FL Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll Says “Women That Look Like Me” Are Not Lesbians

Attractive black women usually don’t engage in secret lesbian flings, says Florida’s Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll.

Responding to an accusation made by a former staffer, who claims to have walked in on the Republican politician and her travel aide in a compromising situation, Carroll denied any part in a lesbian sex scandal.

Speaking at the opening of a Mitt Romney campaign office, Carroll, 49, refuted the allegations, saying “usually black women that look like me don’t engage in relationships like that.”

The problem is that when you have these accusations that come out, it’s not just one person you’re attacking. It’s an entire family. My husband doesn’t want to hear that. He knows the type of woman I am. I mean, my kids know the type of woman I am. For twenty-nine years—I’m the one that’s married for twenty-nine years. The accuser is the one that’s been single for a long time. So usually black women that look like me don’t engage in relationships like that.

The ex-staffer, Carletha Cole, revealed she witnessed the alleged encounter after being arrested for leaking a recording of Carroll’s chief of staff to a Florida newspaper. So the story’s truthfulness shouldn’t be taken for granted.

But neither should the myth that attractive black women never have sex with other women.




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  • Alex

    Can someone please start a tumblr “Lesbians who look like Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll”?!

  • Cam

    So apparently she thinks Raven Simone isn’t attractive?

    Another GOP closet case.

  • Gigi

    She says “‘“usually’ black women that look like me don’t engage in relationships like that.”
    The operative word being: usually.

  • DM

    I have seen more masculine looking ones more than women similar to this one. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist just not as prevalent.

  • Nicole H

    That is the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard in a long time. Tell to watch a porno flick. There are gorgeous women having lesbian sex. What homophobic douchebag!

  • the other Greg

    Queerty has an easier call than usual for “Douchebag of the Week.”

  • Tracy Johnson

    @Alex: Great idea. Someone whose tech savvy. Get on that!And ps, thank God she’s wrong or I’d never date!

  • Alexi3

    What a completely ridiculous statement. Women who look like her?

  • Alexi3

    @Alex: Wonderful idea. Wish I knew how to do this. Hope someone does.

  • Ms.Peachez

    Sounds like the ole Lt.Govna has some self-esteem issues. Gurl I know some beautiful black and brown lesbians who can help you “come out” your shell, I heard they do some damn good work.

  • Mark

    On the contrary some of the hottest black women I’ve ever seen are lesbians.

  • question???

    Umm.. could someone please tell me what sexual orientation looks like? I believe sexual expression and living within social norms are being mixed up here! First Nation/ Black/White/Latina/Asian/Indian/Middle Eastern etc.. are first and foremost racial groups or ethnic groups, they are not sexualities or orientations sexual expressions have a variety of ranges being feminine, masculine ,androgen etc. Sexual orientation of LGBT(Q?) are not shown by what cosmetic product one chooses to purchase or her or his esthetic value. It expresses itself in every part of the globe and in all forms of human being. The take home message is this… there is not a set way to look to be part of a sexual minority group. We look like everyone, because we are everywhere!!

  • Chris-MI

    By the end of the week she’ll have hundreds of beautiful femme black lesbians showing up at her office. Sounds like a way to get dates. I mean, if you’re in the middle of a lesbian sex scandal, you really should make the best of it.

  • Walter V

    She’s sounds more than naive. She sounds down stupid. Has she been living in a cave? I live in New York and see gorgeous African- American lesbians( not to mention Indian & Latino-Hispanic)practically every day.
    This b*tch would be surprised and turned on.

  • tjr101

    Apparently Republicans of all shades of color are idiots in Florida.

  • hf2hvit

    Well…she’s dumb enough to vote for Romney…and be Black and vote for Romney…and be a woman and vote for Romney…

  • janice

    Smart woman voting for Romney.

  • Charli

    Is that woman smoking crack? All lesbians having a ” look” is like saying all black women look the SAME!
    My woman is hot hot hot!!! Whatever! That Guvna broad is ignorant AND homely!!!!

  • Michael

    What is it with GOP tools and their dyke African American servants?

  • skeloric

    This a very desperate woman.
    Desperate to keep her career afloat.
    Once a few of her “Ex’s” find a way to get the story sold to a legitimate newspaper, her career will be truly finished.
    Then she’ll join all those homophobic GOP men outed as having been secretly (actively) homosexual, with her as being the first prominent outed secret lesbians among the GOP of which I’m aware.
    After that, who knows…
    Maybe she’ll come to regret all she’s said and done and try to put stuff right.
    That is, if isn’t too late for her to get on the bandwagon.
    There does seem to a be a strange sense of momentum to events these last couple of years and she might find herself forever wishing she could have had a chance to be part of putting things right before they got put right despite her.
    (I am beginning to think more and more that more than a few Republicans will suddenly decide they were always “FOR” GLBT equality once it has already been achieved. Being on the wrong side of history just cannot be any fun. Nor should we LET it be.)

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