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Five Penetrating Facts About The Penis

YouTubers Alex and his alter ego Xander want to know why feeling good often means being “bad.” So they’re using science, sketch comedy and a little skin to uncover the naked truth about taboo topics and pleasures. Here’s the second edition of the new Queerty column, The Science of Sin.

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Earlier this month a study confirmed reality: the average erect penis is just over five inches long. This confounds the members of various hookup sites, where the average penis is purported to be approximately 7.5 inches or above. (Reminding us of our favorite profile name spotted recently on a sex app, “7minus2.”)

These and other penis-related findings seemed to shock and awe various stereotypes (or just wishful thinking), so we thought we’d go over some other common misconceptions about your member.

1. The penis is not made of muscle.

It’s made of a spongy tissue that lengthens and stiffens when blood fills it during an erection.

2. The key to maintaining an erection is to relax.

When aroused, blood vessels in the penis relax, allowing more blood to rush in. If you tense up, the blood vessels close and blood can’t get into your penis. So the best way to maintain your erection is a bit counter-intuitive: stop worrying about maintaining your erection. And for God’s sake don’t pressure your partner to maintain his. It will have the opposite effect.

3. Morning wood might protect against bedwetting. 

Men average around three to five erections while they sleep at night. We’re still not sure why, but since it’s harder to urinate when erect, scientists hypothesize late night erections protect your sheets from a full bladder.

4. Researchers aren’t sure if circumcision affects sexual pleasure.

Studies are inconclusive when it comes to if circumcision changes sexual pleasure. Some men are convinced it decreases sexual pleasure, some men says it increases it, and some men say there’s no change.

Many men (ourselves included) fret about how others perceive their penises. But just remember, it seems the more you worry about your penis, the more likely it won’t work.

So treat it kindly, it’s the only one you’ve got!

Wanna learn more about peen? Click the video to see Alex and Xander penetrate penis research …