Elton John’s A Giver

If there’s one thing Elton John‘s got, it’s cash. (Well, cash and talent, of course.) And, like any good homo-activo, he’s using it to do some good.

The 59-year old singer donated $20,000 to Fair Wisconsin, an organization dedicated to squashing the proposed ban on gay-marriage in next week’s vote. The Washington Blade reports:

The donation showed up in a campaign filing with the state Elections board today. Voters will decide the issue a week from tomorrow.

John made the donation to Fair Wisconsin October 23. It was among the gifts that helped the group raise $2.5 million in the last reporting period.

While we think that’s super of Elton (especially considering he doesn’t even live in The States), we can’t help but wonder why he chose Wisconsin to receive the loot. Similar votes will be taking place in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee and Virginia next week.

Maybe he just really likes cheese.