Even Though She’s Out, Kelly McGillis Is Still Employable in Hollywood


Now that Top Gun star Kelly McGillis is an out dyke, she should expect regular fawning from the gay press, and we won’t even have to put “straight” in quotes any more! She should also expect regular chronicling of her every move. Like her joining the cast of new vampire flick Stake Land.

Because blood suckers are all the rage, it only makes sense that Hollywood churn out 323 films in the genre until all of America grows sick of vampires again and ask they be put to pop culture rest for a decade. But until then, there’s McGillis’ Stake, which sounds very 28 Days Later: When vampirism takes over the world, McGillis plays one of the remaining survivors.

And to make things even gayer? Gossip Girl gay Conor Paolo (only on the show) is co-starring.