Gospel of Thomas

EXCLUSIVE: Josh Thomas gets goofy on the set of ‘Everything’s Gonna Be OK’

Everything’s Gonna Be Okay creator/executive producer/star Josh Thomas. (Freeform/Lou Rocco)

Josh Thomas wants you to know: he has thoughts, and lots of them. But don’t ask him about toilet paper.

The writer/actor/creator of Everything’s Gonna Be OK on Freeform doesn’t mince words. Fortunately, we here at Queerty have snagged some footage of Thomas goofing off on the set of the new show. Thomas also shares his thoughts on hot dogs, binge drinking, heroes, superstitions, pet psychics and more. Call it a stream of consciousness for a streaming series.

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Have a look and try not to smile. Everything’s Gonna Be OK streams Thursdays on Freeform & Hulu.