Former Boxing Champ Kassim Ouma Arrested For Beating Up Man Who Hit On Him

kassim-oumaStraight men, take note.

If you’re out in public and strike up a conversation with a stranger — an anecdote here, a little chuckle there — then your new bro invites you back to his house for drinks, it is a very real possibility he’s hoping things lead from the living room to the bedroom.

There’s surely countless platonic counterexamples, but the sex angle should at the very least be swimming somewhere in your skull as a possibility. That is, it shouldn’t come as a shock if your tall dark stranger gets progressively more flirtatious.

And if that’s not the kind of game you play, perhaps you’ll want to communicate that before following him home. If anything, take it as a compliment – hey, someone’s into you! – and leave it at that.

Well that’s exactly what happened to former pro boxing champ Kassim Ouma, and as TMZ is reporting it, Kassim flew into rage mode when — and lets just repeat this to be clear — the stranger he had just gone home with wouldn’t stop putting the moves on him.

Let’s just assume for arguments sake that Ouma really is as naive as he’s expecting us to believe he is. So he goes home with his new mate, has a few drinks and things get weird. What’s the next logical step?

LEAVE! Just walk out the door. Easy.

Or, if you’re Ouma, beat the crap out of him to the point that he’s unconscious and carted off to the hospital once the cops arrive.

Ouma is now currently behind bars awaiting charges of felony battery and causing great bodily harm.

And he can add Middleweight Douche Bag Champion to his resume.