Fagbug Squashing America’s Anti-Gay Attitudes

Erin Davies’ National Day of Silence ended with a silent, but potentially deadly bit of vandalism. Some thug – or thugs – took it upon themselves to redecorate her car with a some not-so-lovely anti-gay epithets. You know, “fag” and the grammatically irksome “u r gay”. So, what’d she do?

Rather than washing the message away, Davies decided to take her show on the road to spread the good gay word. Raising awareness of homophobia, this sweet faced lady’s looking for a little solidarity. Her mission statement reads thus:

Erin’s mission is to drive her fagbug on a cross country trip and take it to as many diverse communities as possible. She will be gathering feedback for her fagbug documentary, which will shed light on the intolerance that exists in our society. Erin’s goal is to get at least one million people to add fagbug rainbow stickers to their cars so that no one else is targeted like she was. Until that happens, her car will stay as it is!

If we had a car, Davies, we’d totally adorn it with one of your stickers. Never fear, though, we still support.

Read all about Davies’ adventures – and buy an “I Love Fagbug” t-shirt over at Fagbug.com. Also, grab yourself a fagbug sticker. Davies wants to sell one million. She’s sold 270. Obviously this girl needs a helping hand…