Sir Elton Thought Comments About Lady Madonna Were “Off-the-Record”

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Sir Elton John was throwing shade like his first name’s Cumulus at none other than arch-rival Madonna, calling her, among other things, a “fairground stripper” and a “cunt.” Well, Goodbye Yellow Bitch Road — Sir Elton’s team is now claiming those comments were made “off-the-record.”

John’s PR team, who by this point in the game must be used to putting out more fires than a regulation hose, contacted Aussie entertainment reporter Peter Ford in an attempt to dismiss the aspersions cast by Molly Meldrum as fabrication and hearsay.

However, when Ford showed them the receipts, informing the publicists that Elton can be seen and heard making the disparaging remarks regarding Her Madgesty on camera, the script was flipped and the PR team reverted to that tried-and-true method of public denial, stating that the conversation was “off-the-record.”

That duck won’t hunt, according to Ford who told radio talk show down-under 3AW, “Elton’s been around long enough to know that if there’s a camera there and someone’s standing behind it with a red light on… It’s still being recorded.” Ford added that unless a conversation is actually specified as being off-the-record, “everything is up for grabs.”

The reporter also declined to give John’s people Meldrum’s phone number, probably sparing Molly a bitching-out of epic proportions.

Meldrum, for his part, is trying to stay out of this diva catfight, telling 3AW, “I love Elton, but when he launched into Madonna I slightly went into shock because Madonna also is a friend of mine. But I have to say that she has been very naughty of late.”

Naughty is one word for it. Sir Elton has a few more apropos terms but none that we can publish here since they were ascertained off-the-record.