Eulogizing The Roxy…

We understand its a sore subject, but we really must take a second the closing of The Roxy. No, we won’t go into some tired history of the legendary nightclub, nor will we outline the amazing events and scandalous dramas that unfolded in its putrid mists. Rather, we’d like to share two quotes from the New York Times article exploring the club’s demise.

The first quote comes from a 36-year old homosexual named Joe Panetta, 36. Mr. Panetta apparently loved The Roxy so much that he regularly drove in from Newark to dance with the other men:

This place has molded me. The people here are doctors, lawyers, professionals. The people I met aren’t the stereotypical gay men that I used to see on TV.

The second quote comes from party enabler John Blair, who has hosted Saturday nights since the beginning of time. Of the party’s origins, Blair says:

…We were just coming out of the dark ages of AIDS, and there was a real move away from the sort of pageantry of clubs and drag queens and that whole thing where the clubs threw glitter on the people.

This was the emergence of the Chelsea era, and the Chelsea Boy look. Everyone worked out really hard. And they all worked on the same body parts.

Now, please compare those two quotes and you’ll understand why we’re not weeping over our loss…