Everyone’s Starting To Notice How Insanely Anti-Gay The Bachmanns Are

Self-proclaimed serial murderer and GOP presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann and her “barbarian educating,” gay-voiced hubby Marcus have finally come under mainstream scrutiny for their history of anti-gay politics. And how sweet it is, especially since Michele has come within striking distance of being the GOP Presidential frontrunner.

Last night MSNBC’s Ed Schultz teamed up with Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg and Raw Story’s Michael Rogers to discuss Michele’s anti-gay political history (such as voicing support for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and worrying that gay marriage will make kids wanna go gay too), and Marcus’ ex-gay counseling—something he has received government dollars for.

Plus! The Washington Post just ran an in-depth article on their anti-gay extremism! Here’s a couple of the article’s tasty tidbits:

– The Bachmanns’ [have a] strong belief that homosexuality is a correctable sin within the realm of possible redemption…

– With a new same-sex marriage law in New York suddenly making homosexuality a topic for national discussion again, the Bachmanns have been surprisingly quiet [on her anti-gay views, saying…] “I am running for the presidency of the United States. I am not running to be anyone’s judge.”

– [But once upon a time] Michele Bachmann has called gay marriage “probably the biggest issue that will impact our state and our nation in the last, at least, 30 years.”

– Bachmann [told…] congregants of the the Living Word Christian Center in 2006… that she pursued her degree in tax law only because her husband had told her to. “The Lord says: Be submissive, wives. You are to be submissive to your husbands,” she said. (She also once called homosexuality “a part of Satan.”

– Dr. Bachmann delivered at the Grace Church in Eden Prairie titled “The Truth About the Homosexual Agenda,” during which he introduced three people as “former homosexuals” as proof that sexual orientation is a choice.

– Dr. Bachmann is not currently licensed by Minnesota’s mental health or family therapy boards. Minnesota law allows unlicensed mental health professionals to practice.

Let’s just hope that the media has the chutzpah to ask her about all this the next time she shows up for a TV interview. Lord knows we can’t depend on the glitterbombers to embarrass her as much as she deserves.

Thanks to Dave Evans of Such Is Life videos for the clip.

NOTE: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Ed Schultz works with CNN. It has now been corrected.

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  • christopher di spirito

    “Last night CNN’s Ed Schultz…”

    Ed Schultz is employed by MSNBC.

  • TMikel

    “You are to be submissive to your husbands,” she said.” So why is she running for president? Should she not be at home with her head veiled and her mouth shut? After all, if she really believes she should defer to her douche bag of a husband, she should not be running to be president – or does she plan to clear everything with him first? Whatever is the case, we don’t want or need the Bachmanns in the White House!

  • iDavid

    The thought of flamer Marcus Bachmann, Chewbaca’s twisted gay aunt, doddling around on the White House lawn, is truly a pathetic picture to behold.

  • Cole

    I’d be less worried about her anti-gay agenda, because honestly, what current Republican candidate besides Ron Paul ISN’T anti-gay? Personally, I’d be more worried that her personal philosophy means that it wouldn’t be her that gets elected, but really her husband who, as she sees it, is above her and dictates her thoughts, opinions, and actions. I’m all for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and if she is who the country chooses then so be it, but my issue comes when someone gets elected and someone else gets the job.

  • Bobby Christina Crawford

    We can thank the glitter bombers and the in your face activists for doing more to raise awareness of her shit than any fucking human rights pissy dinner might do.

  • Andreas Lights

    @Cole: You mean like when George W. got elected and Cheney ran the country? LOL

  • Cole

    @Andreas Lights I wasn’t gonna say anything…

  • GayGOP

    It seems to me that having Michele being submissive to Marcus whilst President would create a co-Presidency. That alone is a bad idea.


    Is it just me? The woman proudly states God talks to her and she does what the voice tells her to do. Do we really want Bachmann to have control of nuclear weapons?

  • patrick L

    @PLAINTOM: Of course not! The article is facetious. This rabid crazy freak of nature will never get anywhere near the Oval Office.

  • dan4

    @Cole: Gary Johnson, the former 2 term, very successful governor of New Mexico actually has a MUCH better position on GLBT and all social issues. Moderate liberals who hate Obama and are looking for ANY option to him should check him out.

    (Literally too. He’s also a triathlete.)


  • iDavid

    Exactly, no Oval Office for the coocoo clocks. Her husband’s bizz will skyrocket and she’ll birth a hit show called A-List Housewives of Flaming Ex-Gay House Husbands.

  • Tallskin

    Wow, a whole two days or more with no fucking reference to any gay news outside of the land of small brains, the good ole USA.

    There is a world out here with a helluva lot going you fucking Queerty airheads.

    There’s the gay themed opera in a school in northern england that was cancelled, then reinstated, and the gay writer may sue – which is important for all kinds of reasons.

    There’s the gay journo queerbashed in Dublin

    There’s a 99 year gay survivor or the nazis and incarceration in a concentration camp

    In the UK more women than men having civil partnerships

    A nasty old self hating queen, well known as an art critic, has condemned there being TOO MUCH gay representation on TV in the UK.

    And that’s just the UK, what about the rest of the world Queerty?

  • Roman

    Michele and Marcus Bachmann are religious extremists with relentless ambitions. Their anti-gay obsessions are dangerous, harmful and alarming. The Minnesota Nice press have given them both a free ride for years. There’s a lot more insanity there for the looking.

  • tjr101

    Is this really news? The whole F ing GOP establishment are insanely anti-gay they just aren’t as vocal about it as the Bachmanns. Don’t think the GOP is dumb enough to nominate this twat anyway, they want to beat Obama too badly. While Michelle Bachmann and her wanna be first lady are favorites with the teabaggers, the elite GOP establishment will select the flip flopper from MA.

  • Lisa Simpson

    Forget for a second that she’s anti-gay. Remember she graduated from a ridiculusly low-standard college and a micky mouse Christian law school. She’s an idiot. Is this truly the best America can do? Imagine both of them handling our already fragile economy. She’d cut all spending. Remember the man in Tennessee who could not repay $45 in taxes so the fire dept watched his house burn down? That’s what these conservative freaks are all about. Some of them are downright scary.

  • B

    QUEERTY: – The Bachmanns’ [have a] strong belief that homosexuality is a correctable sin within the realm of possible redemption…

    I can imagine the scene (but not while holding a glass that could spill). A BDSM “slave” is stark naked, standing upright with his hands and feet tied to restraints, saying “correct me, sir,” as Marcus Bachmann flogs him with a whip.

    Now, *that* would be a funny fake picture for someone good at using Photoshop to make (after, of course, running the idea past an attorney to make sure it would be viewed by the courts as satire).

  • Bertie

    And noticing what a dumb ass she is
    With a flaming lispy hubby who hates
    “barbarians” but probably loves the Conan films

  • ewe

    Bachman’s notoriety is the blatant result of an incredible infusion of right wing wealth. Smoke mirrors and hate.

  • Jake Kach Khan

    The Bachmanns’ are actually part of Mad Magazine’s clever attempt to spoof American Politics. We have no such entertainment in Canada, and we are so very envious.

    Don’t worry, Michelle will go away shortly.

  • Former Christian

    If she wants wives to “be submissive,” why is she a politician? Get back in the kitchen and use your venom like any normal housewife uses olive oil.

  • iDavid

    Im still trying to figure out what the perks are in an obvious pre fail attempt at the presidency. Or are they truly that blind to think they can win …..

  • iDavid

    The worst thing a woman president nominee could do is dog and pony show a Q as a 3 dollar bill husband. And one who counsels gays? That’s a double wammy to a str8.

  • kid d'ville

    the only scenario in which the public would ever allow this mentalist to enter the oval office is the same one as used by marcus to enter *her* oval orifice
    — i.e not without a LOT of alcohol first!

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