Elton and Georgie Make-Up


We’re a little groggy this morning, so we’re not sure if we actually care, or if we just think we care. No matter, someone out there probably cares, and that’s good enough for us. According to The New York Times, Elton John and George Michael have ironed our their past differences and are friends again. They report:

The row erupted two years ago when John said Michael appeared to be in a “strange place,” wasting his talent by staying at home and shunning the limelight.

Michael later complained that harsh media treatment of his private life started after John’s adverse comments.

But Elton John was all sweetness and light on Friday, telling ITV host Michael Parkinson: “George and I are fine. He came and stayed down my house last year. We’re fine.”

We like Elton as much as the next guy, but who does he think he is? If George Michael prefers the shadows of public parks to red carpets, so be it.