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UPDATE: Fighter Director David O. Russell’s Transgender Niece: He Groped My Boobs

Director David O. Russell copped a feel—and now the cops are groping around at the evidence to see if they have a case against him.

TMZ got their hands on a police report from Broward County in South Florida. In it, Russell’s 19-year-old transgender niece claims that he “put his hands under [her] top and felt both breasts” after he spotted her doing crunches at a hotel gym.

The biologically male niece and Russell are not related by blood, but that’s still mad awkward. And it just gets worse.

Russell, 53, claims his niece “allowed [him] to feel both of [her] breasts,” just for curiosity’s sake.

For her part, she made unky Dave “pinky swear” he wouldn’t tell anyone about the incident. She told on him herself three days later, pulling a Taylor Ann Hasselhoff and reporting it the popo. As she should have, if it really made her that uncomfortable in the first place.

Russell’s always given us a creepster vibe, and the once-divorced dude isn’t just after the younger lady. At a red carpet event for The Fighter in December 2010, he flirted shamelessly with Brady Bunch matriarch Florence Henderson.

When asked by a reporter what his relationship with the 77-year-old star was, he said “Well, we’re dating. Let the rumors start here.” Florence did him one better and said, “We’re dating, and may get engaged.”

When he got down the press line to us, he paid more attention to his Blackberry than our questions. What’s that they say about karma being a bitch?

UPDATE [Jan. 9, 8am]: The police have decided to drop the charges against Russell. This article has a picture of the transgender niece, as well as her name.

Photo via David Shankbone