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Equality California Infiltrates Miss California USA With This (Lackluster) Ad

Oh look, it’s another “softball” ad promoting gay marriage. It’s the same thing we saw during Prop 8, and again in Maine during the Question 1 battle. These ads don’t work. But why is this one notable? Because its creators, Equality California, will be airing the mini-story about Mary-Kate’s moms Frances and Cynthia during Sunday’s broadcast of the Miss California USA pageant. You know, the one that Carrie Prejean won? And then, lost?

EQCA, meanwhile, is holding out for a 2012 ballot repeal of Prop 8. So for now, this ad is just a gentle reminder that, “Hey, there are still gays being discriminated against around here.”

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  • Dave

    Don’t donate money to any organization that doesn’t have the balls (or love of them) to go for the jugular with activist advertising. The PROP 8 ads were all crap and powerless.

  • Rick

    This is another “pity” ad. It’s just not fair … waaah, waaah.

    When will we grow up and not ask for pity? Poor us.

  • Cinci Chris

    I think a headline going something like, “Homosexuality isn’t a choice. Religions is.” would be more powerful than these pitty party ads.

  • Andrew

    Oh, no. Another one of “those-poor-gay-victims” Ads. It’s no wonder we can’t be seen as “equal.”

  • Davina

    What the heck does “It’s love either way” mean? Why are we wasting precious seconds talking about the prom and how this young girl isn’t going to get married either. That serves NO ONE!
    Can’t someone write a better script or get some actors on this? I have outlined several ideas for more compelling, gut-wrenching ads for marriage equality in my follow book to my first book Why You Should Give A Damn About Gay Marriage coming out in March 2010. But it would be great if the leadership at EQCA would allow more feedback from the community about how to create BOLD ads, rather than playing it light to please donors. Every ad I’ve seen from prop 8, to Maine, to Washington, is apologetic, it does not stir anyone’s emotions. The other side knows how to use drama and actors to whip people into an emotional frenzy, to create anger and outrage. Our ads should inspire, they should make people cry, they should tear at people’s hearts strings. IF we can’t do it my filming average gay people. Hire a script writer, hire some actors, and bring some magic to the screen, like Sean Penn did in his role as Harvey Milk. People we are gay, we can do better than this!!!! Bring on the drama queens, bring on the thespians!

  • Josh

    EQCA has no idea what they are doing. What a waste of money.

  • erkki

    I have to repeat the same comment I keep posting to these threads: GEOFF KORS: RESIGN! Now! EQCA continues to harm the queer community in California immensely, and it’s time to clear out the failures from the past couple years.

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