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Florida AG Bill McCollum Now Isn’t Sure If He Wants Gays Having Custody of Other People’s Kids

Does Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum want to ban gays from becoming foster parents or not? Even he’s confused about what he said in the past.

Just this week McCollum told the Florida Baptist Witness it would be “advisable” to change state law permitting gays to become foster parents. But now he says he was remarking about Florida’s laws that keep gays from adopting but allow them to be foster parents: “I’m telling you that’s not consistent. That’s what I’m telling you; that’s what I told to the group that you — in the interview that I gave. It’s not consistent, and we’ll have to wait and see what the state Supreme Court decides.”

So the newspaper got it wrong? “I didn’t say they got it wrong. … I may well have said it. I have no recollection of my specific words. I’m not trying to parse with you. I just don’t. But I’m telling you what I believe today, and that is that the laws are inconsistent and that there needs to be a review.”

And what happens if the case reaches the State Supreme Court, which abolishes the ban — will McCollum leave the issue alone?