Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Women Going Gay Later In Life Because Old Men Are Choosing Younger Women

Always the beacon of rationality, The View‘s shining star Elisabeth Hasselbeck this morning offered sociology’s secret explanation for why middle-aged women are going gay: Old guys are going for younger gals, leaving women in the 40s and 50s and 60s to do nothing but start finger banging chicks. Sorry, Sherri: This means you’re about to become a dyke. Also, one point for the audience applause!

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  • Geoff M

    HA! Saw this on my day off today & thought “I wonder if this will show up on Queerty!” Thanks for not disappointing! EH is a complete waste of space on this planet.



    YES YOU ARE!!!!

  • Qjersey

    GLAAD is still pissed off that the View refuse to “refudiate” the stupid ramblings of Sherri about DL men and now this.

    Watch out, cause now you’ve pissed off the lesbians.

  • christopher di spirito

    I didn’t grow up on a farm, so is this what being near a hen house is like?

  • drew

    OMG! Joy said ‘Let me finish! Remember Rosie..

  • Brian in BK

    Why doesn’t Whoopi talk about how she’s a big lez when they talk about gay stuff?

  • Jack in PHX

    Another brilliant assumption that sexual orientation is a “choice.” Makes one wonder if that’s what EH would do if her husband left her for a younger woman.


    And please Dr. Hasselhack please illuminate our thoughts with your brilliant explanation of the very popular “cougar” phenonom. Where older women are suddenly the object of younger men……..

    You’re theory kinda shits the bed unless they are hooking up with younger women…………..

  • Bryan Harris

    @Brian in BK: I always thought she was too (she at least looks like one).

  • tlrdevere

    Yeah, because men wanting younger women is a new phenomenon… Oh wait.

  • jimstoic

    Well, it’s true that a lot of her friends have left their first wives. She should ask Newt Gingrich, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Dole, John McCain, Dick Armey,Phil Gramm, and Bob Barr whether their first wives are lesbians now. Ronald Reagan is dead, or she could ask him about the wife he left so he could marry his pregnant girlfriend.

  • Jen

    At the end of the clip she starts talking about how women don’t need anything sexual, they just want companionship, so they turn to a same-sex relationship. Yet she tells Joy she understands how lesbian relationships work….

  • GregorVonK

    EH: “We’ve done studies…” Just what scholarly group or think tank is she affiliated with?


    LMAO, TV sucks hahaahaahahahaha

  • Angela Radogna

    Why can’t people start looking @ it as love. Plain and simple. Not a tag, not a title. I FELL IN LOVE WIRATH SO AND SO AND IAT IS A GIRL. I did it and so did my late partner of 32 years. Maybe it was there. Maybe it just happened. Maybe it is just loving a person, who happens to be the same sex!

  • Chris

    She does have a point! I believe a lot of women are inclined to first look for companionship or a connection with someone and than sexual attraction seems to blossom when they have found someone that they really connect with, be it a man or a woman.

  • Jeffree

    I think Dr Drew needs to reserve a spot for E-Lisabeth on CelebrityRehab because she’s *gotta* be on some reality-altering shite!

  • hephaestion

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck & Sherri Shepherd are so dumb… How the hell did those 2 get on this show? Thank God for Joy Behar shooting down Elizabeth’s crackpot ideas here.

  • Ash

    Or maybe the rise in middle age woman dating other women has something to do with people being more accepting of gay people and so these women, in turn, are accepting themselves and finally having relationships with women whom they are genuinely attracted to.

    I mean, 30-40 years ago being queer wasn’t nearly as accepted as it is now…it still isn’t 100% fine and dandy for us, but it is certainly better.

  • Jai

    No. 15 · Steve

    There is a great article about this here:

    What makes that article so much different than the thousand other articles about how “fluid” female sexuality is and how male sexuality is not?!

  • Jimmi

    I’d venture to guess it is because of the shit they have to put up with men. There have been times i wish i could have been a lesbian.

  • Tessie Tura

    Why is this useless bleeding gash still on this show?

  • Alexa

    If I just wanted companionship I’d get a dog.

  • Nickadoo

    This is not a repeat from 2009. Or is it?


    Fewer people noticed Hasselbeck essentially said the exact same thing last year, but Sherri out-dumbed her and everyone pounced on Sherri instead.

  • MickW

    The show actually had a professor on, in a later segment, who said that a woman’s sexuality tends to be more fluid then man’s sexuality – so Hasselbeck’s point is not dumb at all.

    Unfortunately, Gay men in their quest to be equal have created an argument that sexuality is concrete and anything that argues that sexuality is fluid gets hammered by the gay community – that is what happens when sexuality and sexual orientation are politicized.


  • Tisha

    @MickW There is a HUGE difference between fluidity and desperation. Hasselbeck is not championing the fluidity of women’s sexuality. She is reiterating the heterosexual (male) definition of a lesbian: a woman who can’t find the right man. I don’t know whether to believe she is really that stupid or the producers of the show love using her as devil’s advocate.

  • Franco

    It pains me how stupid this woman is. I love her classic sarcastic remark to Joy Behar: “Thank you for educating me.” Maybe you need some educating Elisabeth, ever think about that? Thanks to Joy Behar, the only one in the group who takes the time to explain things to Elisabeth. Very. Slowly. Does Elisabeth know any gay people?

  • adman

    This female chases down childish stupidity like there’s some sort of prize involved. EH reminds me of a woman I work with, incompetence is her forte, deflecting criticism is her game. Of course partisan political bickering and bad blood are a constant since she’s around, and the attention she seeks is never in short supply. Fox news will be our downfall, these people who drink the kool-aid really find ways to reward their ignorance.

  • Nickadoo

    @Tisha: I don’t know whether to believe she is really that stupid or the producers of the show love using her as devil’s advocate.


  • Dawson

    Oh, Elizabeth. Your family must be so proud. I guess we can figure out why your husband married you. I don’t believe brains was on his check list.

    Doesn’t this woman ever get embarrassed by the things that come out of her mouth? The problem with people like Elizabeth is they have people, like the Tea Party who support her statements so they can not see what fools they are. Should we pity her or hate her?

  • Andy

    I might agree with her.

    Of the first dozen Roman emperors, only one was exclusively heterosexual. What are the odds, no?

    It’s time we jettison this gay/straight dichotomy. Why use vocabulary and concept (like sexual orientation) that creates a perpetual minority?

    “There is no such thing as a homosexual or a heterosexual person. There are only homo- or heterosexual acts. Most people are a mixture of impulses if not practices.” – Gore Vidal

  • Robert in NYC

    This is yet another brilliant example of how irresponsible The View is. I know its only a talk show with a view, geared towards women, but really, if they’re going to discuss sexual orientation, have someone really qualified on there to explain the differences between male and female sexual orientation, not some airheaded blonde who hadn’t done any research on it but who knew colleagues who had. Hasselback is no different than her fellow moron in arms, Shepherd. The two of them should be booted from the show altogether. Whoopi was amazingly silent. Not one of them mentioned that sexual orientation is NOT a choice. It really annoys me.

  • Andy

    @Robert in NYC: It’s not a choice, but if there’s more sexual fluidity in reality than what has been cultural acceptable, then it’s entirely possible that women (or men) realize that they might want to try something different for a change at a later time in life.

    And this “born with it” stuff has to stop. Who cares? So are serial killers and pedophiles. Does that make it right? Of course not. Consensual sexual acts, of whatever variety with whomever, are perfectly fine because they are… consensual. That’s it. Anything else is irrelevant.

  • ewe

    She is a twit and a twat.

  • Adam

    You know… I think Michel Foucault might agree with her.

  • Joey

    First Sherri with her uneducated guesses on black men on the down-lo, now Elisabeth with her ridiculous take on late in life lesbians. Is this bitch for real? Is she this stupid and ignorant?
    Bill Geddie & Barbara Walters need to take a meeting and send these two stupid, uneducated biotches back to night school and get some smarts!

  • Shi

    What she’s saying sounds like a load of cack, and insulting to lesbian women (who are certainly not turning to women as a second choice because “men don’t want them”). But fwiw I don’t think it matters if people experiment at some stage in their lives. I think there are plenty of bisexual/’heteroflexible’ people who have been conditioned to think of themselves as solely straight, who might broaden their views later in life as society changes.

    Instead of worrying about whether it’s “innate” or not, why not simply follow your feelings and see if they’re returned. I’m a romantic, I think it’s really hard to express in words why you like someone, sometimes it just happens. Why make it so scientific and clinical…

  • Robert in NYC

    Andy, No. 33, further, that idiot blonde so-called expert they had on discussing the fluidity of women’s sexuality needs to delve into male sexuality a lot more. She stated that men’s sexual orientation is established very early on,that we’re eigther straight or gay. What an outrageous statement. She mentioned NOTHING about bisexuality or latent homosexuality among men who’ve been living straight lives and some of whom are married to women. There was a study conducted by some research team at a Canadian university some years ago, can’t think which one it was. In any event, I believe there there 100 male volunteers thereabouts, 50 were straight, 50 were gay. They were each shown pornographic literature of both orientations and the result yielded that a larger number of straight males reacted positively to gay porn and a very low number of gay males reacted negatively to straight porn. So I don’t know how that woman could make the claim that male sexual orientation is established very early on, especially when it comes to straight males, though I am convinced that a same sex orientation is established probably in the womb.

  • Andy

    @Robert in NYC: Yeah, the oft mentioned homophobia study in which 80% of homophobic men get an erection to gay porn… check the details: a quarter of the other (homo-okay??) men get woodies too.

    I think the other issue is that “gay” shouldn’t be labeled as a *sexual* orientation. There’s effeminate young boys you know will turn out to be gay. (In fact, the vast majority of gender atypical boys do become gay men according to studies.) There’s nothing wrong with that but let’s not pretend the only difference between gay biological males and “regular” males is who they like in bed.

    Gay is a gender.

  • Jeffree

    Actual phonecall with my mom: after the preliminary greetings:

    Me: So if Dad left you for a younger woman would your next mate.be a man or a woman?

    Mom: You been watching the View again?

    Me: No Ma, just reading about it.

    Mom: Definitely a man, I dont care if he’s older than me or not.

    Me: Because?

    Mom: Well you and I got this in common: We like how a man loooks.smellls.tastes.talks.walks and all of that. …..That blond girl neesds to read a few books! You should send her some!
    — — —
    That’s slightly edited but that’s the gist.

  • $0.02

    1) Whoopi is not gay. Not every single woman who let’s herself go or does not care is gay. Period.

    2) Most women’s sexuality is NOT “fluid”. Some women know they are straight and will not dip into the gay pool and plenty of Lesbians know they are lesbians and do not desire to be with men sexually/romantically and will not act on that. The whole “fluidity” trope is old and tired. Women’s sexuality is just as concrete as men. That “fluid” nature of sexuality for some women is called BIsexuality, the yjust refuse to accept it because even to some LGBT women, and even some men, accepting that they are bisexual, placing that label, takes them fully from the comforts of heterosexual identity, heteronormative realities and heterosexual power altogether, in my view that is. Being a bisexual man or woman is not a bad thing, nothing wrong with at all, I wish folks would stop treating acknowledging it like it’s the damn plague.

    3) We don’t need to stop saying we were born gay ’cause guess what? Go on take a guess… WE WERE BORN GAY! We all are not damn fluid and will jump teams/beds everytime. The majority of us know and fully embrace our sexuality as it is.

  • Tisha


    As a bisexual, I live in the gray. I don’t think that we should be so rigid about our sexuality. I don’t believe anyone is either black or white. Just because you’re a lesbian and you find men attractive doesn’t mean you’re not a lesbian. I have gay friends who are obsessed with my boobs and not in a envy kinda way. They find my female attributes attractive and there is nothing wrong with that. I have gay friends who dated the opposite sex in high school b/c they were attracted to the person not b/c of some sexual repression or self-loathing. I think our community would be better off if we didn’t try to put each other into boxes with labels on it. I agree with you. We must FULLY embrace our sexuality.

  • sebastian

    Can we just get The View taken off air? What a waste of bandwidth!!!

  • Robert, NYC

    No. 39, Andy, I so agree with you!

    No. 42, $0.02, you’re absolutely right about that! We do need to keep reinforcing the fact that we’re born gay because what The View seemed to convey was that women choosing lesbianism later in life, was just that, a choice. Ask a straight when he or she chose theirs and they’ll say, “I’ve always been this way”. Those idiots on The View can’t seem to understand that its the same with us. I’ve been gay all my life and knew I was at the early age of 7, supposedly the age of reason. They didn’t even mention bisexuality which also is not chosen. I suspect those women hooking up with other women later in life were latent bisexuals or just in denial earlier on.

  • so very true

    no matter what the reason is, women seem to be going for their own sex now more than ever before. very sad and disgusting if you ask me. then again, women have become low life dirty pigs today. the lesbians are the lowest form of filth that god created by mistake. all lesbians are a disease anyway, nothing lost there. half the women now out there are no good anymore, that is why a lot of us straight good innocent men are having a very hard time meeting decent straight women. lesbianism dates back so many years ago, but nothing like what we have out there now. then they wonder why us men have a very bad attitude with women. sure we do, look at the filthy garbage women that are out there now. if we men could meet a decent woman for ourselves, we would be very happy and we would not care what the rest of them are.

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