Forget Targeting Lawmakers. Now Everyone Is Complaining About HRC’s Inaction!


Homosexual and heterosexual websites published by independent creators are banding together, in a “blog swarm,” to take on the evil Human Rights Campaign because it is a farce of an organization with laughable effectiveness and a leader less concerned about transparency than window glass. This is beautiful! It is also ridiculous.

Not ridiculous in the “What a stupid idea” sense. But ridiculous in a “Has LGBT equality legislation failed so bad that we must now target our efforts on Gay Inc. rather than on the legislators responsible for actually making decisions?” sense.

And the answer — say bloggers like Pam Spaulding, Joe Jervis, John Aravosis, Andy Towle, and Dan Savage — is yes.

Yes, HRC must. be. targeted! These blogs are asking you to email or call HRC (at their front desk, where a low-level receptionist paid by the hour will answer) and let your frustration be known. Amusing, because these are the very same tactics HRC tells its “citizen lobbyists” (that’s you, BTW) to utilize when contacting legislators.

This effort to pressure HRC, of course, assumes that the organization exhibits any real power in Washington. And if the past thirty years have told us anything, it’s that such an assumption could very well be a giant leap.

This website has, since its inception in 2005, been critical of HRC, which bills itself as the largest LGBT advocacy organization in the nation. Five years later, reports The Advocate‘s Kerry Eleveld, we’re in the same place with better circumstances. In this Thomas Roberts-hosted clip, it’s Larry Kramer who delivers the most excoriating report card.

[stream provider=video img=x:/www.queerty.com/wp/docs/2010/02/joesoladvvid.jpg flv=x:/www.queerty.com/wp/docs/2010/02/hrcreport.mov embed=true share=true width=650 height=340 dock=true controlbar=over skin=dangdang.swf bandwidth=med autostart=false /]

(NB: Gotta love Hilary Rosen’s defense of HRC in this clip.)