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Eliminate Gay Marriages For the Tax Break, Recommends Objective Rational Expert

It costs you, the taxpayer, as high as $280 billion a year for fragmented families, according to the Family Research Council,” Scott told the crowd, citing a study from the D.C.-based Christian political association from May 2009. If we would correct the breakdown of the family by 1 percent, we could save the taxpayer $3 billion a year. An easy fix and a better fix long term for our children… When the family is healthy, the community benefits. When the family is hurting, society will pay the cost one way or another. We can fix this economic downturn very easily by fixing some hearts.

—Tamara Scott, Iowa’s state director for Concerned Women for America, speaking yesterday at NOM’s pit stop in Des Moines [via]

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    So there are like how many million hetrosexual divorces each year????? Safe to say thats where all that “fragmenting” is commin from……

    If you follow the “logic” she outlines above it would seem the solution to this terrible problem is a ban on straight marriage also?????????

  • Yet Another

    Did she relate that to Gay marriage or did Queerty?

  • Tom

    This actually sounds pro-marriage-equality to me. What better way to save taxpayer dollars than by de-fragmenting families that want to become more stable by having a recognized contract in place?

  • L.

    @Yet Another: I was going to take them to task for another misleading headline, but reading the linked article the title isn’t misleading, it’s actually less incendiary than it should be.

    The cow actually said that the breakdown of families was a burden on the taxpayer, and then had the nerve to say same-sex unions were the cause of said breakdown, as if divorce rates hadn’t reached 50% years, or even decades, before any same-sex unions were made legal in some states.

    This retroactive causation is so stupid – like blaming global warming for the 1929 recession, say – and such a colossal logic fail that I can’t believe anyone could believe it.

    But I’m afraid that believe it, many do.

  • Timothy

    Fragmented families are expensive… so let’s make it harder for gay families to commit to each other and take care of each other?

    Oh, Tamara, the Red Queen wants you to spot painting her roses.

  • Ryanthehulk

    She cites “Family Research Council” as the source of her information. That’s a cue to just stop listening.

  • wompman

    Well her hair is stuck in the 80s, is it any wonder the rest of her head is too?

  • Syl

    Gay marriage, and a greater societal acceptance of LGBT individuals, would actually be better for the family. How many queer kids run away or are kicked out of their homes? How many closeted queer individuals act completely straight and enter into sham straight marriages? How many divorces result from that? How much better would it be if those people could marry someone of the sex they wanted?

  • jeffree

    Logic Fail: Why don’t NOM, FRC and those adorable Concerned Women of America focus on ending divorce? They should be funding & supporting premarital therapy and couples’ counseling instead of ragging on LGB couples.

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