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Fine, We Admit It: Bebe Zahara Benet Is The Shit

Adam Lambert may have conquered the mainstream for queer artists, but we still love our drag divas. Erickatoure Aviance’s stiletto anthem is still in our heads. A then there’s Bebe Zahara Benet, the Drag Race winner who, after teasing the video for “I’m The Shit,” has released the full fierceness.

All you need to remember? “Tell them, I’m the shit.”

It’s clear Bebe has taken some cues from mentor RuPaul. But where Ru plays it safe (see: “Cover Girl/Put the Bass In Your Walk”), Bebe gets nasty.

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  • bryan


  • Kevin

    Love it! Bebe is sooo FIERCE!!

  • maribella

    looks like lil’ mama in 15 years.

  • dvlaries

    Okay, if Bebe Zahara Benet is the shit, who’s the fart, who’s the diarrhea, who’s the critical fecal impaction, and who’s the colostomy…?

  • Joey

    Another video editor who needs to be banned from using Adobe After Effects and it’s “vaseline lense” setting. Ugh.

  • SouLKid

    Love my drag queens :-)
    She’s the shyt!

  • Michael Letterman

    Yep that gender confused creature is a piece of shit indeed. As are all the other fags who forgot what it was to be a man.

  • james_cambridge

    You mean to be a man like you Michael? A man with a 1 inch dick and the smarts of Sarah Plain, trolling in gay websites and throwing stones because he’s afraid to acknowledge his 1 inch erection every time he sees a man? I guarantee you that bebe and other drag queens like her are more man than you’ll ever be. Now go to your nearest local Republican Party meeting and suck off all the other 1 inch bitches while you complain about gays.


  • Alex

    All I ever read in these comments is Bitch, Bitch, Bitch. Actually, make that internet comments on every website in the world. Anyway, my opinion is that the world would be very boring without the vast variety of art forms we have, and drag is one of them. If it’s not your thing then just ignore it. I appreciate how it, like all sorts of art forms, keeps things interesting in our world.

  • Michael Letterman

    James: I’m more of a man then you’ll ever know or be. As for the size of my dick, it’s not a concern to you and I’ve never had a lady complain. As for being as smart as Ms. Palin, thank you I hope I am as smart as someone elected to govern a state.

    I thnk you and the other fags like you should go back to the closet.

    Alex: To ignore is to accept as inevetable and that is something I neither will do nor allow others to do.

  • bryan

    Michael why the fuck are you so curious about the Gay lifestyle. What straight man is on a gay website. Your not straight! Your a dirty fucken scum bag who lives a tortured life of denial because you cant come out. How dare you come onto this website and bad mouth us because your a troubled mother fucker who is living this lye and you can’t tell your half a brain family cause they will blow your head off.

    You the type of guys who give us gays a bad name. The guys who are in the closet that have unprotected sex with guys behind dumpsters at truck stops get STD’s (the means sexually transmitted disease idiot!) and go home give it to the wife and then watch the poor women die of Aids if front of your kids. I know your kind mother fucker.

    We will never be in the closet. We are never going to be quite. We are taking over! So if your going to come on here from now on and jerk off to the pics, FINE but keep your dirty ass quite.

  • Andy

    I never realized how much Bebe looks like New York until now.

  • Qjersey

    Michael Letterman = asshole

    The “straight” or “straight acting” ones are usually greedy cocksuckers and hungry bottoms.

  • val

    Bebe is good but she looks like every other drag queen out there. I really wish Nina had won…she was a great team player and was truly unique.

  • hephaestion

    Bebe’s song is great fun. Congratulations on an extremely impressive music video, Bebe! The outfits are amazing!

  • terrwill

    MICHAEL LETTERMAN: When there is a post by a someone like that please simply ignore it, if they don’t get a response they will scurry away to another site to try and get a response. And if you are still curious and want to meet Michael you are sure to find him at the local cruise area getting barebacked like the rest of the in denial closet cases are……….

  • Michael Letterman

    Fags seem to have a need to paint all straight men as gay. What’s more amusing is how many of you use terms like “cocksucker” etc. as insults. If you need to think of me as in denial go ahead. I know how disgusting your lifestyle is to me and I know just how straight I am, there is no need for you to think so.

    As far as the personal insluts go. Well I’ll just take them from where they came, the fever’d mind of a bunch of perverted idiots.

  • james_cambridge

    Well, then you won’t mind one more insult. Go eat a bunch of razors and die freak.

    Praise Jeebus!!!

  • amazingpenis

    Don’t feed the sad and lonely trolls people!

  • Michael Letterman

    Yes don’t feed the “trolls” especially not the things you people put in your mouths. Just keep being the perverts you all are.

  • hyacinth

    I agree some what with the amazingpenis (there is a phrase I never expected to verbalize), individuals so saturated with such ignorant hate need to be ignored until they have been re-educated about how to function in society, attacking them back only validates their hatred (in their minds), thereby, making that hatred stronger and all the more detrimental in future events. It’s like dealing with a rebellious child: aggressively confronting them only makes matters worse; ignoring them is a little better, though the problem may fester; but by sitting down with the child, talking out their frustration, and getting to the root of the problem we can allow for the child to mature, a maturity which will continue throughout his or her life.

  • Bryan

    Michael could you pleae be so kind and answer the question we have been asking. Why are you on this site? I also Facebooked your name and 2 people showed up. You have to be the fat basterd in red holding the baby (Poor Child). LMFAO.

    You know your the pervert here. You log on to jerk off to the pics.

    I love my life and love the fact that im gay and able to live free and open your problem is you can’t. Pig Oink,Oink

  • james_cambridge

    Exactly what was Michael doing with that baby??? I hope you called children’s services Bryan….you don’t know if that fat bastard was gonna molest it or eat it….or both.

  • Shannon

    That video is hot trash, but I still love me some Bebe…

  • Michael Letterman

    Bryan; I’ll be happy to answer your politely asked question I do not come to this site other than when a site I do visit directs me to one or another story posted on this site. Your less polite and more faggy comments I’ll reply to as such. I am not on facebook, or myspace or any other social network where people hide behind “profiles” to make virtual friends. I and my friends meet in the real world. So if you’re harassing anyone holding a child or the more disgusting fags who are making more rude statements about someones innocent child you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    But then if you’re not ashamed of yourself for being a pervert and worshiping at the altar of cock then I suppose you don’t have that emotion. The disgracefull and disgusting lifestyle you live is enough to make a normal man sick to his stomach. No wonder in any society that brings your issues to a vote the outcome ends up the way it does.

  • Bryan

    Thank you for that statemet Michael it made me worm and fuzzy inside.

    I realized from your last statement that your an OLD MAN with a closee mind. Most of our elderly do, bless your heart!
    If I were AARP i would revoke your card.

    I will stop there I do respect my elders.

  • james_cambridge

    “…you’re not ashamed of yourself for being a pervert and worshiping at the altar of cock…”

    Worshiping cock is the new christianity. Ask your mom. She worships at the Church Of Black Cock.

  • Michael Letterman

    Bryan: As a detective you’d be quite the failure. I’m hardly old by anyone’s measure. Nor do I have AARP card for you to revoke. I doubt you respect anyone since you cannot even respect yourself or you would give up a lifestyle of perversion.

    James: Why is it when an idiot is confronted with stark truth as I’ve shown you does he have to devolve to making “mother” jokes. I guess you’re relationship with your mother was quite damaged when she found out what a dissapointment you were.

    “Church of Black Cock”? my you fags will kneel to just about anything won’t ya.

  • Xavier Dereon

    @ Miss Michael Letterman:

    Are you the same Michael Letterman who is the fat closet case who lusts after blatino thug dick?

    Or the Michael Letterman who was posts at Adam4Adam as “WhiteHole4BlackPole”?

    Do tell, dear. DO TELL!

  • Republican


    Quit trolling, asshole. You do not represent all republicans or all christians or anything else. I don’t know if you’re a confused closet case or just a mean piece of shit, but either way, go somewhere else. As I’ve said before to you, in 20 years (possibly as soon as five, depending on the SCOTUS) gay marriage will be legal everywhere in the US. I can’t imagine what homophobes like you will do when that happens. You’ll probably focus on the trannies next.

  • terrwill


  • terrwill


    Don’t worry Michael, the Gay community is very accepting. Once you get over your Daddy and or Mommy issues and accept that you love having cock inside your ass raw, we will be understanding and will accept you!!!

  • Michael Letterman

    Xavier: I’m the Michael Letterman who points out your disgusting, perversions in an effort to allow you to see just how pathetic your lifestyle choice is.

    Terrwill: Calling me the same name as that which you put in your mouth? Is that supposed to be an insult? Ok I’ll play you are a PUSSY. You know what a pussy is don’tcha?

    The fag community has to be accepting after all they do realize what lifestyle choice they made is abhorrent to the rest of the world and as such marks them as deviants. I have no issues with either my Mother or Father but perhaps you’re thinking I do as that is what is at the core of all of you fags. Maybe the fact that I had a healthy relationship with my parents is why I’m normal.

    Republican: I don’t claim to speak for all republicans and I am in no way aligned with Christians I speak for myself and others (a vast majority) who believe as I do. As we have proven time and again their will never be homosexual marriage in these United States. Every time it comes to a vote (and this is why liberals will not allow it to be on a referendum) the masses will vote against it. Keep dreaming, as long as you keep realizing that it is only that, a dream.

    To All: I do not hate nor do I spew hate here or anywhere. I speak truth which isn’t always easy to accept and attempt to shed light down the dark path you have chosen.

  • terrwill


    Please everyone simply stop responding to this asshat Miss Michael Lettermen. like a child throwing a tantrum when she stops getting attention she will crawl away and bother posters at another thread. I am sure she has all of them bookmarked. Just like all the “straight” people do…………….Be gone you are a bad witch…………………..

  • terrwill

    OK,ONE MORE: It seems like I touched a raw nerve with Miss Lettermen regarding the Mommy/Daddy issues!! Which one is it Miss Letterman????

  • jason

    I’m the shit? Wow, how deep! This drag queen deserves an award from Mensa.

  • Michael Letterman

    Terrwill: ROFLMAO Faggy I’m more man then all the faggots you’ve had sex with put together. To be more honest I’m more man then you’ll ever know. The funny thing is you probably cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman which would explain so much about you.

    Next time we cross paths in Walgreens I’ll show you how much of a man I am I’ll show you what a man does to a gender confused cocksucker such as yourself.

  • wwwl

    oh shit, I also thought that was New York….lol lol

  • bryan

    To all my Amazing fellow gay sisters and brothers with much love this is for you.
    As all of you may be aware, I have expressed my opinion about the subject involved. Although, I may have not held back on my feelings, as we’re known to do at times. I want to take this time to formally apologize to all of you for having too much time on my hands this weekend. I agree this subject should never get so much attention. We accomplished what had too I’m sure this will not be the last radical religious person to come to our site and spew hate.

    A part of me is actually very excited about this highliting how much progress we are making. If we were not out there making noise people would not be challenging us on a GAY Website! As you may see from my post I’m having lots of wine tonight to celebrate are achievement in pushing our Gay agenda forward and having religious groups join our chats. This only makes us stronger, the fighter moves on and we achieve what we set out too. Congratulations to all of you! I love you!!!!

  • jimmy

    Why is Queerty allowing a poster to violate its policy for commenting? When a poster threatens another with bodily harm, that person needs to be banned for life.

    #37 should be blocked posthaste.

  • james_cambridge

    Terrwill, it seems you fed the troll quite a bit yourself, no?

    I guarantee everyone that the poor little closeted fag is 350 pounds and has a face like a male susan boyle after a fist fight so it must be hard for him to get laid. By men. Which is what he so desires. Michael, try and teach yourself how to give really good head while wearing a paper bag on your vile, fat face and your popularity will skyrocket!!! But never, ever, take off the paper bag…


  • Michael Letterman

    To all you pathetic loser fags. If you need to think of me as “religious” go ahead while I do believe in G_d I am not a member of any religious order. As for trying to guess at my sexual life, I’m a straight man who has been married to the same lovely woman for over twenty years. You seem to need to disbarage me and my family because that makes you feel better about yourself. After all if I’m as horrible as you try to make me out to be then my opinions are coming from that point of view. However if I am just a normal man who has strong feelings about those who pervert society and fixate on sexualizing the members of their same gender then you’ll worry that I am correct.

    So think of me however you want. It is amusing to me that you even care who or what I am rather than honestly prove me wrong in anyway. I guess that means my arguement is stronger. So in geek speek I guess you’re all PWND.

  • citizen

    Your argument is flawed and illogical and if you fail to see that then there is nothing to say to you. I for one am excited for the day you die alone in a hospital because your grandchildren are too ashamed to visit their bitter bigot of a grandfather.

  • Michael Letterman

    Citizen: How sad you are. I will die, one day, as will you, however I will die most likely with my wife and family by my side as they are now, hopefully in a world free from perversion and depravity. Until that day I will do my duty to make this so.

    James: what can I say other than you fevered imagination seems to be fixated on me. What I look like is of no concern to you. My wife had no complaints so why should you? The day I give head to a man will be the day I cut my own throat, you should make the same pledge.

    The day the closet opened was a sad day in American History it is important for us to shove you back into said closet, shut the door and seal it for all eternity.

  • fakerockchick

    Wow. Where do I buy that very nice rhinestone choker shown for a few seconds at the begining of the video? Nice. Too bad it wasn’t shown more or part of Bebe’s outfits.

  • fredo777

    I love Ru’s Cover Girl.

  • rodney


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