El Coyote Prop. 8 Press Conference Goes Horribly Wrong

Micah, over at Shut Up I Know! has a developing report on the impromptu press conference El Coyote held this afternoon after it was revealed via the L.A. Times’ vexing Prop 8. contributions database that their manager, Marjorie Chrisoffersen donated $100 to the Yes on 8 Campaign. The El Coyote, for those not in the know, is an L.A. late-night institution famous as a hangout for gays, rockers, and once upon a time, Sharon Tate, which is one of the reasons the donation has not gone over well.

The press conference did not go well.

“While the floor manager continued talking, it became more obvious that what this community conference was about, was distancing Marjorie from El Coyote itself.

Marjorie walked out with (her two daughters?) on arm and spoke from a prepared statement. This prepared statement was IDENTICAL to the email she send out and that is posted in the comments of the previous posting…which REALLY didn’t make people happy.

At all.

She asked for forgiveness for being SO emotional and said that “El Coyote is as diverse as it’s clientele. Customers are considered part of the family and I responded to the call of the Mormon Church to donate [towards the ban on same sex marriage]….“It saddens me that my faith keeps you away from The Coyote. I can not and WILL NOT change my lifelong commitment to the Mormon Church. I can not and will not change my commitment to you.”

Then she decided to take questions. The first one was, “Will you donate to No on 8”? She started to cry and the owner of Coyote made it clear the restaurant will be donating to Lamda Legal and the Gay & Lesbian Center. The questioner wanted to know about Marjorie, though. She replied, “No, I will not” at which point Micah says “the place went insane.”

Say what you will (and I know you will), but there are no winners here.

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