Evian douses homophobic troll on Twitter

One homophobic Twitter user was about a year too late to the party, criticizing Evian for the gay-friendly bottle design it released in 2018. But the French mineral water company gave him a thorough roasting anyway.

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The design, illustrated by Tiffany Cooper, shows two men holding hands in Le Marais. It’s one of 12 neighborhood-centric designs the company debuted last summer, per The Advocate.

Anyway, after this Twitter troll posted a video of himself throwing away the bottle — and complaining about “forced propaganda” in the caption — Evian summoned the Dancing ASCII Man meme to issue an edict: “Delete your account.”

Other users replied with other memes to show their appreciation: The thumbs-up kid GIF, the fist-bump cat GIF, and even that Nina Bo’Nina Brown “Sue me” GIF.

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Our favorite response to Evian’s clapback? The image of a laughing Richard Madden with the caption “lol je suis dead.”