Fearmongering in North Carolina: Begging to Ban Gay Marriage


North Carolina, the state where legislators failed to pass a gay-inclusive anti-bullying law, played host yesterday to crowds lobbying for a chance to vote on an amendment to ban gay marriage. The state already forbids same-sex marriage, but in typical fashion, religious zealots (the rally was organized by Return America, an organization principled in “Judeo-Christian values”) bused in from Baptist churches around the state want to amend the state’s rule book to keep the possibility from ever happening.

What better way to spend your Tuesday afternoon than shouting in front of the state legislative building to strip fellow Americans of their civil rights. Reports the News & Observer:

The rally, sponsored by a Winston-Salem group called Return America, featured two nationally acclaimed conservative Christian pundits who described a breakdown of society should gay couples be allowed to marry. They then urged those attending to knock on their legislators’ doors and demand action.

“Let them feel the heat until they see the light,” said David Barton, founder of WallBuilders, a ministry devoted to educating Americans about the country’s moral and religious foundation.

The rally was a follow-up to a press conference last week in which Republican legislators re-introduced a bill that would allow North Carolina to hold a referendum on marriage. The bill has been sidetracked to a committee.