Ex-NFL Player Clinton Portis Doesn’t Care If You Call Him Gay, Just Don’t Call Him Unfashionable

0311-clinton-portis-instagram-3When ex-NFL running back Clinton Portis showed up on the set of the NFL Network in this tightly-tailored look from Zara, he knew he might get heat from some unevolved football fans.

He was right.

TMZ reports that fans immediately took to Twitter with some truly inspired thoughts, like:

“Clinton Portis dressing like he heading to the local gay bar & sh*t!!”

“Clinton Portis pants on nfl am gay as sh*t.”

“Is Clinton portis Gay cause what he have on is wow Lmbo”

Clinton had this to say:

“People say ‘I can’t believe you wore that.’ Give them some time and everyone will be wearing it.”

He wants everyone to know that tight pants don’t make you gay, they make you fashionable.

Which got us thinking about all the wild outfits he’d show up to press conferences in while he was playing for the Redskins.

We can only assume these are the messages he was trying to send:


Flamenco dresses don’t make you gay, they make you Flemish.


Witch wigs don’t make you gay, they make you Cruella De Vil.


Pippi Longstocking braids don’t make you gay, they make you as strong as ten policemen.


Wizard caps and magnifying glasses don’t make you gay, they make you Sherlock Potter. Elementary, my dear Draco.


Pink diva sunglasses don’t make you gay, they make you Dame Edna.


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  • Apparatus

    I love his wacky outfits, but those pants are cray-cray! They almost look like he wore his little sisters pajama pants to work. Not quiche.

  • Icebloo

    The guy has GREAT legs so why not show them off ? I wish more guys with big, thick legs would show them off !

    I am impressed he had the balls to wear these pants and I am even more impressed he did not attack gay people or make any bad references to gay people to defend himself. It seems to me like he’s a cool guy who is comfortable in his own skin – whether he is gay or straight. We need more cool people like him.

  • Kangol


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