Ex-Gay Group Wins School Suit

Another constitutional victory for some ex-gay lovers. Arlington, Virginia’s public school board will allow Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays, preciously abbreviated as PFOX, to distribute their pro conversion pamplets on school ground.

The board originally refused PFOX’s request, but buckled when the non-profit threatened legal action. Now educators must allow PFOX to join more socially responsible groups in passing out literature.

PFOX won a similar case last year against Maryland’s Montgomery County Schools, which attempted to ban the “outreach” program. Unfortunately, that pesky constitution got in the way – schools must allow various viewpoints to spread their word. Montgomery officials could have banned PFOX, but would have also had to abandon other nonprofits.

PFOX looks forward to the new school year and even more anti-gay crusades, but promises not to target younger students. Thank the proverbial God for small favors.