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Ex-Lez Lisa Miller Gets 30 More Days to Play Keepaway With Missing Daughter


Lisa Miller has 30 days to turn over daughter Isabella to ex-partner Janet Jenkins. Only then will Judge William Cohen, maybe, issue a warrant for her arrest. He says: “I’ll also find that her actions were willful, intentional and calculated. I’m going to give (Miller) 30 days to appear in court with the child. I don’t believe issuing an arrest warrant without giving Ms. Miller an opportunity to come to the court on her own would be in the child’s best interest.” And if Miller doesn’t up in court by Feb. 23? “At that point, I will consider all possible sanctions under the law.”

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  • chris

    How much time has this nutjob been given?
    Is this being reported at all in major news outlets?
    …..oh, by the way…bitch!

  • terrwill

    Lets change the roles and the rouge Parent is the Lesbian not the “Ex Lesbian”. Imagine the hissy fits the rightwing lunatics would be throwing if the Lesbian kidnapped the child and forced her to live in some dark room for going on two months now……….

  • linkinbarby

    This is wrong. Why have a child if you insist on putting the poor thing through this kind of hell? I say take the kid from both of them and give it to a more stable family

  • RomanHans

    Linkinbarby, did you ever wonder why, whenever you give people advice, they giggle amongst themselves?

  • Ousslander

    @linkinbarby: Why should janet also loose custody? Because she’s fighting to be a part of her daughters life and not left completely alone with her looney ex? If she was fightinh just to cayse havoc i would agree

  • Varria Studios

    That is absolutely mad, a child needs to see the sun, be outside and not locked up.

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