Former Boxing Champ Kassim Ouma Arrested For Beating Up Man Who Hit On Him

kassim-oumaStraight men, take note.

If you’re out in public and strike up a conversation with a stranger — an anecdote here, a little chuckle there — then your new bro invites you back to his house for drinks, it is a very real possibility he’s hoping things lead from the living room to the bedroom.

There’s surely countless platonic counterexamples, but the sex angle should at the very least be swimming somewhere in your skull as a possibility. That is, it shouldn’t come as a shock if your tall dark stranger gets progressively more flirtatious.

And if that’s not the kind of game you play, perhaps you’ll want to communicate that before following him home. If anything, take it as a compliment – hey, someone’s into you! – and leave it at that.

Well that’s exactly what happened to former pro boxing champ Kassim Ouma, and as TMZ is reporting it, Kassim flew into rage mode when — and lets just repeat this to be clear — the stranger he had just gone home with wouldn’t stop putting the moves on him.

Let’s just assume for arguments sake that Ouma really is as naive as he’s expecting us to believe he is. So he goes home with his new mate, has a few drinks and things get weird. What’s the next logical step?

LEAVE! Just walk out the door. Easy.

Or, if you’re Ouma, beat the crap out of him to the point that he’s unconscious and carted off to the hospital once the cops arrive.

Ouma is now currently behind bars awaiting charges of felony battery and causing great bodily harm.

And he can add Middleweight Douche Bag Champion to his resume.

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  • gskorich

    immmm, depends totally on where the two met and what was said. the ‘victim’ of the beating could have asked if he was gay if they weren’t in a gay setting or he could have let the guy know he was gay somehow. trying not to blame the victim of the beating but there is some responsibility on his part

  • Tackle

    This is strange, and I think there is more to this story. You ho home with a stranger, and he keeps putting moves on you, to finally you can’t take it anymore? So you beat the crap out of him? It would be more energy conserving, and less expensive ( bail/ possible lawsuit) to just get up and leave. And unless you are from another planet, a grown man would have known this was a possibility. Don’tknow about this story.

  • money718

    Sort of late Queerty. Sounds like a “deal” gone bad.

  • Kangol

    Because that’s what most straight men we all know do, just chat it up with male strangers, then head back to these unknown male strangers’ apartments or homes, and then have MORE drinks, and what not.

    Happens all the time. Right? Right?

    (BTW, Queerty, what is “plutonic”? Do you mean “platonic”? I do like the new word, though.)

  • Zekester

    There is a very important “ALLEGEDLY” missing from the headline!

  • Tackle

    Ment (go), not ho . And I want to add, allegedly should be added to the story. Since we’re only getting the story from the side of the perpetrator, due to the victim being beaten unconscious. I say this was one of two things. Something to do with drugs, or the more likely scenario, a robbery. And the perpetrator is trying to use the old, gay panic defense.

  • crowebobby

    I wonder. Did him beat up before the bj or after?

  • xzall

    @Tackle: Actually we’re getting the side from Kassim Ouma as the articles I’ve read say this is what he told the police. He said he was enjoying a conversation with an unidentified man and they decided to have drinks at his place. The man made advances and Ouma said he politely declined him, but the man got to be persistent so he got up to leave. The man made another advance and Ouma shoved him backwards. The man didn’t like getting shoved so the fight escalated until Ouma ended up knocking him out.

    The police came and arrested Ouma for battery as well as cocaine possession.

    Added info: Kassim Ouma is originally from Uganda and now currently boxes in the US.

    Ouma got married to his girlfriend in 2008.

  • xzall

    @Tackle: Ok, I misread what you wrote. Agreed, we’re only getting Ouma’s side of things and not the victim.

  • Boytoy

    Ugly ass deranged closet case.What guy would Hit on that?

  • Jake

    @Mezaien: Both people involved are human beings. We don’t use hateful words like the one you use for the guy arrested.

  • money718

    @Boytoy: We have no idea what the victim looks like. Plus, we know looks don’t matter to some when they think they are getting a masculine dude with possibly a big one.

  • Billy Budd

    People have the right to hit on whomever they want. If they are refused, end of story. But even if the gay guy insisted too much on trying to get into his pants, NOTHING, NOTHING justifies physical violence. The boxer is wrong and should be punished, independently of the attitude taken by the victim.

  • Mezaien

    @Jake: DUDE! for the last time in your life!! I am African American, (not like him American African) I grow up in Namibia, I know all about the Apartheid. Kassim Ouma, is a Muslim, and should not even been let in to the USA.

  • Black Pegasus

    Another jackA@@ using the “Gay Panic” defense as an excuse to assault (or kill) a gay man. Just to reexamine how incredibly stupid his claims are, lets just imagine if he punched out an over weight female coworker who asked him on a date? He freaked out because a woman he wasn’t sexually attracted to made advances towards him in the break room. His defense would be “Fat Woman panic”.

    That’s just how baseless and idiotic these gay panic claims have become.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Why am I not surprised?!? Uneducated, socially inept… et al, etc., etc., etc! He is where he belongs… for a VERY long time!

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