Fmr. Copper Claims Anti-Gay Discrimination

This is like a game of good cop, bad cop – only gay!

Former Sandy Springs, Georgia, officer Trudi Vaughan claims officials fired her for her lesbianism and because she was a woman with authority. People within the department tell a different tale, recalling Vaughan’s “egregious” disregard for the rules:

Acting Chief of Police David Bertrand fired Vaughan July 16 after concluding she had “displayed a disregard” for city rules and regulations. He cited the findings of an investigation completed July 10, which found Vaughan failed to supervise properly when she allowed 20 of her officers to shoot weapons they weren’t trained to use, and ride all-terrain vehicles without helmets at a training exercise on city time.

Bertrand also cited investigation findings that Vaughan had directed officers to file backdated or false documents, and used officers who were on-duty to fill side, traffic enforcement jobs that she coordinated.

Vaughn, meanwhile, says she was simply acting like all the “white, heterosexual men: “None of them have been disciplined. None of them have been fired.”

The police department held a “Name Clearing Hearing” today, but, oddly, didn’t allow Vaughn’s lawyer to attend, which said lawyer seems to read as a cover-up: “The purpose of a Name Clearing Hearing is to allow the public to know what the defenses are of the person being accused. When they don’t allow her attorney in, you know something is wrong.”

So maybe it’s not a game of good cop, bad cop. Perhaps they’re all just bad cops.