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Everyone’s fainting over Paul Rudd’s burly beard in his upcoming gay romcom

The entire internet is swooning right now over Paul Rudd’s burly beard in the just-released trailer for his upcoming gay romcom Ideal Home.

In the film, Paul plays a director named Paul, who’s married to a TV chef named Erasmus, played by Steve Coogan. Their lives are turned totally upside down when a 10-year-old boy shows up at a dinner party claiming to be Erasmus’s long lost grandchild from an estranged son Paul never knew about.


With Erasmus’s son locked away in prison, he and Paul must now look after the boy. Hilarity, chaos, and heartwarming family moments ensue.

The film looks fun. But it’s Paul Rudd’s big old beard that has everyone fainting:

Ideal Home hits theaters on June 21.

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