishop in their right mind would ignore your flame throwing remarks and pass you off as someone who is really looking for salvation.

  • Doug

    BTW, thanks for your continual loyalty towards SCE and all other businesses that employ and are owned by yes on 8 supporters. I and my fellow prop 8 supporters thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. :-) Oh and my partner Daniel, who also works for SCE and is a prop 8 supporter also thanks you, because you ignore the big fish and eat the small ones. hehe

  • Downtown Resident

    Just goes to show you how truly delusional your church is. You my friend are a complete freak.

    No on 8. You don’t have to love or agree with us. If you don’ vote for us, we will NEVER support your business again.

    I was going to say good luck, but I pray the restaurant closes ASAP.

    In addition, the Mormon church is obviously making the gays in that church crazed. I suggest therapy.

  • Doug

    @Downtown Resident: Oh so now I am mormon again? I thought I was a fake, and really worked at El coyote. Hmmm… I think you just can’t make up your mind… I think you better get more educated before you try to sway others to do something because it might be a mistake and then you’ll be held accountable and possibly under the feet of an angry gay mob. I really feel sorry for the owner of that restaurant though. However, now that the dirty low class, incompetent people will stop going there she can turn it into a higher class type restaurant where educated people like me can dine without the interruption of some flaming drunk homo splurting out obscenities and self degrading behavior.

    I’ll continue to pray for you…I hope you’ll do the same. Smooches! :-)

  • froggyola

    @Doug: Thanks Doug. And you might get somewhere by not generalizing and putting everyone who is gay in one self-righteous basket. Do you ever use your brain and your ears or just your mouth spewing ridiculous diatribes of ignorance and stupidity? Please go away.


    “whether you like it or not…”

    Looks like California didn’t like it.

    If you prop 8 opposers had any balls at all, you would go after the latinos and african americans who helped pass this measure.



  • cspk

    @Ray: No kidding. No one is arguing her right. But the to think the people whose marriages she spat on will patronize her establishment is ridiculous. With friends like you Marjorie, who needs enemies? Oh, wait, I get it…gays are so pathetic that we should be grateful for the crumbs of “nice-ness” and tolerance you offer? Hah. Its hard to believe these people actually think they are going anywhere good in the “afterlife.” Didn’t their god Christ say “hypocrites, fence-sitters, I spit you out of my mouth…?”

  • cspk

    To all anti-prop 8 folks who get frustrated with the fact these bigots just don’t listen–don’t feel bad, they don’t even listen to their own god!! LOL! you know…don’t lie, love thy neighbor, give to Caesar what is Caesar’s..Lord’s name in Vain…meek…don’t be a b*tch to the weak/minorities/etc…

  • cspk

    Ooh gee, nice try, loser, but I dare you to say that in a gay bar. Course you won’t, you coward. Typical idiot bigot. You are just jealous b/c no one WANTS to marry YOU…

  • cspk

    @Doug: Wow, you sound REAAL mature and spiritual. How’re those “How to act Christian” classes workin out for ya? I can just picture Jesus using “I’ll pray for you” like a vitriolic sneering attack like you just did. Your mama and your preacher must be soooo proud.

  • cspk

    @Larry: Sparkle just thinks he is clever…like the creepie creationists who pat themselves on the back for using twisted logic to “prove” that humans rode dinosaurs 6K years ago. The religious right and repubs in general have celebrated ignorance and demonized thought for so long that “Sparkle” is what we are so proudly left with…so self-congratulatorily ignorant they don’t even realize how embarrassingly foolish they are.

  • MarjorieFan

    What is this a witch hunt? We’re not in Salem anymore, Dorothys.
    Give some respect to Marjorie for standing up for her long-time beliefs. She doesn’t hate gays neither does her chuch. It’s evident from her words and her actions. She just doesn’t think it’s necessary to redefine “marriage.” Call it something else. New union- New term. (Atleast Marjorie didn’t throw her long-time church under the bus- like our new and improved President Elect Obama did and promised he would Not!) We Love You Marjorie!!

  • richard eshoo

    @Disgusted American: You can term this in anyway you see fit, D.A. That is your right as an American citizen; the right to free speech. But, whether you’re straight or gay is irrelevant here. One must go back to Friday, June 27th, 1969 when the gay community finally said, “WE’VE HAD ENOUGH!” and fought the police for all their years of public humiliation, arresting us for just ‘being.’ Now, once again opposing our/my consitutional rights are my own people, the people of California! And I agree w/you regarding the Selma Bus Boycott, the protest worked! Did discrimination end when the boycott ended? No. Discrimination still thrives today, as well as to and in the gay community.

    I have my ‘ballz’, D.A, and they’re willing to risk their (lives and mine) for the sake of those that are succeeding me. As far as I’m concerned, our gay youth will NOT have to endure being treated as ‘look good but don’t speak’ objects, and you will see the outcome, not only @ El Cayote [which, by the way has accepted Ms. Christoffersen’s resignation], but any and all businesses, residents, schools, churches, etc., in this State and any other State throughout the US that has donated to the ‘Yes on 8’ and that feels we’ve forgotten Stonewall, that feels we’ve forgotten hate, that feels we’ve forgotten ‘why’ Matthew Shepperd was murders along w/countless others. Well, we haven’t.
    I’m willing to risk my life to see that ALL people are treated w/the respect and dignity as well as ALL the rights due them they’re entitled to and deserve as American, tax paying citizens. What the fuck are YOU willing to do, other than spout off on message boards?
    PS: Just to prove your ignorance, we have and are [as your put it] ‘sticking together.’ Organizers [such as myself] are meeting as we speak, making sure our voices are heard as well as protesting businesses where they hurt; in their bank accounts, as well as our rights under the Constitution to demonstrate. WE WILL NOT sit on our laurels, ‘hoping’ that the Supreme Court will [once again] overturn Prop 8.
    So as for your narrow-minded comment on ‘getting some ballz,’ just shows ‘tunnel vision.’ That kind of one dimensional, narrow-mindedness is why the measure passed and why we’re doing what we’re doing.

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