Five Reasons We Still Love Cheyenne Jackson And Aren’t Sorry For His Bad Press

Celebrity Sightings In New York - February 6, 2013The spotlight wasn’t made to be breezy. It’s sweaty under all that wattage and it takes some seriously thick shades to go up against the blinding light. Cheyenne Jackson recently expressed some disappointment in certain “snarky blogs” for seeming to turn on him.

Yet we live in a culture of spotlight seekers who fantasize, angle and scheme for their time underneath the rays. Cheyenne entered the spotlight by his own determination and grit, and we happen to be glad he did! But by his own admission, the only reason he was able to maintain his golden boy persona for so long was because he was “good at managing [his public image] so carefully.”

Unfortunately you can’t have your cake and eat it too. And for those who haven’t tasted the nectar of fortune, haven’t drunk from the teat of fame and haven’t relished in the sweet sunshine of public consumption (which let’s be real, is almost all of us), there is a tendency towards schadenfreude. We love a good stumble.

But I’d like to think that it isn’t all in poor taste. Cheyenne understandably enjoyed his time on the pedestal, but his public avatar didn’t tell the whole story. When a celebrity’s dirty laundry gets aired out — a revealing picture here, a public divorce there, it reminds us that they aren’t any different from you or me.

We know it must be an ego shaker to see yourself represented without the shimmering halo, but is the alternative — to maintain an unrealistically wholesome self-image for the masses — any better?

But like I said, we’re happy Cheyenne has achieved success in so many areas of his life, and bad press doesn’t make us like him any less. If anything, it makes us appreciate his triumphs even more because they’re part of a three dimensional identity.

So long story short, here are some of the reasons we continue to love Cheyenne Jackson, bad press and all.

1. He’s wonderfully talented.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 5.22.17 PM

I mean, let’s be real. We are lucky that he’s out there busting his ass in show biz. The guy is a triple threat. From Broadway to TV to films (Behind The Candelabra? come on…), he’s a total charmer. And with many projects in the works for release this year, we’re looking forward to seeing even more of him.

2. He’s gorgeous.







3. He’s not just another pretty face.

Cheyenne has worked with several admirable charities including most notably his role as international ambassador for amfAR (The Foundation for AIDS Research). Gotta love that.

amfAR Inspiration Gala Los Angeles

4. We need all the out representation in show biz we can get, and he does us proud.

cheyenne divorce

There are still tons of performers in the closet, and the fact that Cheyenne has been so forward with his sexuality sets a great example for those questioning whether to take that leap.

5. He’s human.


Flawless isn’t the right look for anyone. Cheyenne’s struggles only make him seem stronger to us. We can’t say we won’t publish any future racy photos of him that may surface (got one? email us), but we’ll love him even more for it.