Exxon Shareholders Snub Gays

Those of you itching to work in the oil industry may want to eschew Exxon.

The company’s shareholders voted yesterday not to include sexual orientation and gender identity in their non-discrimination policy. This is the eighth year in a row the suits have struck down such a proposal.

Despite shareholder tenacity, the proverbial tide seems to be turning, however slowly…

The shareholder resolution has come up every year since 2000, when it got 8.2% approval among shareholders. The percentage that voted in favor of the resolution has grown every year since then.

The non-discrimination resolution got 39.6% of the vote–more support than all the Rockefeller-supported proposals.

Alright, so hopefully things will be worked out in the near future. Until then, Exxon will remain the largest international corporation that does not include queers in their non-discrimination policy.