Even If You Can’t Marry In New York, Today Will Let You Celebrate

The Today show’s “Modern Day Wedding” contest, once hetero-only, will be open to you homos: GLAAD says after today’s sit down with executive producer Jim Bell and others, the NBC morning show agreed to let gay couples be a part of the fun. And because the contest was set to end Friday, Today is extending the application deadline until Monday to squeeze you in. Unquestionably, the victory is shared by GLAAD and Good As You‘s Jeremy Hooper.

Says Today in a statement released by GLAAD: “Over the past few days TODAY has received a considerable response regarding our wedding contest application. The rules stated that eligible couples must be able to be legally married in New York, where we will host the wedding, therefore excluding same-sex couple applicants. Our intent was not to be discriminatory or exclusive. In 2005 when the wedding took place outside of New York, the application process was open to same-sex couples. We have listened to every voicemail and read every email. We take this feedback seriously, and we will change our application process. TODAY is a longtime supporter of the LGBT community, and GLAAD considers us an ally. We are committed to keeping those relationships strong and positive. We have opened up the application process to same-sex couples, and will extend the deadline to Monday, July 12. Moving forward, we ensure that our future wedding contests will be inclusive of all couples.”

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  • CJ

    Better late than never. Too bad your arms had to be twisted.

  • Brutus

    Omg you mean people might do things without realizing how it affects some small other group of people, but if you sit down and talk to them calmly about how their decisions do in fact affect those people and how they can easily change it to remove the problem, you can convince them to do so?

    No way.

    Well done, GLAAD.

  • Lanjier

    GLAAD is turning out to be a very effective organization, in my opinion. Under past leaders, they seemed only interested in the glamorous work of creating gift baskets to the stars, shunning the hard, dirty work of constructive confrontation.

    But now the seem to have tuned into the blogs, and really have listened to the gay community. I think they are on the road to abandoning the Gay Inc. standard of ignoring the complaints of the gay population under the false rubric of “positive change.” Under Barrios, they seem to be much more in touch and less elitist. They do not act so much like Hollywood star and political courtiers, laughing off complaints that they do not find pressing. I like the forceful tone, which lights the fire of persuasion.

  • @ Get Equal 'Why the h8 on Obamz but not the Repubs who ALWAYS vote against you? (John from England)


    Like I KEEP on saying or KEPT on saying-Barrios delivers. He IS the guy who made marriage happen in Boston.

  • Warren

    What is GLADD going to do to put an end to the long held belief that people who get married on TV for cash and prizes belong in trailer parks?

  • Merlyn

    I think that married couples, same-sex or otherwise, will have to lay the trailer-park image to rest.

    I am glad to see that the Today Show changed its mind in favour of equality, too. Yeah, they did have to have an arm twisted to do it, but they did. Sometimes like it or not you just have to push to get what you want to make it happen instead of just waiting for someone to do the right thing.

    I’m pretty impressed with GLAAD, too. If only the HRC could be this effective.

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