Ex-Gay Whacks A Pillow, Caresses George Foreman On Television

Remember kooky Richard Cohen, the guy who teaches you to “cure” your homosexuality by beating a pillow with a tennis racket and lying down on his sweaty lap? Well, he’s back on television, this time on Jimmy Kimmel Live, trying to show the world how easy it is to be straight. Kimmel’s other guest, George Foreman, plays a role in Cohen’s demonstrations and looks visibly disturbed by his crazy antics.

Richard Cohen and George Foreman

Some highlights include Kimmel correcting Cohen’s use of the term “case study,” which Cohen used in reference to his reading Rosie O’Donnell‘s biography. Kimmel rightly interjected, “That is called reading, not a case study.”

And our favorite moment was when Cohen asked Foreman, “Can I hold you?” like only a creepy ex-gay can.

The Malcontent has a full clip of this priceless segment.

Cohen’s Got Quite a Racket [Malcontent via Ex-Gay Watch]