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Floyd Mayweather shouts gay slur at Conor McGregor at press event

So in case you haven’t been paying attention, boxers Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been on a sort of disastrous world tour to promote their upcoming match.

The fighters were finishing up their last press event in London earlier today when Mayweather grabbed the mic started shouting insults at McGregor. He called him a slew of names, including bitch, p*ssy, punk, and ho.

But why stop there? Mayweather also threw in a homophobic slur. You know, just because.

McGregor responded by flicking Mayweather off. Meanwhile, the audience erupted into a chorus of cheers and boos.

Twitter also wasn’t too happy about it:

The slur came just a few days after McGregor told Mayweather during a different press event to “Dance for me, boy!”, rehashing the old racist term used against Black man.

Now that they’ve reached the end of their joint world press tour, the fighters won’t meet again until the week of their big fight in August. Sounds like that’s probably for the best.

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    • Texasholdem

      McGregor stood up in support of gay marriage during Ireland’s referendum. He’s a LGBT ally. Floyd isn’t.

  • Donston

    Don’t feel like commenting on the actual events. I don’t have the energy to get upset every time a stranger says something that may be offensive, especially in a press conference of two egregiously rich guys trying to desperately out-macho and out-smart-aleck each other so people will buy their inevitably disappointing “fight”.

    On another note, Mcgregor has been my semi-shame crush for a while. The accent, the arrogance, the behind, the tight trunks.

    • Xzamilloh

      Yeah, I gotta say his swag is so damn sexy. Gay men can front all they want, but most of us do like the rough around the edges guys with a little grit to them.

    • Maude

      McGreger needs a little more seasoning before he can beat Mayweather, but there’s always a chance he can connect with that vicious right cross of his. If he does, Mayweather goes question. The question is will he get up?!

    • Donston

      I actually don’t think “most”. I would say that maybe 30-40%. I’m attracted to all types of men and married a guy that I wouldn’t consider “rough”.

  • decampbell

    So not important. Sorry, guys, let it go.

  • mhoffman953

    Floyd Mayweather is so dumb, he can’t even read

  • Xzamilloh

    These are two men, talking trash and throwing things out there to get into each other’s heads. This has nothing to do with us, so stop trying to make this a gay issue. McGregor was just accused of saying racist things to Mayweather like, “Dance for me, boy.” All I know is, McGregor could penis punch my throat any day of the week and I don’t see anything homophobic or racist. Mayweather is gonna beat that *ss, though.

  • BeastDong

    Of course you’re not going to report about Mc gregor “Dance for me boy” or “I can’t be racist because I’m half black, from the belly button to down there” comment right?

  • Sluggo2007

    Typical black behavior.

    • Kangol

      Racist scum. Was the white man’s racist slur “typical white behavior”?

  • ohellzno

    Two short men beating the pulp out of each other and acting like fools. Oh my.

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