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Exodus International Totally Regrets Supporting Uganda’s Kill The Gays Bill, BTW

A mere year and three months after Uganda’s introduction of the Kill The Gays bill, ex-gay group Exodus International’s president Alan Chambers has finally issued an apology for his group’s involvement. The gist: Exodus has too many members to ever know what the hell they’re doing, and that they would have clarified their position long ago except that God didn’t tell them to take the complaints of faggots seriously until now. The Lord works in mysterious ways, especially when you have your head up your ass.

Chambers’ lame ass apology begins thus:

Criticism is easy to come by at Exodus. We are a large and diverse organization made up of many members. Our growth over the years has caused us to not always know what the hand or foot are doing, which sometimes causes us to look like we are “all butt”.

“All butt” indeed (looks like I might have something in common with the hate group). On their blog, Chambers clarified that Exodus doesn’t want to kill or imprison their potential customers, just shame them into being straight.

And while his statement means little now — because Exodus shouldn’t be taken seriously, and the iron is now cold — what’s really priceless is the bitchy, bitchy bitchfight between Chambers and Exodus’ now openly gay co-founder Michael Bussee, who’s disavowed the group, in the post’s comments section:

Michael Bussee says:

Well done? Are you kidding? That’s like saying “well done” after the house burns down and a YEAR LATER they finally say, “Oops, I should have heeded the warnings and not dropped that match!”

Then Chambers responds with:

Good thing I don’t live my life to please you, Mike. I am thankful for God’s grace and mercy aren’t you?. He does not condemn me so I don’t really care if you do or not.

Then Bussee returns with:

Alan: I am VERY thankful for God’s grace and mercy! And, I don’t CONDEMN you. I just have no RESPECT for your terrible handling of this life and death matter. There’s a BIG difference.

I think you now realize that it was careless and stupid on your part. Glad you finally stepped up to the plate. it was NEVER, EVER about pleasing me. It was about doing the right thing.

BTW: The saracastic and defensive tone of these comments by you and Randy make me wonder how sincere this really is. It makes it look as though you did it to mainly to get your critics to lay off — not because God finally convicted you of your error.

Then Chambers goes all soft:


Thank you. Someone emailed me privately and asked about you and I said, “Though I usually want to wring his neck, God loves him dearly and I honor him as a founder of the ministry that saved my life.” I, too, hope we can move on.


Later on, Chambers bitchslaps Bussee with something like, “Oh yeah? If you’re so enlightened and gay friendly, why didn’t you ever issue a statement against sodomy laws back in the 70s?” Admittedly, we’re always glad to see fags taking Exodus to task, but Bussee did FOUND the damned organization — it’s kinda like Dr. Frankenstein chiding Igor for creating such a murderous creature.

But never one to miss a party, the groups executive vice president Randy Thomas then jumps into the mix with his own lame apology. You see, Thomas once wrote a statement about opposing the overturning of sodomy laws in Lawrence v. Texas because homosexuals having consensual sex in the privacy of their own homes might lead to gay marriage. Can’t have that, so let’s toss buttlovers in the clink along with murderers and rapists — it’s the Christian thing to do.

But now, seven years later, he regrets having ever said such a horrible thing. He wants you to know that he too has also changed his mind, y’all. Oh wait, he forgot to state his NEW position anywhere on the internet until this very moment? Oops! Totes his bad. Oh well, now you know, and that’s what’s most important, not the fact that he encouraged thousands of other Americans to imprison their own neighbors for stimulating their own prostates.

Exodus International, incredibly late to the game. And incredibly lame.

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  • Cam

    Anybody want to take bets on the fact that those two once dated?

  • Fitz

    @Cam: or need to.

  • Michael Bussee

    Correction. I did not “found” the organization. I was one of seven people who took part in the first conference 35 years ago. At that point, our ONLY purpose was to try to let gay people know that God loved them — in spite of what the Church seemed to be saying.

    We were never political and I left after only 4 years — when I realized I wasn’t “changing” and that no one else was either. All that was “changing” was that we were all becoming more miserable — and that we were making other people miserable, too.

    I was in my early 20’s at the time, filled with culturally and religiously induced self-loathing, naive and STUPID. I thought God wanted to “change” us. I was sorely mistaken, but the harm was already done.

    I have apologized many times over for ever having anything to do with Exodus — and I will continue to do so. I deeply regret having anything to do with the “monster” that Exodus morphed into after I left. I will continue to speak out against Exodus whenever and wherever I can.

  • Andy

    Alan Chambers, fail.

  • randy

    Not condemning anti-sodomy laws in the 70s if far, far different from supporting the ‘kill the gays’ bill in 2009. There simply is no comparison.

  • Luis

    God Alan Chambers has such a fag face it isn’t even funny.

  • Jurlesia

    Michael –
    Thank you for doing the right thing. As usual, the writers here at queerty are too busy w/ their head so far up the asses of people like Davey Wavey that they’ve never heard the saying “better late than never.” But I commend you for speaking out against the hate group that Exodus has become. I appreciate the difficulty of speaking out against those who prostitute the name of God for their own self-serving purposes b/c they will always spin this as an issue of you being against God when you pose a potential threat to pocketbook. Don’t worry though, the great majority of those with half a brain cell realize that Alan Chambers and the rest of his Uncle-Tom aspiring gang are nothing more than opportunists with blood on their hands. While they continue to live their miserable existence, perpetuating the hate and lies they themselves were at some point brainwashed into believing, the rest of the community and I will work tirelessly to help those who the group has abandoned (namely the ones they can no longer take advantage of financially) and of course you have an open invitation to join us. To be honest I’m not even sure they believe their own lies (it would be mighty interesting to know what happens behind closed doors), but I suspect they would never slaughter their cash cow, even if that means innocent glbts are slaughtered half way around the world. They are an embarrassment to the human race, worrying far more about their “butts” than the lives of those they are claiming to “save.” May God have mercy on their disgusting, predatory souls. -J

  • Pitou

    @Michael Bussee: I’m sorry sir, but I still believe you have blood on your hands.
    I find your timeline hard to believe. You were there 35 years ago, part of the founding group, and left 4 years later…yet 31 years later you seem STILL associated with them, and obviously troll their blogs..?? That seems a little sketchy to me.

    None-the less…if that really is the case, where in the hell have you been for the last 31 years? I have never seen you once publically denounce this group, or protest their antics…? You were part of the first inside group and had all the opportunities in the world to say to anyone who would listen that these creeps are nothing but that. They Lie, and THEY’RE STILL VERY MUCH GAY! Gay people can’t change who they love, no more then I can click my heels and be home in an instant.

    Your organization, Sir, has caused self-inflicted deaths of how many Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgendered people? How many LGBT youth have you people scorned into suicide? How many lives have you ruined? You people are the ultimate worst of the worst of our society.
    You’re no better then the Right-Wing Lunitics who rant and rave about the sanctity of marriage and the utmost importance of the “Traditional Family Unit”…and then get caught with your teenie-weenie in some mysterious Argentine lady, or get caught hiring a rentboy to carry your Sack.
    You’re an embarassment to the LGBT community and to society in general.

    Like I said, your hands are FOREVER covered in blood. No apology from you, 31 years too late, will ever bring those lives back. Own it.


    These “ex-Gays” only motivation is the same as any other lunatic organization: Money. Anything that has any negative connatation towards the Gays can continue to appeal to the lemming like rightwing lunatics for cash and they are quick to pull out the check book and comply. The Gays have become the largest cash cow for the likes of Maggot Gallagher, James Dobson, et all.

    Michael Bussee: I agree with Pitou that organization has blood on its hands. What exactaly have you done to expose this wicked organization and the lies it spews?

  • Aaron

    I seriously doubt the poster “Michael Bussee” actually is Michael Bussee. That would answer, among others, the question of where has he been for the last 31 years.

  • Michael Bussee

    To Pitou and Plays Well:

    I am NOT associated with Exodus in anyway. Yes, I review their blogs and website everyday — to stay informed and to expose the harm they are doing — just as Truth Wins Out and Box Turtle Bulletin do. I work very closely with both organizations.

    I have been speaking out against Exodus for many years now. Anyone who know me knows that. The documentaty Film, “One Nation Under God”. More radio and print interviews than I can count. Conferences and protests.

    A public apology and video series on Youtube. I speak out publicly whenever and wherever I can. I quit my job and do this full time, exhausting my savings to do so. It is all I do.

    I agree that I have blood on my hands that I can never wash away. That it not my intent. I can never undo that. And you are COMPLETELY justified in your anger. My only intent now is to speak out against what Exodus became 30 years affter I left.

    I am willing to do whatever MORE either of you think of. Name it and I will do it. No, I cannot undo the damage I did for running a prayer group for troubled gay Christians from 1974-1979. That damage is done. I do not expect forgiveness. I only expect to do all I can do NOW to stop more damage.

  • Michael Bussee

    Aaron. Yes, I’m actually that guy. Feel free to email me at [email protected] or on Facebook at “ex-ex-gay”.

  • Cam

    I have to commend Queerty for the picture they continually use of Alan Chambers. LOL! I love how the guy is an “Ex-Gay” but you have managed to find a picture that makes him look like he is two seconds away from pulling out a feather Boa and dancing to “It’s Raining Men”. Perfect!

  • NG

    @Michael Bussee: Demand for a congressional hearing so you, and others of your ilk, can admit to creating the biggest detriment to the advancement for gay rights.

  • romeo

    @ Michael: Along with their other murderous nonsense, Exodus grossly inflates their numbers. I’ll bet if you look you’ll find yourself listed as still a member in good standing. LOL

  • Pitou

    @Michael Bussee: I don’t really want to sit here and berate you on what you did 30 years ago…

    In response to your question…I haven’t a clue. Past damage is done, and completely non-reversable. Present and Future damage is unforseen. You don’t know when and where the next student will be gunned down in his classroom because of widespread homophobia. You don’t know where the next kid will hang himself with his belt because of constant taunts and redicule.
    Programs like Ex. and the like promote homophobia in the most vile of ways, and it will take 60+ years to rid us of the lies and deciet bastards like this so openly promote. So maybe you really have only just started your damage-control, and have many, many more years worth of obligation to continue doing so.

    Mr. Bussee, as many a caring person will do, I personally can forgive you for your past actions as a naive gay youth struggleing with who you really were, but trust me…I will never forget your name and the harm you’ve caused the LGBT community for decades past, and many more to come.

  • Michael Bussee

    Pitou: I am not asking you to forgive or forget. I certainly don’t deserve it and I don’t expect it. Every bit of anger is justified and I am fully aware of the harm Exodus has caused since we left in 1979. I cannot go back in time and undo that.

    At this point in my life, I am dedicated to trying to stop even more harm in any way I can. I am sincerely sorry for each person who may have suffered due to my actions. I can never get the blood off my hands. I am not trying to. I am trying to stop even more harm.

    Lately, I have catching quite a bit of (well-deserved) hatred from some in the LGBT community. The have called me an “immoral monster” and have labeled by deceased lover a “fag queen”. (The very same things some “Christians” say about gays.)

    Some LGBT folks say my apologies are “lame” and some have even suggested that I should kill myself on Alan Chambers’doorstep. I understand the powerful emotion behind their words.

    I try to listen to my own conscience, not to those voices. I hope and pray I am doing the right thing. No other “founder” has said a word.

    Over 35 years ago, I had no intention of shaming or harming gays in any way. I was just a confused kid who believed what the church and society had told me: I was “damaged”, “sick” and “sinful”. God wanted to “fix” me.

    Since the age of six, I had experienced a childhood full of almost daily beatings and harrassment for being a “sissy”. I just wanted to be “normal” — so the pain would stop. I often considered suicide. Lots of LGBT kids feel that way.

    So, I started a weekly Bible study. Nobody else within the Church seemed to give a damn. We decided to believe that God loved us. We honestly thought God would “change” us because that’s what they told us. It was about hope then, not hate.

    There was no hateful agenda. No desire to deprive gays of life, liberty or happiness. No meddling in politics. No Ugandas. That came years AFTER I left — and it sickened me. I honestly thought the movement DIED in 1980 — that was the rumor I had heard — and I prayed it was true.

    There was no internet then, but we heard news through the grapevine that Exodus had disbanded due to internal conflicts shortly after we left in 1979. We were relieved. We wanted to move on. We wanted to discover what it meant to be who we really were.

    So, Gary and I went on to live private lives, fighting to keep custody of our kids and trying to make a living. There was no internet, no Ex-gay survivor community to reach out to.

    Understandably, the gay community didn’t want us and neither did the so-called “Christian” community. We were on our own. So we tried to put the nightmare of trying to “change” behind us. In short, we disappeared.

    Then, in the late 80’s, Gary got AIDS — and we saw a clip on TV that Exodus had gone on. We learned that it had changed from a weekly Bible study into a crazy, hateful international program to deny gays their rights and diginity.

    We felt compelled, then, to speak out even if it meant losing our kids, our families and our jobs. I was fired from two jobs for doing it. I have been scorned by gays and Christians alike — and I deserve it I guess. Christians tell me I am going to burn in Hell and some gays think I should too.

    But please try to keep in mind that we had no idea what it had become. When we did, we were angered and horrified. We immediately called an attorney friend and asked him to help us find a way to speak out. The film “One Nation Under God” was the result. Gary spoke out against Exodus until his death — and so will I.

  • Wayne Besen

    I want to take a moment to thank Michael Bussee for his work fighting the “ex-gay” myth. When he started the group, he was just a guy trying to figure out how to change in the 70’s. He had no idea Exodus would morph into the obnoxious cancer that it is today.

    Fortunately, he has been forcefully speaking out against the harm of “ex-gay” nonsense for a couple of decades. He is one of the most powerful, eloquent and articulate opponents of the “ex-gay” myth.

    As someone who has spent many years fighting and exposing these frauds — I consider Michael Bussee an indispensable ally in this struggle.

  • scott

    While I can understand the heavy emotions involved in this discussion, I also know Michael Bussee, and I also know what he says is true.

    Indeed he HAS been speaking out against Exodus. And speaking out for a long, long time.

    We all have our own journeys, and we all have our own failings that no one and no thing will ever atone for, all we as human beings can do, is to change course, and live truthfully from the moment we realize all of the lies that infest each of our lives… Hope is a strange beast, and makes all of us believe different things at different times, sometimes only to create great heartache in the end. And while the past can’t be changed, the future certainly can. And Michael is doing just that. He is helping to change the future.

    No one is exempt from this process in this journey called life.

    I know this all too well, as a former leader in an Exodus ministry myself. But I too now work to change the future and to make it a place where everyone in the LGBTI community has an equal place at the table.


    @Michael Bussee: Lots of people will utter a token “I’m sorry” when the spotlight has been turned on their misdeeds. It seems you once you realized the harm done you truly are sorry about the wicked genie you helped come out of it’s vile bottle. Thanks and good luck…………

  • SL

    You do deserve forgiveness Michael. I have been a victim of the “ex gay” movement, and when I read about how you now denounce Exodus I was overjoyed. Overjoyed because you were so obviously a victim too, a victim of homophobia. I never felt hate towards you, and holding onto hate does nothing. How could I hate someone who is one of the most powerful figures against the “ex gay” movement? You’re brave. A lot more brave than the people bashing you who don’t even know how much you’ve done. Gay community is never going to make progess if they bash their OWN activists.

    Further more, “Ex gays” like Alan Chambers will never come to their senses as you did and denounce Exodus if they just see they will be rejected and bullied by the GLBT community.

    Again, thank you for all you’ve done Michael.

  • nikko

    WayneBesen , you’re fantastic. Love what you do, and I’m thankful. I remember meeting you at Little Sisters in Vancouver 2005. And Michaeel, keep going. I remember those years(early 90’s) as a born again christian and the torment I felt from”christian” teachings….well, I left the church. Like SCOTT writes, this life journey must continue…..

  • Beth Ruble

    @Michael Bussee: Mike, I commend you for speaking out. It would have been much easier for you to have just dis-associated yourself from Exodus and disappeared. It takes guts and courage to publicly admit that you regret your involvement in the organization and to try to enlighten the public. What a lot of people obviously don’t understand is that what you are NOW doing is the Christian thing to do. May God bless you for that.

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