For Shame: What Do You Mean These Gays Have Something to Be Embarrassed About?


Know when you walk through your Saturday nightspot, scope out other guys, and can’t help but … roll your eyes? Boy do we have a website for you. In the tradition of STFU Gays (which excoriates your online behavior) and other themed blogs hoping for book deals comes HomoShame, which takes all your fabulous photos you uploaded to the web and makes you regret them. That Burberry scarf you posed naked with? Shame. The Little Mermaid dildo you kissed? Shame. Bending over to expose everything while wearing Lyrcra? Shame. Here, a few of our favorite shameful moments. Not that we encourage this sort of thing.

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  • jwalker666

    I think ive seen each one of them at the club last night.

  • lessthan

    1st one was funny, but i stopped at seven. the pics weren’t funny and the commentator was being cruel.

  • Jason

    That scarf made him cross eyed!

  • anonymous

    Pic’s 5,7,and 15 were cute.

  • KyleR

    I thought the commentary was hilarious! Sounds like something that I’d say about some of them! LOL.

    And 15 is a cute guy and looks like hes a dancer or gymnast.

  • imperator

    I think it’s a bit dick-ish to shame someone just for wearing any kind of homo-themed t-shirt (ie. “I don’t do girls.”) Straight guys wear ‘straight-themed’ suggestive t-shirts pretty with relative impunity, but when we put it across our chests that we like guys just as much as they like chicks that’s “shameful?”

    I’ve got a t-shirt with “Fag” in ~200pt font across the chest and any day that I wear that in public I feel no shame– I don’t have the luxury. Out of necessity I feel charged up, a walking challenge to narrow-minded conventions, ready to speak my mind to anyone; and if I make it home unscathed as I always have, I feel like I must radiate “don’t fuck with me” because lord knows there are plenty of rednecks in my town who would, but don’t.

  • Greg Theron

    Guys #1 and #15 are cute. :D

  • hyhybt

    I like the “I don’t do girls” shirt too, but would guess it’s in here for the face he’s making.

  • Columbus Chris

    I thought most of these were hilarious. Just because someone’s gay doesn’t make them exempt from being made fun of when they’re being utterly ridiculous. I’m just crossing my fingers some of the stupid pictures I took during my adolescence don’t find their way on there. =O

  • Helga von ornstein

    These were hilarious. I can’t wait for Halloween.

  • Josh

    Is Pic 3….some sort of fucked up S&M thing I just don’t get or…what? *Can’t seem to look away from the freakishness of it*

  • alan brickman

    Gee! gays really do have good taste…just don’t know where…

  • alan brickman

    Homoshame is a great site!!!

  • Fitz

    These are playful, mostly. Not very shameful. And Imperator– I 100% agree. Well said. We show a little fun, and it’s shameful? Fuck that shit.

  • The STFU Gay Dude

    I think I speak for myself and Homoshame when I say thank you, Queerty, for having such a great sense of humor. If only that spread to some of your readers. :)

  • Mika

    I totally know number ten. Awesome.

  • Alex Warrick

    The guy in #6 must be tiny as hell. I don’t see even a hint of a bulge in that bikini bottom he is wearing.

  • Attmay

    @hyhybt: Yeah. Tried to be Tarantino, came off like Schneider from “One Day at a Time.”

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