Elisabeth Hasselbeck Supports “Gay Marriage” As Long As It’s In “Scare Quotes”

Yesterday The View‘s conservative co-hostess Elizabeth Hasselbeck defended anti-gay NOM spokesperson David Tyree as “a man of convictions”. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t support gay marriage. In fact she does support it—thanks ElizaBeck!—she just puts it in “scare quotes”, because y’know… wait… why did she put it in scare quotes?

Here’s some possible reasons she used “scare quotes” around gay marriage:

– She used the scare quotes because she’s scared of gay marriage the same way she’s scared of the Scissors Man chasing her around the sanitarium basement during a lightning storm (gurl has some freaky nightmares).

– She misused the quotes to signify that “gay marriage” is a thing… a buzzword, kinda like “anchor babies.”

– She doesn’t think “gay marriages” are real, kinda like “The Illuminati” or “Jews for Jesus.”

– She just has really really “bad punctuation skills.”

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  • Chris

    She is not my favorite person in the world, but lay off! She just said she supports gay marriage! That’s not good enough?

  • bystander

    Agreed, she made an endorsement of marriage equality, why bash her? I don’t know the reason for the quotes nor do i care. Bashing her only makes other conservatives sympathetic to marriage equality more afraid to support it for fear of being attacked even after giving it their support.

  • Greg

    I’m pretty sure she used “gay marriage” to show that she’s using a term that may not be appreciated by certain people. Many believe that we should be using the word marriage equality instead of gay marriage. I think that she put it in quotes to show that it’s not her word choice, but the choice of the majority of the media/public, and to hold off further criticism.

  • christopher di spirito

    Who knew there was such a large fan base right here at Queerty for these nitwits on ‘The View’?

  • Mike

    She’s such a big proponent of “OMG LET ME EXPLAIN” and when she does she just digs a deeper hole.

  • Chris

    I’m not a fan of hers. At all.

  • Chris

    But she just said she supports Gay Marriage. I wish she’s said Marriage Equality but I’m not going to be picky.

  • hyhybt

    Regardless of punctuation, I’m glad to hear it…. But I *still* won’t watch so long as her show is on against The Price is Right :)

  • Michael

    And again Queerty wants to chop off the head of someone who actually supports our community.

    Hasselbeck might have her faults but you guys are treating her just as you would someone who was against gay marriage.

    Give the girl a break. It is unreal how some of us in the LGBT community try so hard to drive away those who vocally support our community.

  • Tony

    I can’t watch The View…Lizzie just makes my head spin. She’s almost alway off topic, saying things that don’t relate to the subject at hand.

    If she really supports gay marriage, good for her.

    But, I still want to bitch slap my TV every time she appears on it.

  • AFruit4Thought

    @Greg: Could be. Maybe she writes “gay marriage” because it’s just marriage. My parents didn’t get “straight married.”

  • Ganondorf

    Hasselbeck’s dog food is only for mutts with the most discriminating taste. You know it’s fancy because it comes with a bib and can be served in a waterford doggy dish. Are people debating the actual value of shows like the view? I’d say that this is why we don’t have rights, but I know that the comments section of blogs doesn’t usually attract the best and the brightest. Ouch!

  • Josh

    I think she is lying. People who really support gay marriage don’t say nice things about the bigots who are standing in the way. She doesn’t care but she knows that pro- discrimination view point makes people look like douches

  • Michael

    @Ganondorf: I’m guessing you missed the irony of your posting since I don’t think ANYONE is debating the value of her show but, as you stated, this blog doesn’t attract the best and the brightest some no one faults you for not being able to comprehend what people are actually discussing.

  • Michael

    btw, of course she is “lying”. She’s on the same plate as T. Morgan, coming out a statement to “retract” what they’ve stated simply because they’re an half an inch from burying themselves six feet under.

  • Ganondorf


    Riiiight. The “irony”. You keep using that word. I do not think it means you think it means. Have you ever taken a lot of drugs, Michael? I think you have.

  • Hyacinthe

    Why do people tweet like they’ve only just learned to “txt tlk”? I’m finding it hard to read anything into these “scare quotes” with “2day” plastered all over like it means something.

  • m

    The Comments about Elizabeth “Hassle”beck “supporting” our community are HILARIOUS! LOL!

    @Michael: Give her a break? Why? She has never retorted from her vitriolic discourse and stands much more firmly in suppoort of people like David Tyree than anyone on the home team.

    Why should we loosen up and just “accept” the scraps from her ilk! Gross.

  • Xtincta

    Oh please she didn’t always support gay marriage. I still remember when she said gay marriage would lead to a man marrying a toaster. She’s fake….

  • Mike

    She supports marriage equality because it’s politically expedient for her to support it.

    People who support something do no try to rationalize the bigotry of another person on the same issue.

    Elizabeth Hasselback is a shrill, ignorant poser. She openly admits to her ignorance on many important subjects while she goes on and on about her love of stupid reality shows.

  • Michael

    The use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning.

    You sat here and tried saying people didn’t have a clue when it’s actually you who hasn’t the clue since NO ONE is trying to debate how worthwhile the view is. The saddest part is you were trying to be all witty and failed miserably.

  • Michael

    @m: Because we could find better things to bitch about.

    It is UNREAL there are so many in the gay community who take the whole drama queen bit to the Nth level.

    Instead of Queerty having an article that in today’s world people quickly crumble when they show how anti-gay they are, and maybe giving some info on the power the LGBT community has, they decided to bitch about using “scare quotes”.

    I guess hoping for journalism that doesn’t sound like it came from the bitter, bitchy guy who everyone avoids at the bar is too much to ask for.

  • Michael

    btw, I’m not defending Hasselbeck at all. It’s just typical journalism for Queerty:

    Taylor swift comes out with a country music video about gay kids getting bullied and Queerty whines about how she’s making money off of the LGBT community.

    A major sports team finally comes out with a “It Gets Better” video and Queerty bitches about how they say “LGBT” instead of “gay”.

    Hasselbeck quickly crumbles when she realizes what happens when people go against the LGBT community and Queerty ENTIRE stance on the topic is about scare quotes.

    There was actually an article on here the other day about small towns and gay pride parades and it was an EXCELLENT article. Obviously it was someone filling in for the usual write.

  • ewe

    I have an opinion too. Elizabeth Hassslebeck is a piece of shit.

  • hyhybt

    @Michael: It’s an odd choice to make, that punctuation, as it’s almost never used that way by those who support gay marriage. It’s quite natural to wonder what meaning, if any, is behind it, especially since tweets are by nature character-limited and don’t go into detail.

    As for articles…. obviously not everything will appeal to everybody. For example, I didn’t even open the one about naked Broadway casts, but I”m sure not going to go into its comment thread and complain that it exists any more than I did for the old “Morning/Afternoon Aural” regular feature.

  • Chi

    Good for her. Maybe the quotes are just for emphasis or clarity? Why do we care how she said it? She’s not my favorite, but I do think she speaks her mind and truly doesn’t care about being popular, in the majority, etc.

  • geoff M

    If anyone seriously thinks EH “supports” gay marriage…they are insane. She does not support us, our community or our civil rights. Good god…wise up.

  • Michael

    At least most of us can figure out what the deal is here. Hasselbeck does NOT support gay marriage. What she does “do” is care about her career and realizes how she f*cked up. It’d be an interesting article if Queerty decided to delve into how public figures quickly crumbled when they pissed of the velvet mafia.

  • C.V.X

    I read it as: she supports “gay marriage” in the sense of…oh, it’s not *real* marriage. They can go and have their little “weddings”, it’s not like, legit or anything.

  • TMikel

    She should support marriage equality rather than gay marriage. Perhaps her use of quotes was for emphasis rather than any attempt to denigrate marriage equality. Okay, all together now, it is marriage equality NOT gay marriage. Let’s not allow them to define the issue. Everyone should have equal right to marry.

  • Jeffree

    @TMikel: As much as I, too, wish Lissie used the airquotes for emphasis, her record on LGB issues has been poor, so I supect she’s not a fan of marriage equality.

    I agree with you on the language issue. In fact I wish NOM would change their name to National Organization for Marriage Inequality, so they’d be clear about what their real goal is…

  • JoeyO'H

    If she supports gay marriage and says so, good for her and us. I never agree with her politics and her rants make me crazy on ‘the View.’ And by the facial expressions of the other ladies, she makes the crazy too.

  • jason

    Look, Elizabeth is right to say that David Tyree is a man of convictions. But having convictions is not necessarily a virtue. Hitler used his convictions to bring untold misery to millions. Southern whites used their convictions to enslave and torture black people. See where “convictions” can get you?

  • Queer Supremacist

    @jason: If there were any justice, convictions like that would lead to convictions.

  • fredo777

    Enh. I’m not impressed. She likely used the scare quotes for the same reason any other religious zealots use similar quotes around anything to do with “gay”. Which, again, is why I said I don’t like the idea of gays now referring to themselves as homosexuals, as brought up in the 9 Word Queers Should Stop Using post. It’s like saying I support you having your same-sex committed relationship, but I won’t fully validate it by calling it a marriage w/o quotes around it.

    Also, and I’m seriously leaning in this direction, I think it’s possible that she could be calling it “gay marriage” to mean that she supports a VERSION of gay marriage, but really considering that “marriage” the equivalent of a civil union/partnership. I’ll admit, though, I don’t bother following enough on this woman/her views to know how much truth there is in that theory.

  • Mike

    Elizabeth has always been gay positive and in favour of gay marriage and gays in the military and equal rights for all. You may hate all her right wing beliefs, but she has never said anything bad against gays or our rights.

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