Former Eagle Scout Sends Medal To Teen Kicked Out Of Boy Scouts Because He’s Gay

This has been on my desk for the last 15-16 years. When I was awarded this medal in 1996, it really meant a lot to me, it was a true sense of achievement. If I can make him feel like he has some support out there, it’s worth it to me to send him a piece of medal. I’m not ashamed of who I am, he shouldn’t be ashamed of who he is. And even though it isn’t the same as receiving the award that he earned, I want him to know that there are people out there who support him.”

Dr. Andy Zerbinopoulos, a Jacksonville, FL dentist talking to First Coast News about sending his Eagle Scout medal to Ryan Andresen after he was denied his medal and subsequently kicked out of the Boy Scouts for coming out.

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  • samfw


  • tewil1966

    That is so awesome of you!

  • cody j

    Im a St.Aug boi,and you have a new patient,(cash pay),lol.. AWESOME, what a wonderfull thing to do for Ryan…!!!!

  • Tom J

    Awesome for sure…cheers to you Ryan!

  • dutchman67

    This is a Boy Scout with real, American, Mom, Apple Pie and Chevrolet; Class. This proves that decent, loving, intelligent Americans have no bigotry or biases toward Gay Scouts. It’s just too bad that the Mormons who have infiltrated and taken over the BSA are NOT this loving, sane and wonderful.

  • Patrick

    Trying not to cry now.

  • USC Trojans Fan

    So now tell me…who’s TRULY the kind spirits in society?

    Religious people who destroy the dreams of a child, hurt a child, strip a child’s badge of honor from him, make the child feel worthless all while praaaaissssingggg JEEEZUUUZZ….


    Is it this man who doesn’t need the facade of a fake fabricated religion to shove down our throats as his identity, and YET….he manages to do the moral thing.

    If you think you need religion to have values, you don’t have very many values to begin with.

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