Facebook’s Gay Co-Founder Chris Hughes Has a Brilliant Do-Gooding Pitch To Launch His New Start-Up

You could say Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes just wanted to do something good with his billions. But he and partner Sean Eldridge, the political director of Freedom To Marry, also has a great pitch for his new start-up Jumo. The new service, which launches today, “a philanthropic endeavor that works to match people with political movements, nonprofit organizations and other causes,” so it makes sense Hughes (who headed up and Eldridge are putting their own spin on things: Every dollar you donate to Freedom to Marry, the Empire State Pride Agenda, Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders, and Equality Maryland through the end of the year will be matched by the couple (up to $25k-$100k, depending on the organization). That’s a wonderful philanthropic move. And an excellent bit of free press for Jumo. Win win?

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    Good Gawd!! Every single rightwing lunatic org must be shitting a hard egg about now……….A Gay billionare who is actually doing something good for the community!!

    Thank you very much, Chris. You more than deserve your adorable BF :p

  • Tallskin

    Why wasn’t this guy mentioned in the film about Facebook, “Social Network”???

  • Cam

    I’m stunned that one of the co-founders of Facebook is gay!

    When I first tried to run some ads for gay charity fundraisers through Facebook the ads would get denied as breaking their rules for inapropriate content even through there was no shirtless pics etc… I had to send Facebook e-mails asking them if these ads had been targeted as inappropriate because they were for a “Gay” event.

    I finally got a note back apologizing and saying that the ads had been approved as is and to contact them with similar trouble in the future. It happened a few more times, but thankfully not in the last year or so.

  • Andy

    @Tallskin: He was in there for about five seconds sitting in a couch in the dorm.

  • Tallskin

    @Andy, thanks

    obviously not too importantly, dramatically, for the story then

  • Americans=Rightwingers (John From England)


    Yes and still able to retain a good % as a cofounder. The life!

  • newbedave

    chris you may have step up about being gay but you need to step up and be a man tell the truth about how zuckerberg stole facebook; and sorry for
    telling zuck & dustin that you were gay back in the year 2003 .zuckerberg ask david if he was safe around chris when zuck found out that chris was gay chris do-not call your self a HERO tell the truth about facebook then you can call your self a HERO !! david contacted freedom to marry in order to contact chris ; the person david contacted at freedom to marry was Sean Eldridge. sean was given all the info on how zuckerberg stole facebook and agreed to contact chris hughes ;but Sean Eldridge lost his objective trip up and stuck his dick up chris hughes bum-hole and the relationship was borne : Chris Hughes just wanted to do something good with his billions. partner Sean Eldridge just wanted to spend his good billions so who is sewing who in this relationship; Chris will you name the person who motivated you to work for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign but you can-not ‘you stole from this person

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