Uses Children's Book For Homophobic Propaganda

Ex-Gay Activist Gets Illustrated

Here’s one book our imaginary children won’t be reading: Alfie’s Home by ex-gay activist Richard A. Cohen.

Cohen’s main claim to fame comes from his queer approach to “homo trauma”: clutching a pillow and pleading for his father’s love. Judging from the looks of this book, he’s been chatting up Without Prejudice‘s prejudiced panelist who thinks all gays were raped.

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  • Tallskin

    Hmmm, and what about those of us who (sadly!) were never fiddled with by a horny uncle and those of us who had a fulfilling and loving emotional relationship with our fathers?

    Why are we gay? Why do we like riding the hairy trumpet? Playing the Pink Oboe? Like playing Hide The Sausage?

    And what about boys who didn’t have a good relationship with their fathers and who were fiddled with by uncles and who turn out straight (poor bastards!)

  • agntriplx

    Where is the chapter where Uncle Pete goes to jail?

  • KJ

    What’s that, Tall, you want factual information? Oy! Don’t hold your breath.

    Cohen has even alienated himself from other “ex-gay ministries.” It is propoganda like this that keeps GLBT boys and girls in fundagelical settings closeted with the only antidote being the willingness of others to come out into the open. Been there; done that.

  • Dawster

    that kind of pisses me off because i loved my father, thought the world of him, and (like tallskin) had a very loving relationship with him.

    and uncle pete isn’t gay, he’s a pedophile… and i’m surprised (well, not really) the difference isn’t presented. and your right Agntriplx… Uncle Pete should be headed off to jail… having him “cry” doesn’t help the next kid he molests.

  • Woof

    Uncle Pete is kinda hot.

  • hisurfer

    That’s the most damaged thing I’ve ever seen. Or at least, the most damaged thing I’ve seen this week (the weekend was a bit tragic). This will be a classic one day, up there with Reefer Madness and 1950’s sex-ed films. The cartoons on Page 13 are my early favorite … “Mother’s Love” and “Father’s Love” are really illustrations from the Kama Sutra.

    Richard Cohen is seriously troubled. This is like an intimate peek into a messed up mind. I’m a bad man for laughing at him.

  • WWH

    My father was aloof (probably because he didn’t want to hang around his queer-boy son) and I was “molested” (probably because the perpetrator could sense the vulnerability of a budding queer-boy). Trouble is, I knew I was gay way before either experience. My point is that the fundies may be on to something with regard to some of our life experiences. It’s just that their cause and effect logic is all wrong. They use these experiences to prey (pray ?) upon we homos who may be a little more susceptible to their false sophistry.

  • cjc

    My father was never distant; we were close and still are. My mother was never smothering. My uncle never raped me. So, why am I gay? Hmmmm… apparently this picture book can’t just explain it away.

  • Rowen

    Apparently this kid in the book wasn’t really gay either. First of all, he’s 12, and I know I wasn’t really thinking about sex. . well, sorta. The other thing is that a bunch of jackasses at school call him faggot and that’s why he thinks he’s one? Very interesting.

  • Alexa

    At first this made me angry, but it’s actually very sad. This is probably Cohen’s own life story, and he really, really needs counselling to deal with it. I don’t know if he’s gay or not, but, either way, he needs serious help – and he needs to stop projecting his own problems onto other people.

  • james_boston

    What about me? I like both a little Trunnel, er, pee-pee and sometimes a little woo-woo (in keeping with children’s terms.) What, does that mean both men and women molested me when I was little? (if only!) How about one of my close friends? His step-dad fiddled with him but he’s still straight…this is what happens when drooling morons read a psych paper online and think they’re experts.

  • yaksha2

    Uncle Pete is obviously Conan O’Brien.

  • jake

    uncle pete touched me too!

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  • Jay

    I wish my “Uncle Pete” (whose name was G***** IRL) had taken more of a role in my life. He was my uncle’s little brother, not a blood relation, even. He would show up in town from time to time, a weekend here, a week there. My aunt and uncle lived across the street. G***** was nicer to me than anyone I knew. I loved it when he came to town.

    My parents (not very subtly) let it be known it probably wasn’t a good idea to hang around with him when we were alone.

    It would have been the most fun I’d ever had, to be alone with him, I bet. He was only eight years older than me…20 to my 12. I would’ve done him in a heartbeat, and loved every second. And he wouldn’t have been the one doing the seducing. If only…

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  • lulz

    This is great. Moar of this, please pirate this via torrent/rapidshit because buying it would be wrong, but laughing at it is good.
    Moar pages!

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