Facebook Disables User Account For Posting Gay Kiss Pic

Gay porn star Jesse Jackman posted a photo of himself kissing his husband, fellow porn star Dirk Caber, on Facebook yesterday. The picture garnered a couple thousand likes and a couple hundred comments in less than 24 hours before the social media site sent him a notice saying that he was in violation of their “community standards” and freezing his account.

Jackman said that among the comments were a number of the Christian-based hatred variety, and even a couple of death threats. One of the comments read: “I will pray for these guys, God loves the sinner, hates the sin.”

In an interview with SFist, Jackman said:

I received multiple public death threats after posting this photo, endured countless homophobic slurs, and received dozens upon dozens of hate-filled messages, and yet Facebook did nothing about those disgusting comments, choosing to censor love instead of hate… This is a travesty. Hate must not be allowed to prevail in this world.

A movement with the Twitter hashtag #FacebookKissOff is now well underway, and has gotten a considerable amount of traction.

Jackson’s Facebook page has since been re-activated and the picture is back up, though Facebook has yet to issue a response to the incident.