Facebook Backs CA Bill Providing Tax Equity To Same-Sex Couples

facebook and phil ting

California State Assemblymember Phil Ting has introduced legislation that would provide tax relief for employees who receive reimbursement from their employer for federal taxes they paid on healthcare benefits provided to their same-sex partner and dependents.

Ting and San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell introduced the measure a press conference on Thursday, where they were joined by Facebook Director of Compensation & Benefits Tudor Havriliuc. Facebook provides parity in healthcare coverage, among other benefits, to all its staffers.)

“The federal policy to tax [same-sex spouses’] benefits is discriminatory, and the last thing the state of California should do is make it harder to remedy the injustice by taxing the reimbursement of these costs,” said Ting.

“Same-sex couples should not be required to pay more income taxes than others simply due to the nature of their relationship,” added Supervisor Farrell, who has also introduced a measure requiring San Francisco city employees to be reimbursed for federal taxes paid on benefits to same-sex partners.

Assembly Bill 362 is sponsored by Equality California.