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England’s Soccer League Chief Wants ‘Brave’ Players To Come Out, But He ‘Can’t Drag Them’ From The Closet

People say there must be homosexuals in football because of the huge numbers. I’ve raised it time and time again with my management staff. They tell me: ‘Gordon, we can’t drag them out of the closet, say here he is, he’s homosexual, we are going to protect him and he’s proud of it’. If he gets abuse, he’ll say, ‘I was better where I was’. While we have made massive improvement in crowd behaviour, it would still be a very, very brave move for a player to come out. If anybody comes out it is more acceptable in fashion or entertainment, but not in football because it’s a macho world. It upsets me when Max Clifford says, ‘They [gay footballers] have come to me, and I’ve told them not to go public, the time’s not right’.

—Gordon Taylor, head of the United Kingdom’s Professional Footballer’s Association, insists the league will support any gay players who come out, but first they have to come out [via]

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  • adman

    Well, in all fairness he makes a little sense. I’ve been in the butch world all my life, a pretty jocky type guy and I’ve always done a lot of the macho stuff. Even being out, shit even knowing a lot of other gay guys who fit my description, it’s kind of how the “tough guy” world works. It’s a little bit of a shadowy place, with a certain amount of paranoia in the environment. Jocks tend to believe a lot off rah-rah the crowd thinks I’m this or that type crap that just isn’t really true. (nor very important ultimately, IMHO) Yet, they believe it anyway. It’s a fragile mask, but straight guys wear that one too, not just the gays among them. It is what it is, I’ve always thought. Most people just refuse to wrap their heads around the truth of what it is to lead the way. They stand and wait. Human nature, at least for men.

  • TheRealAdam

    @adman: Oh dear, the unrestrained masculine gay id speaks. Please, addy, share more stories of your forays in this “butch” world “pretty jocky” creatures like you inhabit. Share with us all your wisdom on cocksucking in cleats, “tough guy.”

  • adman

    @TheRealAdam: Aww, it’s my favorite femme thang. All masked up and ready to poison. How’s that lonely life going these days? Has your rigidly psychotic stereotypical persona gotten you any dates these days?

  • TheRealAdam

    @adman: Well, sweet thing, it got you, didn’t it? Thankfully, I’ve upped my standards from walking rocks and decided I deserved more than a trip to 7-Eleven for dates and romance.

    But how is your game, these days? Still looking for cheap whores in all the wrong places, like nursing homes?

  • adman

    @Queerty Help!! There’s a psycho thing that thinks of me while it trolls your site! Any suggestions? I can’t medicate him without forcing him to visit any of you scripters know a browser trick?

  • TheRealAdam

    @adman: Bitch, please. No one can hear you. And the only time I have to “think” about you is when I see your silly posts, and even then, you aren’t given much thought. So, don’t kid yourself.

    Now, please, be quiet.

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