"The purpose of the parade is to display eccentric behavior..."

Estonian Scribe Slams Gay Pride

Estonian queers may have a fight on their hands. Officials in the capital city, Tallinn, have banned the gay pride parade from marching through historic districts. While some politicos are backing the gays, famed writer Priit Pullerits – often described as the “godfather of Estonian journalism – thinks the gays need to go back to the closet:

The purpose of the parade is to display eccentric behavior so it’s understandable that gay activists don’t want to gather in a forest or at a lake, where they can come together without annoying others. This is about the vociferous proclamation of sexual content in public. But one’s sexual preferences are a personal issue that doesn’t need to be rubbed in your fellow citizens’ faces. The organisers claim the parade is necessary to remind people of the existence of their homosexual fellow human beings, however I don’t believe there’s a single person in Estonia who doubts the existence of homosexual tendencies.

Because people already know gays exist, they should become invisible? What year are we living in? We understand Estonia isn’t the most up-to-date country on the planet (see Pullerits’ picture), but this shit’s ridiculous.

Perhaps Pullerits has been chatting with our other irrational journo homophobe, Dinesh D’Souza.