Sir Elton Thought Comments About Lady Madonna Were “Off-the-Record”

By now you’ve no doubt heard that Sir Elton John was throwing shade like his first name’s Cumulus at none other than arch-rival Madonna, calling her, among other things, a “fairground stripper” and a “cunt.” Well, Goodbye Yellow Bitch Road — Sir Elton’s team is now claiming those comments were made “off-the-record.”

John’s PR team, who by this point in the game must be used to putting out more fires than a regulation hose, contacted Aussie entertainment reporter Peter Ford in an attempt to dismiss the aspersions cast by Molly Meldrum as fabrication and hearsay.

However, when Ford showed them the receipts, informing the publicists that Elton can be seen and heard making the disparaging remarks regarding Her Madgesty on camera, the script was flipped and the PR team reverted to that tried-and-true method of public denial, stating that the conversation was “off-the-record.”

That duck won’t hunt, according to Ford who told radio talk show down-under 3AW, “Elton’s been around long enough to know that if there’s a camera there and someone’s standing behind it with a red light on… It’s still being recorded.” Ford added that unless a conversation is actually specified as being off-the-record, “everything is up for grabs.”

The reporter also declined to give John’s people Meldrum’s phone number, probably sparing Molly a bitching-out of epic proportions.

Meldrum, for his part, is trying to stay out of this diva catfight, telling 3AW, “I love Elton, but when he launched into Madonna I slightly went into shock because Madonna also is a friend of mine. But I have to say that she has been very naughty of late.”

Naughty is one word for it. Sir Elton has a few more apropos terms but none that we can publish here since they were ascertained off-the-record.

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  • ScaryRussianHeather

    Yeah because being in the pubic eye is a totally new experience and it had NOTHING to do with buzz for his girl Gaga’s new album.

  • Che

    Haha yeah right like he really believed that he was “off the record” when he said all of that.

  • sheena

    yah coz madonna is being a bitch over gaga

  • Franco

    Elton should focus on more positive thoughts. Madonna never responds to his nasty comments with similar venom. And for that, she’s a pretty classy woman.

  • QJ201


    What was the last song you found yourself humming recorded by this old cunt?

    Elton was brilliant in the 70’s. His 80’s music is pop-hack-drivel. In the 90’s he went broadway milk toast. In the last decade? More soundtracks/scores.

    At least Madonna is attempting to record music that gets played on the radio. (Although I can’t bear most of MDNA).

  • Crixus

    Liar liar liar. He said it. He knows he said it, we know he said it.

  • hf2hvit

    Elton, the hypocritical scumbag who was paid $1,000,000 to sing at Rush Limbaugh’s FOURTH wedding.

    Go away, you nasty, opportunistic, wrinkled, old fag.

  • benjamin

    madonna and gaga are more over hyped than a 16 yr olds virginity neither are anything more than creative and thats about it elton has some great songs and all have manipulated to get success eltons work on soundtracks madonnas work in films and gagas work of a sirlion steak i like there honesty but they need to realise that they aint all that and come down from the ego bubble they have been living in

  • J Stratford

    Well, not a fan of Elton John – since he came out as the vile paid-for best friend of that cocaine addict Rush Limbaugh

    I’m with Madonna on this.

  • Cam

    You’ve now seen EXACTLY what a publicists job is.

    To lie.

  • dvlaries

    >You’ve now seen EXACTLY what a publicists job is.
    To lie.<

    Yep. The verbal equivalent of having paid underlings to wipe your ass.

  • scott ny'er

    honestly, i’m so jaded nowadays I think that Madonna AND Elton conspired to do this. Like the marriage of Tom and whomever, it’s all a sham.

  • What the f**k

    @J Stratford: And performing with Axl Rose and Eminem didn’t do that for you years ago? That old [email protected] would perform with Buju Banton if he thought it would make him relevant!!

  • Dixie Rect

    I love it when Elton attacks. So funny.

  • Uppity

    Compare Elton John to another elder statesman of pop, Tony Bennett, who only has positive things to say about younger artists. So Tony Bennett’s legacy will be one of class and generosity. Elton John only demeans himself and his spitting hatred of Madonna is so clearly motivated by jealousy. Madonna is very clever where he’s concerned though. She never bites back, thereby taking the high road. It’s a shame, because Elton is such a musical giant. But after all his experience of life, he still hasn’t acquired some basic wisdom.

  • misty

    a classy woman? she started this shit attacking gaga
    madonna is a legend yet she stooped down to a low level to deliver this blow and you still think this shady bitch is classy

    madonna and elton are both angry queens who are far form classy
    if anything gaga is the classy one not responding to any of this juvenile bullshit

  • misty


    madonna started this dissing gaga when she had no right to

  • Eddie

    Please, take a look at “Dame” Elton John’s picture above. Tell if she isn’t a perfect exemple of an old-disgusting-bitchy-fag. And Madge? Madge is an old bitch too…and a slut.

  • Jeff

    Everyone says Madonna slams Gaga all the time, and it stems from one comment about a song that was very similar to one of Madonna’s. The Little Monsters start acting like preteen girls attacking Madonna because she dared to be honest. Elton is one of them. Born This Way is similar to Express Yourself. Get over it. I think Madonna was being kind when she called it reductive. I love both Madonna and Gaga, and I used to really love Elton, but he hasn’t done anything but act like a teenage girl in years. The fact that he has Gaga as his son’s godmother says more about him wanting publicity and relevance than anything else.

  • vdanker

    On the record, off the record…it’s still accurate

  • Anthony

    Madonna has talked about Gaga SEVERAL times in 2012. She waited an entire year to say anything because she needed press for her horribly-performing album.

    As for Elton saying this to push Gaga’s new album… Uh, her album doesn’t come out until next year. It’s just a case of Madonna and Elton desperately trying to be in the spotlight since nobody cares anymore.

  • B

    No. 19 · vdanker wrote, “On the record, off the record…it’s still accurate.”

    The term “off the record” means there was allegedly a gentleman’s agreement not to publish some statement. The term is usually used with regard to politicians who might find it useful to inform reporters of the truth when the truth is something the politician could never say publicly without the voters or some other politicians being outraged. You know, like saying, “We supported [insert Vile Dictator of your choice] because he was sitting on 1/3 of our oil supply and we more or less had to cozy up to the creep to keep the oil flowing, and now that he’s been booted out we have a new guy sitting on 1/3 of our oil supply who doesn’t particularly like us due to our past support of that twerp.”

    It now looks like some individuals have found the term “off the record” useful in other contexts. Elton John should have said that it had been a bad hair day, that he was in a bitchy mood, and that he didn’t notice that the comments were being recorded and thought at the time that he was just mouthing off among friends.

  • jack

    The nicest thing that you can say about Elton is: he is not a nice person!

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