Enrique Iglesias Has The Smallest Penis In The World

Spanish pop singer Enrique Iglesias got all boozed up on antibiotics this week and invited men onstage to say when they first lost their virginity and show their chests. While up there, he admitted, “I have the smallest penis in the world. I’m serious.” He blamed the pills and booze but apparently he said the same thing a few years ago as well.

Maybe MTV didn’t have much reason to worry about showing his bits on camera. Is this also the reason his ego can’t stand opening for Britney?

He’s rumored to have said that he enjoys flirting with both women and men, but seeing as he’s only married a woman, the bisexual jury is still out.

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  • Joe

    He doesn’t need a big dick to bite a pillow for a few hours.

  • ewe

    Size queens are so shallow.

  • gregger

    What Joe said goes for me as well.

  • gherkin

    Enrique is a huge kidder and practical joker. Believe everything he says at your own risk.

  • christopher di spirito

    A small fuck stick doesn’t preclude a man from sucking cock.

  • Atlas

    I’d still do him.

  • test account

    this a running joke. queerty didnt get the memo

  • NSRob

    I’ve known a number of guys who bragged about how small they were — never on stage before an audience tho.

  • Steveo

    “Iglesias” is misspelled in the headline ;)

  • JayKay

    1. Size queens are such sad individuals.

    2. Welcome to 2003, Queerty. Feel free to warn everyone about Twilight while you’re there.

    3. So I’m supposed to automatically believe Lady Gaga and Anna Paquin when they call themselves bisexual, even though neither has been publicly involved with women, but “the jury is still out” on Enrique? Uh huh. I see how it is…

  • Taliaferro

    A. It is better to have a large dick than a small one
    B. One does not need a large dick to suck another man’s.
    C. It is easier to suck a small dick.
    D. You don’t need a large dick to be the receiver.
    E. Kissing is still about the hottest thing going and dick size is not relevant in that activity.
    F. Who the person is matters more than his equipment.

  • Mike in Asheville

    Wow, not one person has said that smaller dicks fuck and shoot too!

    You all, except “ewe” comment that you don’t need a big dick to: receive, kiss, suck. So, because someone has a smaller sized dick, that makes them an automatic bottom?

    I have enjoyed my fair share of large cocks; but the only man who ever cried after fucking me was a man with a dick smaller than his pinkie. I noticed him following me at an LA sex club as I engaged with others. He approached me when I took a break and asked if we could head to a booth. Indeed I was caught off guard when pealed eachothers’ pants down — obviously the guy suffered from undescended testicles. Well, I love feeling the weight of a man on top of me and this guy was just my type: 3-4 inches taller and 50 pounds heavier, bit of a belly and really smooth skin. I stood up, kissed him deeply, then whispered in his ear, “fuck me for your pleasure.” For the following 15-20 minutes, he placed me as he wanted me and fucked. While the typical anal pleasure was not typical, he made up for that with his zeal, sweat, pounding heart, heavy breathing, and the pleasure he was enjoying. After he/we came, and a quick moment of recovery, he started to cry. I was surprised by that and began to apologize by saying “I really enjoyed that; I’m so sorry that I hurt your feelings.” He responded with a huge hug and kiss, “No, no, that was amazing. Wow, I never met someone who just let me be me. I just turned 40 and feel like I never fucked a guy before.”

  • Schlukitz

    @Mike in Asheville:

    What a beautiful story. It brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye.

    Thank you for sharing that intimate moment with us.

  • Way to go, Mike

    @Mike in Asheville: Mike, you’re a prince. That was an act of great generosity.

  • dax

    who’s enrique??

  • Schlukitz


    “who’s enrique??”

    Ever hear of Wikipedia or Google?

  • mike128

    Gotta say that bottoming for a average to smaller-than-average top has it’s advantages. Some of the best tops I’ve ever been with have been smaller than average in size.

  • dax


    whats that?

  • Sebizzar

    @Mike in Asheville: Aw :( I’m glad you made him feel alive! Most guys need to stop being size queens, it’s 1 thing to be more attracted to a big penis but to turn someone down just because it’s not “big” is very shallow.

  • Ian

    @Joe: :) I’m with you on that!

  • kalifani6


    Exactly! …or suck a candy cane—-just no biting in this regard. *ouch*

  • kalifani6

    @ewe: …and so common.

    I find, the biggest size Queens are the churchy/religious fags—and then there’s the bi-curios; they are always fascinated by the big cocks they see in the locker room and glamorized in straight porn.

    Why else would it be so important in an industry that was always specifically geared towards men?
    (even though we now know woman like to watch just as much as men and the industry has been capitalizing off of it,as they should.)

    In fact, I think there is not a ‘straight’ man in this world that would turn away from, nor turn down a big cock.
    I have other views on this but that’s for another topic.

    Now those of us…ahem, who have the experience of being a magnet for ‘well-endowed’ fellas, we know all too well that it—-ironically,
    IS NOT the préférence universelle.

    But, oh’ the pains we endure for love!*wince* x]

  • kalifani6

    @gherkin: Lol! ^_^ In that case the jokes on him!

  • kalifani6

    @JayKay: I know, right.

  • kalifani6

    @mike128: True for me too.

    And some of the worst have been outrageously well-endowed.
    The old cliche’ is true:
    It really is about “the motion in the ocean”.

  • Jaroslaw

    To echo others, but to say it a different way, a lot of guys with big dicks think THAT IS ALL THERE IS to sex/romance/fucking/whatever you want to call it. They don’t need technique, skill, tenderness, or to try to find out what pleases their partner. They think they have this giant stick and you’re just supposed to swoon over it like the girls do in straight porn. NOT.

  • Jason

    But he has a delicious ass that begs to be eaten and fucked. So who cares if his dick is 2 inches or 3?

  • Nige

    Who cares about his cock , his singing is rubbish :)

  • moonriver

    i love big cock but i prefer on small ones… small cocks are thick!!!! what do you prefer the lenght or the thickness????

  • moonriver

    i love big cock but i prefer on small ones… small cocks are thick!!!! what do you prefer the length or the thickness????

  • Kasnar

    @ewe: I’m not sure which is worse – having guys attracted to you solely because you’re well-endowed or having guys reject you if you’re not spectacularly endowed. I understand the allure of a nice body and big cock but I have to like a guy’s face to be attracted to him – no matter what his body or endowment looks like.

  • Raquel Santiago

    Whoever said its not the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean must have been lying on a beach cause its not always true, although it usually is.

  • glitterbang

    I had a boyfriend a few years back who always claimed (incorrectly) that he was “hung like a buck gerbil,” but he was just self-conscious, I never complained. He also told me—and it was so darling I will always remember his words with a smile—“It isn’t the size of the wand but the magic in it that counts.”

  • Polaro

    fucc Queerty’s assassin auto block software and the fact they never review what they block, Suffice it to say, you missed something better than this comment.

  • Doughosier

    He can bottom for me anytime.

  • jokehb

    Who cares if he has no penis at all with that face and that sensational ASS he and we can have the greatest sex available. GO FOR IT ENRIQUE!!!!!!

  • James Hart

    Who cares???

  • hepaistion

    who cares? He is hot and is nice.

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