A Love Leto

Five Reasons We Love Jared Leto

tumblr_static_1Despite some quibbles from the fringe, Jared Leto is suddenly America’s golden boy after taking home a golden boy of his own at the Academy Awards for his outstanding performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

But our crush on him goes back further than that. Here are five reasons why.

1. He’s not just another pretty face

Besides being silly beautiful, Leto is also actively involved in philanthropy and charity work. The list of organizations and causes he’s been attached to is commendable: Anmnesty International, Habitat for Humanity, Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, Haiti earthquake relief, Japan tsunami relief. He also helped raise money to defeat California’s Prop. 8, which seals the deal in our hearts.

2. His pretty face isn’t just another pretty face

There’s no denying Jared’s a babe. Total babe. Crazy gorgeous utter babe. But he’s also not like all the other babes. He has his own look and style — a refreshing self-confidence when so many seem to gravitate towards generic conceptions of beauty.

Like when he posed in photographer Terry Richardson’s Shower:



3. He has a proclivity towards dressing in drag

There’s something about a straight man who’s comfortable in women’s clothes that is incredibly sexy. Before his Oscar-winning role as a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club, Jared did this photo spread for Candy Magazine, again with photographer Terry Richardson:







4. His dating history reads like People magazine

Love it or hate it, there is a degree of soap-opera drama to the dating lives of celebrities. And if that’s your thing, Jared certainly doesn’t disappoint. He’s been seen with the likes of Cameron Diaz, Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Victoria’s Secret angel Anne Vyalitsyna. That’s quite the little black book.



5. He doesn’t care if you think he’s gay

During an interview with America Online, Jared once revealed that he is “gay as a goose.” The reporter tried to dig in, but Jared evaded, comparing himself to Morrissey and confusing the reporter (and everyone reading) even more. We find this kind of attitude incredibly refreshing. Gay, straight, trans, or goose, a person is a person and falling into one of these categories shouldn’t threaten any other group. If a straight guy gets mistaken for a gay guy, it’s really not a big deal. Jared gets this, and we love him for it.