Elisabeth, You Stink!

Each recent episode of The View has been like a ticking time bomb, with the ladies’ hatred for Elisabeth Hasselbeck growing stronger.

Today was another argument over Barack Obama‘s ties to “American terrorist” Bill Ayers — and, once again, Sherri Shepherd stepped in and gave Elisabeth a huge smackdown…

Joy Behar, who was back in her seat after having yesterday off, barely got a word in, but that’s OK. The damage has been done.

Elisabeth will surely be running to FOX News any day now.


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  • michael

    You know that the Republicans are paying this cunt. She is just like their vice president pick and they are desperately trying to secure the white trash vote, christian reich, and all the uneducated dumb
    assess from Virginia to Texas, Kentucky to Florida.

  • George

    Who’s been feeding Sherri Shephard information? She’s developing a command of actual facts.

    That woman has learned more in nine months on The View than Elizabeth has in a lifetime.

    Elizabeth’s “whoa calm down” dismissal of her was the typical Republican defence mechanism when she knows she can’t compete on the facts.

    Go Sherri!!

  • Dubwise

    It’s sorta sad when you are verbally smacked down by a person who can’t say if the earth is round AND didn’t think people were around before Zombie Jesus was born.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    One would think they could find an intelligent conservative to put on the show. I can take a good debate, but this chick makes me feel like I’m losing brain cells listening.

  • Hunter

    Wouldn’t that show just be boring without her?!? Who wants to hear all the one-sided liberal crap (especially from Whoopi) anyway?


    Michael, Concerning “dumb asses” you left out the biggest of them all, those who cowardly flee to Canada to talk shit about the US.

    You’ve got to give Elizabeth her props, not only is she in the heart of ghetto land on the island of Manhattan but she’s opted to be in a panel where she’s the only one with a good clear head on her shoulders. She knows those stupid drone hags are gonna gang up on her and not let her get a word out of her mouth, including Wawa Walters and yet she’s taking one for America. Bless her.
    Ignoring Whoopi, I would just love to see her punch that black fat bitch in those protruding lips when she tries to cut her down when she’s talking. That would be awesome =) But I know that being the true American she is, Elisabeth wouldn’t stoop to that ghetto bitch’s level.

  • Alexa

    There has to be an intelligent, calm, rational Republican woman out there they could replace her with. Not that I can think of one myself, they all seem to be shrill harpies.

  • marco channing

    Between Sarah Palin and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, I would imagine that smart, well-educated Republican women would be up in arms about misrepresentation.

  • Qjersey

    CHURCHILL-Y, your comments are racist and you should be punched in your protruding cocksucking lips for making them.

    Perhaps if Elizabitch didn’t use “Faux News” soundbites she might actually contribute to the discussion.

  • Qjersey

    Elizabitch is a wanna be Ann Coulter…without the brains….or the dick.

  • CastleRock

    I mean really – is there ANYONE on TV that is a bigger MORON than Sherri Shepherd….bitch needs to recognize she wouldn’t be shit if it wasn’t for that adulterous whore Walters. Sherpherd has the I.Q. of a gnat with a lobotomy. Fucking ignorant twat!

  • David Dust

    Wow. Who knew that racist Rethuglican asshats read Queerty?!? But I bet they don’t tell their wives…

  • Nitesurf

    I mean really – is there ANYONE on TV that is a bigger MORON than Sherri Shepherd

    Yes there is. And its name is Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

  • mark

    Elizabeth on your way out of the View, don’t let the door hit you in your boney ass.

    She is SO PUTRID, I keep hoping Whoopi will snatch her bald.


    Truth hurts, and when you’re hurt you lash out, so Whoopi’s and the other black hag’s behavior is understandable. It doesn’t take anything from the truth Elisabeth was speaking:

    Why is Obama such a liar?


    May the American people, those working Women and Men from this great Nation’s Heartland come to the rescue of this Country and stop this dangerous character that goes by the name of Barack Hussein Obama, so that America is not infested with people on the higher ups of government who seek to destroy it and render us captive to our enemies.


    ^ exactly.

    the man is associated with terrorists and our country will not be safe if he becomes president.


  • dubwise

    So McCain’s association with the U.S. Council for World Freedom, a radical rightwing group means nothing to you CHURCHILL-Y and MEN-SAR?

  • anokie

    @dubwise-of course not they belong to them. ask yourself do they have any relevance in your life?

  • marco hussein channing

    This whole Ayers thing is lame. He was a radical in the 60s, the decade Obama was born.

    Let’s put the 60s in perspective: race riots, political assignations, Stonewall, Vietnam, etc.

    The entire decade was about upheaval and chaos.

    Now Ayers is, what? A college professor and a senior citizen. Oooo, I’m so scared. He sounds so dangerous. Maybe he will give us paper cuts with term papers.

    I’m more concerned about Palin’s husband, who she just doesn’t pall around with–she has sex with, being involved in the Alaskan separatist movement. That happened this decade. I am also worried that she believes in witchcraft, speaking in tongues, and dinosaurs and man walking the earth together.

    I am also worried about McCain’s legendary temper, especially when he is on the Georgia payroll and says things like “bomb,bomb,bomb Iran.”

    McCain and Palin are EXTREMLY dangerous to our national security because they are both irrational. Not to mention they don’t know sh*t about economics and both are totally corrupt (see Keating scandal and Troopergate scandal).

  • blake

    “to see her punch that black fat bitch in those protruding lips when she tries to cut her down when she’s talking. That would be awesome =) But I know that being the true American she is, Elisabeth wouldn’t stoop to that ghetto bitch’s level.”

    1. ) An entirely racist, poorly constructed paragraph that demonstrates Church-nazi’s lack of understanding of grammar. Please also see posting #15 for additional proof of poor mastery of written English:

    a.) Commas, periods, and semi-colons have a purpose. Unfortunately, Church-nazi never learned how to use them properly.

    b.) Similarly, Church-nazi does not understand the rules for capitalization: “nation,” “country,” “men,” and “women” are not proper nouns. As such, they should all be in lowercase

    2. A further example of Church-nazi’s poor reading comprehension skills. Sheri Sheppard is not from the ghetto. She makes over a million dollars a year and does not currently live in a ghetto.

    Finally, is there a bigger moron in America than Elizabeth Hasselbeck? Yes! Church-nazi, take a bow! Your poorly written comments demonstrate that besides being a racist scum bag, you are also an idiot who does not understand basic grammar.

  • blake


    I should have also mentioned that Church-nazi’s over use of cliches and platitudes about the “heartland,” “[hard] working” Americans, etc. Not only is Church-nazi ignorant of the rules of grammar but he’s also an uncreative twit who has to rely on cliches to express himself.

  • crazylove

    There are smart conservative women. They just aren’t a part o the present REpublican hierarchy.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Do you think we could get lucky and Men-Sar and Churchill-y could possibly leave this endangered country if Obama/Biden win?

  • Independent Who Votes

    I’m an independent voter. I don’t care about Ayres. I don’t care about Keating. I care about my wallet. I care how much LESS money I’m going to have in it after a check. I’m goign to care how much MORE I’m going to have to work to make the same living. Both sides of the aisle are responsible for the mess that we are in. I will be voting for the person I think will best lead us out of this situation and not based upon someone’s past acqaintances.

    And for the record, if Elizabeth was telling me to relax like that in such a condescending way, she would haven’t that hand she was holding up to Sherry.

  • AZgaybe

    just call her what she is a CUNT!

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