Female Customers Claim They Were Raped By Staffers At West Hollywood’s Abbey

abbeyWomen have traditionally seen gay bars as a safe space where they can enjoy themselves without unwanted attention from straight men.

But two women claim they were anything but safe at The Abbey, one of the most famous gay bars in America: The ladies—one straight, one lesbian—say they were surreptitiously roofied and raped by staffers at the West Hollywood mainstay.

One patron, a lesbian, was at the bar in November 2011 when, after an argument with her girlfriend, she ordered a drink at the bar. She says the drink was laced with a date-rape drug by a busboy, who took her outside and sexually violated her.

In a separate incident, another female Abbey patron claims she was also drugged and raped by an undocumented worker back in April 2011. She claims the employee took her to his car across the street and raped her.

The women, who say bar management should have kept better track of the staff, have both filed suit and are seeking $10 million each in damages.

h/t: Joe. My. God