Fag Flamingos Get Chick Wish

Queer flamingo couple Fernando and Carlo are celebrating this week after “adopting” an abandoned chick at England’s Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust. The pink pair – who have been together for six years – were apparently so keen on having a baby, they took to stealing other flamingo’s eggs. Officials stopped their chick snatching, but have given the duo an abandoned egg. WWT spokeswoman Jane Waghorn explains:

Fernando and Carlos are a same sex couple who have been known to steal other Flamingos’ eggs by chasing them off their nest because they wanted to rear them themselves.

They were rather good at sitting on eggs and hatching them so last week, when a nest was abandoned, it seemed like a good idea to make them surrogate parents.

That’s the most precious thing we’ve heard….well, ever. Mazel tov, Fernando and Carlo! Or, maybe we should say felicitaciones!

Flamingos in gay adoption glee [Daily Mail]