Rumor Had It

Shady Gaga: Internet Claims Eminem Collaborating With Lady Gaga

File this under “Show Me the Receipts,” but there’s a rumor going around that Eminem is set to collaborate with Lady Gaga and Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Idolator reports Eminem allegedly told MTV Rap Fix that he’d be adding his signature touch to the self-described “upbeat” track “Street Lights” off something referred to as “the Slaughterhouse album.”

Not only is that inteview no where to be seen, but the rapper’s beleaguered manager Paul Rosenberg also begs to differ. Rosenberg took to the Twitter to lament the lack of juice flowing from Mr. Mathers:

“People don’t hear from Marshall for a spell and they just start making stuff up. Thirsty world!”

Well, it’s not an outright denial but a Gaga and Eminem collabo would just be…well, weird. Maybe good, probably passable, but certainly weird. But for now we just ask, “Will the real Slim Lady please stand up?