Party of three

This former boy bander and his groom-to-be are expecting a baby

Life just gets better and better for Markus Feehily, the youngest member of the Irish boy band Westlife. The 39-year-old announced his engagement to partner Cailean O’Neill in February, and now he says the couple is expecting a baby.

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Feehily announced the good news with an Instagram photo in which he and O’Neill admire a sonogram image of the incoming addition to their family. “It really makes this my most special birthday EVER to let everyone know that later this year we will become Dads for the first time,” he captioned the May 28 post. “This is the proudest moment of our lives and we are beyond excited to say it out loud!”

The singer, who came out as gay in a 2005 interview, expressed his drive to be a father in a recent interview with The Mail on Sunday. “Listen, that is absolutely a dream for me when it happens,” he said at the time. “I say when it happens because it will happen. It is absolutely the next step.”

“Everything is exciting,” he added. “Sometimes your work is amazing, but your personal life is in trouble. Sometimes the personal life is great, but you have no work. When the two come together, it is the perfect harmony, and that is where I am at, and hopefully, it will stay like that.”

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Cheers to the fathers to be!