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Elena Kagan Dresses Up As Herself at Costume Parties

OH SNAP — I have no idea when this photo was taken, who marked it up, and even whether it is real or just some Photoshop magic. But let’s assume it’s authentic. Clearly, it’s an indication that Elena Kagan is a straight woman who likes to date cross-dressers, right?

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  • The Artist

    This is completely POINTLESS. Not sure what this web site fascination on harping on Ms. Kagan’s sexuality, but PLEASE move on. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • Luxury

    Isn’t this the same thing we were blasting the “Mainstream Media” for a couple of weeks ago?.. Smh

  • j

    Dating?? Really? ‘Cause she put her arm around him? Really queerty, I know you’re pretty much about baseless accusations but I think this takes the biscuit.

  • Luxury

    They’re not really saying she’s dating a Drag Queen, but I sense clear and present shade @ the emphasis of “straight woman”.

  • Luxury

    .. and that’s a bio. chic..

  • omgwtfbbq

    this pic is from a harvard law school Halloween party, which, as dean, she was obligated to attend.

  • Samwise

    Just because a woman is wearing ridiculous amounts of makeup doesn’t make her a drag queen. She’s clearly a woman.

    I’d think more highly of Kagan if she’d gotten dressed up for the party too, though!

  • ewe

    CLEARLY, I like her a whole lot more.

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