Facebook, Twitter, and Google Are Out to Screw LGBT Privacy. If You Let Them

We already know that researchers can tell if you’re gay using Facebook, use that info to advertise gay hook-up sites to you, and that every new social networking tool can wreak havoc on the queers because of their ultra-laissez privacy settings. Even web-savvy gays with only a Facebook, YouTube, and Gmail accounts could still find their minimal over-sharing used as reason to fire them — with no legal recourse. But that’s where Tamar Gubins from the ACLU’s Protect Your Dot Rights campaign comes in.

Queerty‘s Daniel Villarreal spoke with Gubins at the SXSW Interactive trade show about what LGBTs should know about online privacy in a world where a search for “HIV treatments” or visiting a LGBT youth group’s Facebook page leaves a digital trail behind. Google isn’t a search company; it’s a data-mining company. Should you be scared? Not necessarily. But at the very least, safe.